How to Complete the Vault of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök 

Learn how to complete the Vault of Ancients quest in the Dawn of Ragnarök walkthrough.

The Vault of the Ancients is the final part of the Relic Arc in the Gullnámar region of Svartalfheim, as part of the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

At this point in the quest, you’ve freed both Fritjof and Einar, retrieved the Sunstone from Onarthorp, and charged it at the Hvergelmir Mylna. The last leg of this saga will take you to the old city in Uldar to open the Vault of the Ancients.

In this article, you’ll learn how to complete the final quest of the Relic Arc, the Vault of the Ancients.

The Old City of Uldar

After you complete the Scholar and the Sunstone, your next objective will take you to the Old City in the great mines of Uldar. The city itself is in the east of Gullnámar. The easiest way to reach the Old City is to Fast Travel to the Uldar Viewpoint and the entrance is by the haybale you eagle dive into.

First, you need to find Fritjof and Tyra deep within the Old City. As you enter the cavern and cross the bridge, you’ll need to head to the left. This area is heavily guarded so you’re going to need to fight your way through past the well and toward the light beam puzzle.

After dealing with the guards in the area, head down the slope and go past the vault door to the stairs on the right side of the area, as you look at the vault door. Go up the stairs and then turn back on yourself. As you get closer to the end of the path, you’ll start to hear Fritjof and Tyra speaking.

They’re waiting for you in an alcove to your right, just out of sight behind a house. Speak to them to continue the quest.

Opening the Vault

The next step takes you back to where you came from, to the vault door. You need to place the Sunstone onto the pedestal in front of the door. It’ll be marked by an objective marker like in the image below.

Once the Sunstone is on the pedestal, you’ll need to point the light beams on either of its sides to activate the door’s mechanism.

Climb up to each one and interact with the light beam projector to aim it at the Sunstone below.

When both beams are aimed at the Sunstone, it will trigger a cutscene, which will end with a horde of Muspel soldiers chasing Einar toward the vault. Kill them all to continue your quest and trigger another cutscene.

The cutscene shows you finally entering the great vault of Uldar to find your old friend Ivaldi inside. He was captured and imprisoned by Suttr’s half-Jotun son, Glod. Unfortunately, there isn’t any good loot to be had in the vault, only a fair amount of Silver scattered throughout the area.

As you begin to escort the Dwarves out of the Old City, Sunmara will attack you again, while the Dwarves will continue their escape leaving you to fend her off.

She will fight just as she did the previous time you encountered her, so don’t worry about any new surprises she might have, and just as before, reducing her health to 50% will force her to retreat for now.

The Grenhellir Shelter

After defeating Sunmara again, you need to go back to where you began the Relic Arc, the Grenhellir Shelter. Fast Travel back to the shelter, you have to find and speak to Ivaldi. He’ll be straight ahead of you from the shelter’s entrance.

You should make sure your rations are full and your Hugr is charged for what comes next. The Power of Muspelheim can also be very useful for the following part.

Speaking to your old friend will trigger another cutscene, where you and Ivaldi go sit by a campfire outside of the shelter until Glod ambushes you.

As Glod charges at you, he’ll transform into a lynx made from magma. This can be a fairly tricky boss fight to navigate because of the fire damage and beast melee-style attacks. Perfectly timing your dodges is a great way to chip away at his health without taking fire damage from attacks.

Once his health drops to a certain amount, Glod will begin to manipulate the lava around you, significantly reducing the safe area of the battlefield. He’ll follow this up by darting in a circle around you before unleashing a powerful swiping attack.

Defeating Glod will conclude the Relic Arc and end with a cutscene of Ivaldi telling Havi of a very powerful weapon Suttr has been building, one that you could potentially steal.

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