Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials Puzzles Guide

Ever noticed a circle on the ground with a swirling inside and wondered what it is? Here’s your answer.

Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Trials

Please be aware that there are content spoilers ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy is filled with many puzzles; there are 95 Merlin Trials spread across the map. Nora Treadwell, who starts these puzzles, dispels the theory that Merlin is a fairy tale by informing your character that he in fact attended Hogwarts, putting him up there with some of the school’s most famous alumni.

In this article you will learn:

  • How to begin the questline Merlin Trials
  • The different types of puzzles you may encounter

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How to begin the Merlin Trials questline in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin Trials Nora

You will stumble upon this quest after speaking to Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield. You overhear a commotion just across the water near a dock and consider investigating. Head toward Treadwell, who has been apprehended by two of Victor Rockwood’s henchmen. After a short cutscene, you are charged with helping Treadwell fight off the goons when more appear. When the henchmen are dealt with, Treadwell explains why she is there: to investigate puzzles left by Merlin himself.

Mallowsweet Leaves

The archaeologist is bemused as to how they work but knows that they require Mallowseet Leaves to activate the trial. The first puzzle is fairly straightforward. There are pillars around the circle with pyres on top. Using Incendio, light the pyres. Once all are lit, the puzzle is solved, creating a bandstand-like monument to your success. Treadwell congratulates you on solving the puzzle. There are now only 94 more to go, but don’t worry. They appear on your map as a leaf to indicate their whereabouts.

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What are the different types of puzzles you may encounter?

Hogwarts Legacy pyres

There are many different puzzles in the Merlin Trials. As previously mentioned, there is using Incendio to light pyre on top of pillars, some of which are timed.

Small ball puzzles

There are also puzzles that require different spells such as Accio when moving balls into holes.

Giant ball Merlin Trials

Some of the trials require you to destroy balls that are on top of pillars using your Basic Cast.

Destroying balls on pillars

For others, you need to use Lumos to guide fireflies to light up stones.

Merlin Trials fireflies

As you complete Merlin Trials, they are registered in your challenges menu, which will help to expand your inventory size. That allows your character to carry more items, so it is well worth doing. Best of luck in your hunt for all 95 Merlin Trials.

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