Hogwarts Legacy: Battling Guide

Make sure you’re prepared to defend yourself against the dark arts in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legecy battling

Whether it’s duelling another wizard or fighting a giant spider, battling in is a key part of Hogwarts Legacy. With a multitude of spells at your disposal, learning how to best utilise them either in combinations or to counter an opponent’s spell is imperative to your success in the game.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The basic controls for battling
  • Which spells work well together

The basic controls for battling

Battling game controls

Battling is important to survive in Hogwarts Legacy, so having the basics locked down can make things a whole lot easier. The spells at your disposal are in the bottom right corner. A Basic Cast, created by pressing R2 or RT, forms a vital element of your attack as well. 

As you continue through the story, you add extra spells to your arsenal. Accio, Levioso, and Incendio make up the early games’ selection. They can all be assigned to Triangle, Circle, X, Square or A, B, X, Y, and cast by holding R2 or RT together with the designated button.

A special mention also goes to your character’s Ancient Magic, which can be used when your meter is filled by pressing R1+L1 or RB+LB to produce a finishing blow to an enemy.

Items can also be launched at enemies by pressing R1 or RB in combination with other attacks.

Another area which is crucial when battling is defence. Protego can be triggered by pressing Triangle or Y and blocks incoming projectiles or attacks from opponents, whether it be spider venom or a goblin’s axe. Dodging by pressing Circle or B can also be just as effective, especially when the attack is unblockable.

Which spells work well together in Hogwarts Legacy?

Battling guide Levioso

Some spells work really well in combination with one another. For example, you can use Accio to draw your opponent close and then use Incendio to ignite your enemy, causing huge damage. Levioso can leave your opponent floating helplessly for a barrage of Basic Cast attacks to chip away at their health bar. Try using two or three spells together along with Basic Cast to really take enemies down fast.

Battling guide Incendio

When casting a spell at another witch or wizard or magic user, be aware of their shield coluoring. Your attacks are rendered useless if you do not break their shield, so be mindful of this when on the offensive or your assault will be in vain.

crossed wand Levioso shield

Defending yourself can also be a form of attack by holding Triangle or Y. Your character will perform Protego to block the incoming attack but then cast Stupefy to stun your opponent, leaving them defenceless and a very easy target to pick off.

The more combination hits you can get without being struck yourself, the more Ancient Magic orbs you create. The orbs can be collected to fill your meter. Once it is full, you can unleash powerful finishing blows on your opponent, but use it wisely as it is a limited resource and will need to be powered up again.

Now that you have some basic hints and tips for battling, get out there and give them a go. Whether you are up against duelists or beasts, this advice is sure to come in handy. To keep up to date with all the latest Hogwarts Legacy hints and tips, check out Outsider Gaming’s other guides:

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