Farming Simulator 22 [FS22]: Best Ways to Make Money

Money makes the world go round, and the same can certainly be said in Farming Simulator 22.

Farming Simulator 22 is now available on current and next-gen consoles and Windows PC. It marks a grand evolution from Farming Simulator 19.

What are the best ways to make money in Farming Simulator 22?

The aim of the game, as you would assume, is to make as much money with your farm as possible. So, these are the best ways that you can make money in Farm Sim 22.

1. Selling your crops

Crops seems an obvious one to list, but it’s certainly true. The farm is all about growing crops and then harvesting them, and this is the main way in which you can make money in the game. The earnings from each yield will vary day by day and from outlet to outlet within Farming Simulator 22, which is just like it would be in the real world.

The likes of wheat and barley are among the best crops to grow in Farm Sim 22 and make money from. Potatoes require more complex equipment that you will have to purchase, which might mean that they’re not the most economically viable crop to grow.

2. Sell your animals and focus on pigs for more money

You can make money from all animals in Farming Simulator 22, but the best animals to make money with are pigs. They demand the most attention in the game, but equally, they bring in the most money – the same was true in Farming Simulator 19 as well.

Keeping up a high rate of production of pigs is key, as is making sure that they have plenty of food to eat as they do require a lot of feed. Selling as many as possible when the time comes is the best way to make money with pigs. A new way to make money with animals in Farming Simulator 22 is with bees, which create honey that you can then sell.

3. Know when to buy or lease your equipment

Making the most money in Farming Simulator 22 isn’t necessarily just about selling products: it’s about being savvy with your money. You have the option, for example, to lease equipment for your farm and then hand it back to the shop when you’re done.

Long-term, however, if you keep leasing equipment, it could end up losing you money, hindering your others efforts of making money. The leasing costs will soon rack up, especially if you return the equipment in poor condition. If you plan to grow potatoes for a while, perhaps, the best thing to do is buy the specialist equipment outright.

4. Get a government subsidy

This is a bit of a cheat way to make money in Farm Sim 22, but it’s a sure-fire way to make money in the game. The government subsidy mod that is freely available allows you to get a maximum of $100 million per year to help your farm “through a bad year.”

In reality, it’s just a way of getting money with a bit of a helping hand, enabling you to buy some bigger and better equipment. Whilst it’s not the standard way of making money, it shouldn’t be condemned. Some people don’t have the time to grind away for hours on end, and if this allows them to enjoy the game and still harvest well, then that’s great.

5. Don’t hire workers too often

Hiring workers is a way that you can get jobs done on the farm at a quicker rate. Essentially, the computer will control your tractor, harvester, or whatever it may be, and do a job for you as you go and do one yourself. This is great if you want to harvest a field while a computer-controlled worker plants the seeds in another.

That said, doing this costs money, and although, in theory, you could get the computer doing all of your jobs, you won’t enjoy watching your bank balance drain. The best thing to do is do as many jobs as possible yourself, or if you play with a friend online, get the workers to do the odd job here and there.

6. Undertake contract jobs

In Farming Simulator 22, contract farming jobs are available for you to undertake. Essentially, another farmer will ask you to harvest their crop, cultivate their fields, or something else, and reward you at the end of it.

If the job’s a big one, you can get a fairly large sum of money. While it will take you time, that money can be invested nicely into your own farm. This is when leasing equipment makes the most sense. You could lease a bigger combine harvester, and when you return it, you will probably have still made a tidy profit.

7. Improve the quality of your crop for more money

Sounds obvious, right? Well, if you want to make money in Farm Sim 22, it’s still key. As your crops grow, there is the danger that weeds could well grow in between them, and this will decrease your yield. De-weeder can be bought to stop this, and you will, of course, need equipment for that.

Still, it’s well worth the money and effort. The better condition that your crop is in, the more money you will make. We know this from experience, and it’s important to make sure that your crops are in as good condition as humanly possible.

These are some of the best ways to make money in Farming Simulator 22. They might sound somewhat obvious, but they are all key to making your farm as profitable as possible. Plus, the more money you make, the better equipment you can get, and the bigger farm you can have.

All of these money-making methods will pay dividends as you build your farming empire.





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