Attack on Titan Episode 83 Pride: Episode Synopsis and What You Need to Know

Here’s everything you need to know about Attack on Titan episode 83, “Pride.”

Here’s everything you need to know about AOT episode 83, the eighth episode of the second half of The Final Season, “Pride.”

Previous episode synopsis

The first half of the episode focused on Annie – whose hardening crystal was undone by Eren’s Founding Titan power – telling her life story to Hitch. The second half of the episode showed some dissension between the remaining of the core four (now three) with Armin, Mikasa, and Jean. Mikasa implored Armin to stay rather than chase Connie – who abducted Falco to feed to his mom in Ragako Village – while Jean yelled at Mikasa to think for herself.

Connie was shown riding with Falco on horseback, telling Falco he’s taking them to a special hospital to treat his amnesia. Connie steeled himself to his self-imposed task. As the episode ended, Hange, with an injured and mangled Levi in tow, approached Pieck and Magath.

“Pride” – AOT episode 83 synopsis

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The episode opens with a flashback of a Survey Corps soldier running toward his fallen comrade named Oliver only to be shot down himself. The shooter is shown to be Hange, with tears running down her face for killing her former comrades. Hange then uncovers Levi, stitches his face up some more, and begins talking to herself, wondering if the two of them should just stay in the wilderness.

Suddenly, they’re taken to the Coordinate. When they return, Levi raises himself and laments his failure at killing Zeke, saying he didn’t notice Zeke’s “resolve to die for his cause.” He then asks Hange what they would have left if they continue to run, saying he must have been listening to her talk to herself as she smirks at his antics. She also tells him it’s been half a day since Zeke left with the Jaegerists.

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They cut back to the present, where Levi tells Pieck and Magath his goal is to kill Zeke and as such, their goals align. Magath marvels that Levi, one whose skill “rivaled even that of the Nine Titans,” can be so easily shot down in this state, asking what Levi would do to dodge the bullet. Levi replies he can’t dodge, but he’s presented himself to his enemies in “this miserable state” and it’s up to Magath whether to shoot or listen.

Magath asks if he intends to kill Zeke, then where is Zeke? Hange surmises that Zeke has been absorbed by Eren to use Zeke’s royal blood to activate the Founding – which Ymir bequeathed to Eren instead of using the power to enact Zeke’s euthanasia plan. Hange says she knows that the Founding is extremely large and seems impossible to beat, which is why she implores them to join forces just before the opening credits play (“Rumbling, Rumbling, it’s coming!“).

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After the intro, the Rumbling is shown at night as Jean and Mikasa wait it out in separate rooms. Annie watches the Rumbling as Hitch sleeps peacefully in a bed beside her. Reiner is still unconscious after the battle with Eren and his hardening being forcefully undone, but this time there are two apples shown next to him, presumably from Gabi, who is shown riding to Ragako Village on horse, Armin leading the way.

Connie is then shown next to a campfire, Falco sleeping against a tree. Connie plots the best way to feed Falco to his mother. He then has a moment of moral anguish as he says Falco is a good kid and may actually trust “a guy like me.” He speaks out for Sasha, asking if she would understand his feelings.

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The next scene is in the morning as Connie and Falco stroll through the village. They stop in front of Connie’s house, which has big white coverings over it, and Falco asks if this is Ragako, which shocks Connie. He asks how Falco knows and Falco responds he heard Connie talking to himself during the night. Falco asks if Sasha is the one who Gabi killed on the airship, then asks if this is all so Connie could get his revenge.

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Connie responds he’s not here for revenge. He removes the coverings to reveal his mother staring right at Falco (upside down). Falco asks what Connie’s intentions are in showing Falco the Pure Titan, and Connie responds – with a humorous expression change – that he wants Falco to help him brush her teeth. Connie adds it’s not an experience you have every day. He gave Falco a long brush and told him to climb up on the plank above to start brushing.

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Suddenly, Armin and Gabi ride in and yell for Connie to stop. Gabi yells to Falco that Connie is going to feed him to the Titan, so Connie grabs Falco and uses his sword as leverage. He begins climbing up the ladder, telling the two not to move or he’ll kill Falco. Gabi yells for Falco to use the power of the Jaw Titan, but a confused Falco just asks about Galliard.

Connie saving Armin from his mother’s jaws (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Armin, with anguish in his eyes and a flashback of Erwin Smith in his mind, asks Gabi to forgive Connie before taking off, looking like he was going to attack Connie. Instead, Armin lands on the plank just above Connie’s mom’s mouth. He stares into the abyss, then with tears in his eyes, says he’ll show Connie through his actions. He begins falling toward the mouth. In slow motion, Connie realizes what’s happening, tosses Falco aside, and saves Armin just before his mom’s mouth clamps shut.

The next scene shows Gabi consoling Falco as she informs him of Colt’s fate. Connie asks Armin what he would have done if he hadn’t saved him, and Armin coolly responds that Connie’s mom would become human. Connie says he should have known it would make her suffer more. Connie adds his mom sent him off to be a good soldier, yet her son was “so close to killing children and his own friend.” He says that’s the type of soldier he’s become. Armin adds he couldn’t be a replacement for Commander Smith. Connie says he wants to be a soldier his mom can be proud of, one who helps those in need.

The mid-episode infographic was on Ragako Village.

Mikasa is shown visiting Louise in a medical ward. Louise is wearing the red scarf Mikasa’s had since Eren wrapped it around her entire head when he saved her from her parents’ killers. Louise says she met Eren once, who told him to toss the scarf, but Louise kept it because she wanted to be closer to Mikasa. Mikasa takes back the scarf, then Louise adds that a piece of Thunder Spear is in her gut, unable to be removed. The only thing she regrets is not being able to see “the free world that Eren Jaeger will make.”

Floch is then shown presiding over the remaining military members, all Jargerists, basically as pseudo-commander. Jean is shown behind him, but Mikasa is shown in the back of the crowd. Floch gives a fiery speech about the century of Eldian persecution being over all thanks to Eren. One Jaegerist asks Mikasa if she will join Floch as a commander and be a ruler, but she says bluntly she’s not interested. The Jaegerist points to Jean, saying Jean seems up to the cause.

Annie caught gobbling down some pies! (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.)

With the last of the Colossal Titans gone, the remaining people in Paradis celebrate with drinks and food. Armin, Connie, Gabi, and Falco are shown eating some savory pies. Armin mentions that Annie’s hardening was undone, and the person sitting next to him chokes on their food; it’s Annie, furiously eating a pie! Connie bursts into laughter at the sight. He calls her a sloppy eater, but Armin comes to her defense saying she hasn’t eaten one in four years.

Hitch reads Annie’s note (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Hitch approaches the table where Annie was only to find her gone. She reads a note from Annie, saying she met up with Armin and Connie unexpectedly while eating and decided to go with them. She thanks Hitch for keeping her company for all those years. Hitch grabs a slice of pie, takes a bit, then asks how she is supposed to eat the whole thing herself.

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Floch is shown with Yelena and Onyankopon on their knees, surrounded by Jaegerists, as he and Jean stand behind them with guns. Floch says they will execute the two and carry forth Eren’s plans. Floch says Yelena is a criminal who worked with Eldians only as a cover to help Zeke enact the euthanasia plan. The crowd lobs insults at her as she wonders aloud why Floch hasn’t shot her already.

He turns to Onyankopon. He says Onyankonpon was ignorant of Zeke’s ultimate plan, but refuses to live in the Eldian empire. Onyankopon turns to the crowd and says he wanted to help his people, but now, his homeland and everyone he loves will be trampled. He says because of that, the only people left are “a bunch of pathetic, xenophobic scoundrels!” He asks how they, of all people, can’t see how unreasonable it is to be killed in such a sudden, indiscriminate manner.

The four gunshots still smoking in the ground (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Jean then points his gun at Onyankopon. Four shots ring out, then it’s shown that Jean shot four bullets into the ground between the two captive. When Floch asks what happened, Jeans simply responds, “Oh shoot, I missed.” Suddenly, Pieck in her Cart Titan form charges in, bashing Jaegerists aside. She opens her mouth and Jean pushes Floch out of the way. Jean, Yelena, and Onyankopon are gobbled up by Pieck as she escapes the fort.

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Floch yells for everyone to go after the Cart and to find Mikasa. He says to find Mikasa, then in a sudden shock of realization, asks, “Where is Mikasa?” Mikasa is shown with Connie and Armin loading food and supplies into two separate horse-drawn loads, Annie, Gabi, and Falco beside them. They say four shots is the signal from Jean and that everyone should have their attention drawn to the other side of the fort. They leave from the other end, but Annie notices someone watching them in the window. Armin says they have to continue on as they look back at the shadowy figure in the window.

A shadowy figure watching the escape (Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

Jean and Onyankopon are shown in a stream, Jean letting out a continuous stream of vomit. He says he’s never getting into a Titan’s mouth again as Hange asks if Pieck brushes her teeth after being able to stay in the Cart form for months. Pieck responds that’s a very rude question to ask a lady. Onyankopon asks Jean when he partnered with Marley, to which Jean says last night. Onyankopon says Jean’s position was secure, but Jean says if he just stayed on, the “burnt ashes of the dead would never have forgiven me.” Yelena, in shock, asks why she was saved, and Hange says “they” wanted her to survive. Yelena turns to find Magath staring daggers at her.

Magath with his steely glare fixed squarely on Yelena Image Source: MAPPA Co., Ltd.).

A boot kicks Reiner in the head – quite a rude alarm for someone who’s been unconscious for days – and he awakes to see Annie. In shock, he turns to then see Gabi and Falco, along with the others, as the two reassure Reiner they’re all on the same side and to relax. Connie says there’s no time and they need to go. When Reiner asks where, Connie responds, “To save the world.” The episode ends.

What does Hange mean when she says Zeke was “absorbed” by Eren using the Founding Titan?

She is saying basically that Zeke is now absorbed into Eren Jaeger’s body and mind. Because he used Zeke’s royal blood to not only reach the Coordinate, but then convince the Founder Ymir to bequeath the Founding to him, Eren gained all of the power even without royal blood. As the Founding manifested from Eren’s severed head to save him, which was in Zeke’s hand, this was the moment that Eren absorbed Zeke and, by extension, the Beast Titan to himself, though it should be said that Zeke is still the Beast Titan and not actually dead.

The next two sentences will contain spoilers from the manga, so read at your own discretion. In the final battle in the manga, Zeke does appear from one of Eren’s extensions, though Zeke appears as a human. He show up just to say his last words to Levi, who swiftly decapitates Zeke, thus ending the Beast Titan. It remains to be seen how the final battle will play out in the anime and if Levi will get his ultimate revenge.

Who is the shadowy figure watching from the window?

The figure is presumably Floch after realizing that Mikasa was nowhere to be found. However, it is also very likely his comments were placed as a red herring to distract you from who is actually watching from the window. The identity of the individual should be revealed next week.

As far as it can be surmised, the person appeared to have the sharp shoulders indicative of someone wearing a military uniform, so while Floch is a safe bet, it could be any number of named characters still left.

Why are the non-Jaegerist Eldians teaming with the remaining Marley soldiers, Magath and Pieck?

Simply put, they now have one overarching common enemy: Eren Jaeger. Eren is the person responsible for the oncoming mass genocide of the human population. For Levi, Eren is also the vehicle to reach his ultimate foe, the man responsible for many deaths in Levi’s core squad, Zeke Jaeger. Further, for Marleyan soldiers like Magath and Pieck, they feel utterly betrayed by Zeke, the man they placed their utmost confidence, respect, and trust. They also know the best people to bring down Eren Jaeger are the ones who have been working with and fighting him most closely.

It remains to be seen why Magath and Pieck wanted Yelena alive as she was working closely with and tied everything she had to Zeke’s euthanasia plan. Magath’s glare is one of fury, but in this time of cooperation, Yelena may yet survive.

What does the ending mean for the next episode?

The next episode, number 84 titled “Night of the End,” seems to revolve around the new cooperating faction sitting around a bonfire. It seems to suggest they will discuss their plan of attack and what roles each should play.

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