Evil Dead The Game: Mission 1 Walkthrough

Here’s your step-by-step guide to completing the first Mission in Evil Dead: The Game.

While the appeal of Evil Dead: The Game is to play as different humans (Survivors) or Demons and hunt each other down, there is also a separate solo mode – Missions. As of May 18th, there are five available Missions with a sixth “coming soon.” The Missions can only be played (and unlocked) in sequential order.

In these missions, you will go alone and carry out specific objectives dependent on the Mission. These will, for the most part, be tied to the events of the Evil Dead universe. Supplies are also very limited as you’re relegated to the preferred weapons of the character and any bits of ammo, Shemp’s Cola, and other items that you can scavenge. Completing Missions is also how you unlock other characters and recover recordings from Annie Knowby.

Below, you will find your step-by-step guide to completing the first Mission, “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…With a Chainsaw,” in Evil Dead: The Game.

1. Head to Bronson Cave and retrieve the necklace

The location of Bronson Cave, to the north and slightly west of The Knowby Cabin.

As you begin the Mission, you see a screen that states, “When the love your life is possessed by a demon, beheading and burying her is the quickest way to end your suffering. At least that’s what you tell yourself, but Linda’s cries still haunt you.” You’re then tasked with finding a necklace Ash Williams gifted to her, located in Bronson Cave.

Before you leave, explore the cabin to gain some ammo and matches. Head to the cave, to the north and slightly west; your target will have a red marker on the map and on screen.

The entrance to Bronson Cave.

Along the way, you’ll be run into some and be ambushed by Deadites, the Basic Unit of the Warlord class. You shouldn’t encounter more than two or three at a time, though if you sprint everywhere, you may accidentally run into more or kite more to you. Take out any Deadites by taking as little damage as possible as both amulets (shields) and Shemp’s Cola (health recovery) are limited.

Inside, you will encounter another Deadite and your first Elite Unite, a Deadite Elite. The Elite is heartier than the Deadite, both bigger and bulkier, and as such has more health, defense, and attack power. It will rush and launch a heavy attack, so it’s best to dodge with X or A and land an attack, then repeat the process. The double-barrel will do a lot of damage, but remember you only have two shots before needing to manually reload.

After killing it, nab the supply crate nearby and don’t forget to pick up the upgraded double-barrel, right next to the necklace. Grab the necklace and prepare for your next objective.

On the way out, if you haven’t yet, nab the ammo and matchsticks lying near the entrance to the cave. Remember to find a lantern or fireplace (or already lit fire) to lower your fear level should it get high.

2. Head to Circus Cages to find the Shovel

Next, you need to head to Circus Cages to retrieve a shovel. Why it has to be this specific shovel is a mystery. Follow the path left and down from Bronson Cave to quickly reach Circus Cages, noting the cabin on the right that has a few Deadites as well. There should be some more items to loot, too.

You’ll be given a notification (pictured) that you are on “Cursed Ground.” Expect more traps from Demons in these areas. In fact, there are a few traps – including possessed trees – at Circus Cages. Simply head into the cabin and nab the shovel standing along the wall (there should also be ammo and an amulet laying around).

You can trigger the trap above the Epic (purple) item outside, but note that it will likely trigger two Deadites. With health and shields already limited, it’s recommended to forgo the trap and continue to your next objective. As you leave Circus Cages, several Deadites should pop up and attack you.

3. Prepare for a fight!

With the necklace and shovel in hand, you’re told to go and “dig up her head.” Gnarly. Follow the objective marker to the Demonic Treehouse (sounds so fun!).

Once you approach the Demonic Treehouse, be prepared for Deadites to swarm you. They should be easy to dispatch at this point. Now, once you near the grave, you’ll be entrapped within a smoke barrier which you cannot escape. You will have to defeat six Deadites, the last being an Elite, before proceeding.

The Deadite Elite to round out the group at the Demonic Treehouse.

Dispatch of each Deadite as they spawn as quickly as possible. This way, you don’t get overwhelmed by multiple Deadites attacking you. The upgraded double-barrel will work wonders here as a well-placed headshot or two shots to the body will dispatch each Deadite, giving you time to reload for the next. The Elite will take more, but you should know the attack pattern after Bronson Cave.

With Linda’s head in hand, it’s time to end the Mission – after one last crucial pit stop.

4. Stock up on supplies at Payne Manor

Though you have everything needed to complete the Mission, you’ll be directed to head just south of Demonic Treehouse to enter Payne Manor. This will really be your final opportunity to find more supplies for the final battle.

Be wary of the Deadites both inside and outside of the Manor, including on the way to the Manor. There is one Deadite Elite just outside the first floor of the Manor, to the right as you enter the front doors.

The Legendary weapons found during the Mission.

Once dispatched, clear the bottom floor of ammo, amulets, and Shemp’s Cola. Then, head upstairs to make your rounds. You should find upgrades for the double-barrel and chainsaw at the Legendary level (highest). These will make the upcoming battle much easier.

5. Head to The Knowby Cabin for one final battle

Fully stocked, head back to The Knowby Cabin, which is where you began the Mission. Do your best to avoid running into Deadites along the way, but they’ll most likely find you. With the upgraded chainsaw, especially, you should make quick work of the Deadites who oppose you.

As you approach the toolshed, you’ll notice there’s a black miasma blocking the entrance and suddenly, you’ll be attacked by two Deadites: a Deadite Elite and Henrietta, the Warlord class Boss Unit! Target the Elite first and quickly dispatch it, then turning to Henrietta.

Henrietta is tricky because although her speed rating is a one out of five, she can float and her floating is actually rather quick. She is also physically the strongest of the Boss Units, so evade her attacks at all costs. Create some distance and use the upgraded double-barrel to inflict massive damage. In fact, four or five well-placed shots with the Legendary weapon should be all you need to finally kill her.

With the two defeated, head into the toolshed and approach the table. Hold Triangle or Y until Linda’s head is placed within the tool, thus ending the Mission successfully. While not shown, the shadow in the below picture shows Williams using his chainsaw to cut through Linda’s head.

For completing the Mission “If You Love Someone, Set Them Free…With a Chainsaw,” you’ll unlock Ash Williams (As vs Evil Dead variant), Knowby Recording 1, and Mission II: “Party Down!” You can listen to the Recording and others you unlock by hitting R1 or RB in the Missions menu to hit the “Extras” tab. The recording will play, but subtitles don’t appear, unfortunately

Now you have your step-by-step guide to completing the first Mission in Evil Dead: The Game. Don’t forget to nab the upgraded weapons to make it easier and then move on to “Party Down!”

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