FIFA 23: Complete Goalkeeper Guide, Controls, Tips and Tricks

Goalkeeping is often overlooked but hugely important. In this guide, we take a look at all the aspects of the person between the posts.

FIFA 23-Goalkeeping Guide

Goalkeeping is an integral part of the game with an incredible amount of pressure on one player’s shoulders. If you make a save in a penalty shootout in the biggest of games, you are a hero. One such example is Jerzy Dudek’s impeccable penalty save in the Champions League Final against AC Milan that helped Liverpool lift the trophy in 2005.

Make a mistake and it can be costly, not to mention embarrassing. A quick search in another Champions League Final in 2018 shows another Liverpool goalkeeper, Loris Karius, having a really bad day at the office and handing Real Madrid the victory on that occasion.

So in this guide, we look to make you the hero with these handy hints and tips.

Full goalkeeper controls for Playstation (PS4/PS5) and Xbox (Xbox One and Series X|S)

Goalkeeping Action PlayStation (PS4/PS5) Controls Xbox (Xbox One/Series X|S) Controls
Switch to GK TouchPad View
Drop Ball Triangle Y
Pick Up Ball R1 RB
Move Player Left Stick Left Stick
Sprint Hold R2 + Direction Hold RT + Direction
Move GK R3 (Press and Hold) + R R3 (Press and Hold) + R
GK Cover Far Post R3 (Press and Hold) R3 (Press and Hold)
Throw/Pass X A
Driven Throw/Pass R1 + X RB + A
Drop Kick O or Square B or X
Driven Kick R1 + Square R1 + X

Goalkeeper Penalty Controls

Goalkeeping Action PlayStation (PS4/PS5) Controls Xbox (Xbox One/Series X|S) Controls
Goalkeeper Move Side to Side Left Stick (Direction) Left Stick (Direction)
Goalkeeper Dive Right Stick (Direction) Right Stick (Direction)
Goalkeeper Taunts X/O/Square/Triangle A/B/X/Y

Be a Pro & Pro Clubs Goalkeeper Controls on FIFA 23

Be a Pro/Pro Clubs Controls PlayStation (PS4/PS5) Controls Xbox (Xbox One/Series X|S) Controls
Dive Right Stick (Direction) Right Stick (Direction)
Auto Positioning L1 (Press + Hold) LB (Press + Hold)
2nd Defender Contain R1 (Press + Hold) RB (Press + Hold)

How to control the keeper in FIFA 23?

To take control of the goalkeeper when the opposition are in possession and bearing down on goal, press (TouchPad/View) to move towards the ball using Left Stick but be cautious as the opponent could lob you with a chip shot.

The key is to narrow the angle giving the attacking player as little of the goal to aim at as possible and just as your opponent is shaping to shoot, Dive using the Right Stick. Timing is crucial to saving a shot.

You can exclusively play as a goalkeeper in game modes such as Career mode and Pro Clubs. We recommend using the Auto Positioning Function by Pressing and Holding (L1/LB) which will help minimize positioning errors. If you find yourself out of position, you will more than likely concede goals.

How To Save and Dive For Penalties in FIFA 23

Thibaut Courtois making a save in FIFA 23

To become a hero in a penalty shootout, you need to make vital stops. To do that, you can move your keeper left and right on the goal line using the Left Stick and flick the Right Stick in the direction you want to dive and hope that you made the right decision.

Tips and Tricks

Positioning is Key

The most important thing for a goalkeeper is being aware of where they are in relation to the goal in every situation from set pieces, penalties and from open play. As mentioned previously, narrowing the angle for the attacking player to shoot at the goal and covering your nearest post will give you a massive advantage.

Time Your Dives to Perfection

Too early and the attacker can take the ball around your sprawling keeper and tap the ball home. Dive too late and the opponent has already got the shot off potentially finding the net. So timing dives is crucial to prevent conceding goals.

Close Down Attack

If the defenders lose track of the opposition’s attack and the goalkeeper is the only one between them and the goal, press (Triangle/Y) to get the keeper to race toward the player in possession and close down the attack. But be aware that if you come out of the goal too far or too soon, you are at risk of being lobbed with a chip shot.

Penalty Poise

One of the most difficult parts of being a goalkeeper is predicting which way an opponent will hit their penalty. Keeping an eye on the player’s head and body shape can give you a hint as to where the taker will shoot.

To Dive or Not to Dive

Some opponents will look to catch you off guard with a cheeky Panenka or Chipped Penalty so standing centrally and holding your nerve can pay off, embarrassing the taker in the process. The biggest drawback to this is, if the player shoots either side then you haven’t got a chance.

What are the Best Goalkeeper Traits in FIFA 23?

There are many goalkeeping traits but which ones are the best? For strong distribution, you want your keeper to have GK Flat Kick to drive passes to teammates in space. GK Long Throw is also brilliant for finding teammates and starting a counter attack.

When it comes to shot stopping and command of the area, traits like GK Saves with Feet, GK Comes for Crosses and GK Rushes Out of Goal could be useful although the last one could be a gift and/or a curse.

Who is the Best Goalkeeper in FIFA 23?

The best goalkeeper in FIFA 23 is Thibaut Courtois with his 90 OVR and 91 POT. The Real Madrid goalkeeper was instrumental in his side’s Champions League Final win over Liverpool last season.

Who is the Best wonderkid Goalkeeper in FIFA 23?

The best wonderkid goalkeeper on FIFA 23 is Gavin Bazanu with his 70 OVR and 85 POT. He is a recent arrival at Southampton and is a keeper with a bright future. If you are looking to pick yourself up a wonderkid goalkeeper in Career Mode why not check our list of best young wonderkid goalkeepers?

Hopefully, this article will help improve your goalkeeping or even open your eyes to something new.

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