Hookies GTA 5: A Guide to Purchasing and Owning the Restaurant Property

Looking for a unique experience in Grand Theft Auto V? Own a bar and restaurant by purchasing Hookies! Read on to learn about its income, benefits, and features.

Learn more about Hookies GTA 5

Have you ever dreamed of owning a bar and restaurant in a video game? Well, in Grand Theft Auto V, you can do just that by purchasing the Hookies property. 

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Buying Hookies GTA 5

Hookies is a restaurant and bar that specializes in seafood, and it is situated in North Chumash on the Great Ocean Highway in Blaine County. This establishment can be purchased after completing the “Nervous Ron” mission and is listed for $600,000. To acquire ownership of the property, simply locate the “On Sale” sign near the premises.

While Michael De Santa or Franklin Clinton can become the proprietors of Hookies, it is not accessible to Trevor Philips due to his hostile encounter with The Lost MC. This biker gang seems to utilize the restaurant as a congregation spot, which may result in potential danger for Trevor if he approaches the area. Consequently, he may be hunted down and attacked by a group of Lost bikers who may unexpectedly emerge.

Hookies GTA 5 income and benefits

Upon purchasing Hookies GTA 5, a steady weekly income of $4,700 is generated, requiring 128 weeks to break even. As the proprietor, players have the opportunity to engage in side missions, such as safeguarding the property from Gang Attacks or delivering alcohol, to amplify the establishment’s revenue while experiencing thrilling gameplay.

Moreover, Hookies serve as turf for the Lost MC gang, and gang members can frequently be spotted at the location. This could potentially trigger unexpected player conflicts, even from a mere proximity encounter. Furthermore, when approached by the player from either side of the highway, the Lost members are seen driving away from Hookies and will immediately attack Trevor.

Hookies GTA 5 parking zone and found item

A dedicated parking area is available at Hookies, serving as a spawn point for the LCC Hexer motorbike. This is attributed to the establishment being a favorite spot for the Lost MC, who commonly ride their bikes to the venue. Furthermore, a baseball bat is concealed behind the shed in the restroom.


Owning Hookies GTA 5 could be a lucrative investment for gamers seeking to expand their virtual property portfolio. While it may require patience to generate profits, with careful management and side mission participation, players can transform Hookies into a profitable business. However, players should be cautious of potential confrontations with the Lost MC and develop a strategic plan to maximize their investment in Hookies.

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