Hogwarts Legacy: Percival Rackham Trial Guide

Struggling with your first trial encounter? Have no fear! Here’s a handy guide to help you through.

A scene during the Percival Rackham Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Please be aware that this content contains in-game spoilers.

After discovering the stunning Map Chamber along with Professor Fig in Hogwarts Legacy, you discuss the location of a trial with Percival Rackham, who is in a large picture frame inside the Map Chamber. Rackham warns that only those who can see and use Ancient Magic can undertake the trial, and they must do so alone. Fig asks to accompany you to San Bakar’s Tower to see what the goblins are up to but also accepts that you must undergo the trial independently.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The best way to sneak into the San Bakar’s Tower
  • A step-by-step guide to completing the trial

The best way to sneak San Bakar’s Tower during the Percy Rackham Trial

A map showing the location of San Bakar's tower

Once your conversation with Rackham is finished, you will need to travel north, almost to the top of the map. If you have not been exploring and doing side quests, chances are you will not have unlocked the Floo Flame fast travel stationed just outside the tower itself, so it’s best to hop on your broom. 

Alternatively, you could fast travel to Jackdaw’s Tomb and use your broom or venture through the forbidden forest to San Bakar’s Tower.

Upon arriving, make sure to discover the Floo Flame nearby before speaking to Fig, who is awaiting your arrival. Make sure you have your Disillusionment spell equipped as it will prove incredibly useful.

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A conversation with Professor Fig

As you approach the tower entrance, there are a number of goblins patrolling the courtyard. Whilst under the cover of your Disillusionment spell, sneak up behind your unsuspecting foe. When prompted, press Square or X to cast Petrificus Totalus to stun and eliminate the patrolling guards.

When all goblins are dealt with, head from the entrance toward the far-left corner where you will find a tent, which contains a note. After reading the note, you are greeted by another wave of goblins, one of which has a magical shield. Use your battling skills to defeat the new reinforcements. 

After taking out the goblins, head to the tower at the far right of the courtyard and talk to Fig, who will help you open the door.

The entrance to San Bakar's Tower

Head inside and make your way up the tower where you will come across a portrait to interact with similar to the one found in the Map Chamber.

A portrait you can interact with in Hogwarts Legacy

After having another conversation with Rackham, head back down to the ground floor where a source of Ancient Magic can be found and on interaction reveals a door.

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A doorway at San Bakar's Tower

Step-by-step guide to completing the Percy Rackham Trial

Walk through the door you have revealed with Ancient Magic and head along the corridor to arrive at your first puzzle. Go down the stairs and head toward the large door where you discover a large gap between yourself and the path ahead.

The beginning of the Percy Rackham Trial in Hogwarts Legacy

Using Revelio will allow you to see the Ancient Magic that is hidden beneath you, which can be accessed by the staircases on either side. Interacting with the Ancient Magic reveals a bridge, enabling you to cross.

Continue your path forward until you arrive at a circular room where there is yet more Ancient Magic with an archway in the centre. Interact with the Ancient Magic again and then head through the archway. This will lead you to another room with a group of Pensieve Guardians to defeat.

Guardians encountered during the Percy Rackham Trial

After defeating the Pensieve Guardians, continue past where the largest guardian stood and head down the staircase to another puzzle. 

Using Accio, pull the floating platform toward you. Jump onto the platform, then use the spell again to pull toward the pillar in front of you. From there, use Accio again to pull toward the right walkway where more Ancient Magic can be found, which uncovers another magical doorway in the arch ahead with a chest inside.

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One of the floating platforms that are part of the Percy Rackham Trial

Move back to the platform and use Accio again to pull you and the platform past the archway. Jump onto the other side and head down the staircase. There are then Pensieve Guardians – a few more than last time – to defeat.

An example of the guardians ecountered during the Percy Rackham Trial

When you have dealt with the guardians, go further along the corridor where you are searching for more Ancient Magic. Ignore the floating platform initially. Head down the stairs and up the other side. Use Accio to pull the platform toward you and locate the Ancient Magic.

An example of the platforms used to complete the Percy Rackham Trial

After activating the Ancient Magic, you will notice the archway has now become a magical doorway and has uncovered the path ahead. The only issue is that the bridge is in the way of the floating platform, preventing you from going ahead. 

To continue, go back through the archway but head toward where you fought the last guardians. If done correctly, the bridge will no longer be there and Accio can be used to pull the floating platform past where the bridge once stood.

Once you are clear of where the bridge stood, go back through the archway and to the other side. Head into the room toward the bridge to reveal the means to pull the platform toward the next room.

Next, head down the stairs where there is a moving floor; there’s a chest to collect on your right too. Move down the corridor where there is another welcoming party of Pensieve Guardians to battle.

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A moving floor in Hogwarts Legacy

When they are dispatched, go to the right of the room and down the stairs to discover another floating platform. Pull it toward you, jump on, then move toward the central walkway.

The third platform featured in the Percy Rackham Trial

You will notice there is another magical archway with a floating platform on the other side. Head back to the previous platform, using the handle on your left to pull you in line with the magical archway then toward the other floating platform, jumping across through the archway.

A picture of the third platform in the Percy Rackham Trial

From there, pull the new platform to the opposite side of the room to continue your journey. On the path ahead, there are a few Wiggenweld Potions collectables followed by a chest next to the doorway, which leads to a huge Pensieve Guardian boss fight.

The Pensive Guardian boss in Hogwarts Legacy

Using those aforementioned battling skills, defeat the monstrous guardian, which will unlock a pathway to a colossal statue of Rackham with a Pensieve below it. Interacting with it prompts a cutscene.

A pensive is shown during the Percy Rackham Trial

After the cutscene, head back toward the left side of the room to discover a doorway leading to the Map Chamber. 

Congratulations, you have now completed the Percival Rackham Trial. If you found this guide useful, stick with Outsider Gaming for more helpful guides, tips, and other Hogwarts Legacy content.

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