Ghostwire Tokyo: Fast Ways to Level Up

Here are fast ways to level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo, particularly early in the game.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you take on the dual role of Akito and KK as you seek to stop the reaping of souls by the man in the Hannya mask and his crew with Akito’s sister, Mari, at the center of their ritual. You battle various “Visitors” – otherworldly creatures based on Japanese myths – as you make your way throughout Shibuya.

With each level up, you receive Skill Points and a boost to your max health. Each level is subsequently more difficult to reach, so finding ways to level up quickly is a necessary component to not only defeat more difficult opponents, but to unlock skills that will augment your capabilities.

Read below for fast ways to level up in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

1. Quick Purge enemies whenever possible for fast and easy experience

A Quick Purge will take out most enemies without a battle being engaged. To Quick Purge an enemy, crouch (Circle) and sneak up behind them, pressing L2 when prompted. Experience will be dependent on the enemy, but the best part is you don’t have to use any resources – like arrows or Ethereal Weaving ether – while still killing an enemy.

Sometimes, Visitors will be engrossed in something and will face whatever has their attention indefinitely (unless they hear you). This makes them easy to Quick Purge, though ensure no one else is around with Spectral Vision (Square). Other times, enemies will patrol, though their patterns are easily discernible.

Note that more advanced Visitors will not be killed by Quick Purge. Some may have their cores exposed while others may require multiple attacks with Quick Purge to eliminate. Of course, aerial enemies cannot be snuck up on for a Quick Purge.

2. Take out enemies with headshots using the bow

Landing a headshot using the bow.

Sometimes, you’ll be in areas where it’s nearly impossible to sneak up on opponents, like the pictured street. In these cases, it might be best to take out the bow and eliminate Visitors from a distance. Since not all enemies will die with one shot of the bow, aim for headshots! Experience seems to based on if the kill was a headshot and on the distance the arrow traveled.

Generally, bow kills net 50 experience, but 100 and 200 experience points were also netted with headshots from a further distance. The type of Visitor may also play a role. Regardless, particularly when there are many opponents patrolling or in narrow areas, the bow might be the best way to whittle them down while avoiding direct damage.

You can also upgrade the quiver to hold 20 arrows.

3. Complete Side Missions

Side Missions are marked by the green circles, pulsating ones indicating available Side Missions.

While this may seem obvious, the Side Missions in Ghostwire: Tokyo are a bit unique in that rarely will the game make you traverse to a place far from who gave you the mission. In fact, most side missions will happen in the same are you receive the request. Even better, many do not involve legitimate battles. This makes Side Missions easy and quick to finish.

For example, “Zashiki-Warashi” took place in the house directly behind the spirit who requested the Side Mission. The only “battling” required was to form a hand seal on the enemy. “Deep Cleaning” is a bit different in that you did have to travel – all of maybe two blocks. There were also legitimate battles against a few waves of enemies, but nothing you haven’t already experienced.

You might not gain experience from completing Side MIssions as shown in the rewards above, but you gain meika (money), potentially magatama to upgrade skills, and most importantly spirits, among other possible rewards.

Why are spirits so important? Well…

4. Deposit spirits in payphones using your katashiro

With your katashiro in hand, you can absorb the floating blue spirits using L2 when prompted. Each bundle of spirits takes up one katashiro; whether a katashiro has 99 spirits or 700 spirits, only one is ever used by a single absorption.

You may also absorb multiple spirit formations at once if angled just right. However, just like with the above note, each will take up one katashiro even if absorbed simultaneously.

Sealed spirits needing a hand seal to free.

In your travels, you’ll come across spirits who are sealed, unable to be absorbed, like the ones pictured. The seal appears to be some kind of large nails or pikes that is driven between the spirits. To unseal the spirits, press L2 when prompted and perform the hand seal shown with the right stick. Then, if you’ve done the hand seal correctly, hit R2 and L2 together when prompted to remove the seal.

You’ll also find some Visitors draining spirits from square boxes – you’ll see a meter with the percentage of power left in the box. To free these spirits, take out the waves of Visitors and ensure the boxes don’t reach zero. Once the waves are complete, the boxes will open.

Spirits that were sealed or in a box usually reward you with more than other spirit absorptions. With over 200 thousand spirits in the game, finding these is a quick way to build up your spirit stock.

Once you have a number or all of your katashiro filled, deposit them at a payphone for meika and experience based on the number of spirits. As the picture shows, even a meager 505 spirits nets just over a thousand experience. The more you deposit at once, the more meika and experience you’ll receive.

Note that the max number of katashiro you can carry is 50. You can purchase them for three thousand meika each at the nekomata stores and receive some as rewards for requests.

These are Outsider Gaming’s recommendations to level up fast in Ghostwire: Tokyo. Don’t forget to choose skills that will help you survive early as you build up Akito’s strength!





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