Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Treasure of Britain at Wocig

AC Valhalla is filled with many Mysteries, and the Treasure of Britain at Wocig will get you closer to Excalibur.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has a vast map where you’ll find several Mysteries in each region that are marked by a light blue dot until they’ve been discovered. They can be Standing Stones, an Animus Anomaly, a Treasure of Britain, or one of many other things. This guide will look at how Wocig which holds a difficult to acquire Treasure of Britain that is key to unlocking Excalibur.

What is the reward for collecting a Treasure of Britain?

In order to unlock Excalibur in AC Valhalla, you need to collect all 11 Treasure of Britain tablets throughout the game. Many are located on the map, while a few are held by powerful Zealots that must be found and defeated.

That means the Treasure of Britain in Wocig is just one piece of the puzzle, but that’s not all you’ll get for exploring this location. You’ll also be rewarded a Skill Point, a quick increase in Power, for collecting the Treasure of Britain at Wocig.

On top of that, there are a few treasure chests throughout this cave that will have much-needed resources for upgrading your equipment. The cave is also filled with many Iron Ore stones, which can be found with Odin Sight and destroyed to pocket some extra Iron Ore for equipment upgrades.

Where is Wocig in Hamtunscire?

You’ll find the Treasure of Britain at Wocig fairly close to the center of Hamtunscire. This is the final location you’ll normally be headed in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, signaled by the very high Suggested Power of 340.

You can travel there if you’re below that level, but the further below it you are the more careful you’re going to have to be. There are no enemies at Wocig or in pursuit of the Treasure of Britain, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find them on the way there.

It’s very possible to run in to strong wildlife or other enemies while making the journey, which could be difficult to handle if you’re too far below the Suggested Power of 340. Fortunately, if you’ve already discovered and activated it, there’s a synchronization point to fast travel to just a hair west of Wocig.

If you can’t fast travel in that way, the best bet is to take the river running through the western half of Hamtunscire. You can come in through the north or the south end, whichever is easier based on the fast travel spots you’ve unlocked, and make landfall before heading inland on horseback to Wocig.

How do you get through Wocig to the Treasure of Britain?


The entrance to Wocig isn’t too hard to locate, as it’s connected to a pond directly beside it. The pond feeds a small stream of water into the entrance, which continues in the cave and will end up being part of this challenge.

As a reminder, watch for Iron Ore stones all around Wocig. They’re in just about every section, and you can score a good amount of Iron Ore if you break them and collect all of it as you complete this location and secure the Treasure of Britain.

The main entrance isn’t complicated, and you should easily be able to make your way in and arrive at a small pier with a boat beside it. The boat isn’t required, you can swim the rest of the way, but the boat can make the journey a bit quicker in both directions.


Once you arrive in this larger area filled with stalactites and stalagmites, it will be your primary challenge in completing Wocig and finding the Treasure of Britain. You’ll also notice the first of two treasure chests for this location.

Head to that chest, which Odin Sight can help you find, and loot it to net some resources for upgrading equipment. From there, you won’t actually want to get back in the water to continue to the other half of this section of the cave.


Instead, you’ll want to climb the large pillar of rock that’s directly to the right of that treasure chest you just looted. You’ll need to ascend quite a bit before slowly working your way around to the right.

When you come around to the other side, you’ll notice there are ledges. These are the primary way you’ll have to traverse this part of Wocig. You can head to the left from the above image for some Iron Ore, but you mostly want to head to the right.

That direction will take you carefully around the cavern to an entrance that takes you to another part of Wocig. Should you accidentally miss a jump and fall into the water, don’t fret.


You’ll have to go through the hassle of getting back up there from the location of the first treasure chest, but not any further. At the entrance shown below, you’ll notice a spot on the right to read a note about this particular Treasure of Britain.


Slide through to the next room, but be very careful when you do. Normally when you see pots in caves the instinct can be to smash them and claim some extra treasures, but these are all explosive.

You’ll also want to be careful with your torch, as flammable liquid is in several places throughout here and dropping the torch in the wrong spot could light a fire and spark a chain reaction.


Head forward and cross through a doorway on the left, moving ahead to notice two pots at the end of this next room on the right. They’re blocking an entrance you can slide through, but you’ll want to blow them up from a distance with your bow to avoid taking any damage.

Once you’re through that spot, you’re now at the Treasure of Britain and can claim it to complete Wocig. The exit is to the right, and don’t forget to loot the treasure chest on the way out for some more materials.


You can go back the way you came in, but the exit by the treasure chest takes you to a room where you’ll need to destroy a few pots to move a pillar and open up the other way out. Follow the rest of the path back the way you came to get out of Wocig and be done with this Mystery on your journey to Excalibur.

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