Cheese Maze Roblox Map (Cheese Escape)

Learn how to play Roblox game Cheese Escape.

Learn how to play Roblox game Cheese Escape

If you’ve ever wanted to run through a maze of cheese with a giant deranged rat chasing you, then the Roblox game Cheese Escape is for you! That said, this is a maze so it can get frustrating at times and leave you wishing for a cheese maze Roblox map to help you get to where you need to go. The good news is, there are actually maps out there if you are really struggling.

Below, you will read:

  • A recap of what Cheese Escape is and why it’s such a fun game.
  • How to play Cheese Escape
  • How to navigate the cheese maze Roblox map

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Escape the rat and steal its cheese

In Cheese Escape, you and up to seven other players run around in a maze made of cheese collecting cheese wedges and keys that unlock new areas. There are a total of nine cheese wedges and four keys that you need to collect. While you’re doing this, you’ll be chased by a giant rat that’s apparently sick of cheese and now craves human flesh. Collect all the cheese wedges without getting murdered by the rat to beat the game, simple as that.

Using the map

There are several cheese maze Roblox maps for this game. The linked one below even has the code for the locked door if you’re struggling with that. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this map will trivialize the game and suck a lot of the tension out of the horror aspect. That said, if you’re really desperate to beat this game by any means necessary, then feel free to use it anyway. The link is below.

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Cheese Escape tips

If you don’t want to cheese the game by using the map, here are a few tips to help you beat it legit:

  • Turn up your sound – The rat makes footstep noises as it moves even though it doesn’t have any feet. Turn your sound up so that you can hear when it is getting close.
  • Use other players – Getting the rat to chase another player can help you to get where you need to go safely.
  • Prioritize keys – If you have the choice between grabbing a key and grabbing cheese, get the key since they open new areas.
  • Use ladders – There are ladders in this game, but they don’t look much like ladders. They look more like metal beams that you can climb.
  • Use holes wisely – There are holes you can use to go down a level quickly if needed. Make sure you know what you’re doing since getting back up may not be easy. Also, try not to drop right onto the rat and get killed.

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