How to Find All of the Wealth of Gullnámar in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Find out where all the wealth in Gullnámar is hiding right here.

If you’re looking to complete the region of Gullnámar in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Dawn of Ragnarok expansion, then you’re going to need all 26 pieces of Wealth hidden within the region.

The Wealth pieces appear on your map as gold dots before revealing the type of Wealth it is as you get closer. You’ll encounter pieces of Wealth as you explore and synchronise the Viewpoints throughout Gullnámar. The region has four different types of Wealth to be collected: Platinum Ingots, Gear, Books of Knowledge, and Silica. 

Platinum Ingots are in abundance in Gullnámar. The material is used to upgrade your gear and weapons to the new Divine Tier, allowing them to become even stronger.

There are three parts of the Fire Giant Armour Set scattered across Gullnámar and you can also find the Legacy of Ivaldi, a Mythical Hammer that will stagger enemies in an area after successfully using the special attack.

Three new abilities can be gained from the Books of Knowledge in Gullnámar.

Raid the three Silica Mylnas in the region to acquire Silica and visit the Blacksmith for powerful upgrades to the Hugr-Rip.

Gullnámar Wealth

In this article, you’ll find out exactly where and how to find all 26 pieces of Wealth in the Gullnámar region of Svatalfheim.

Platinum Ingots

There are 11 Platinum Ingots to locate in Gullnámar.

Platinum Ingot 1 Fornama Dig Site I

The first Platinum Ingot on our list is in the Fornama Dig Site. The dig site can be found by heading directly west of the Viewpoint surrounded by four giant Dwarven statues.

This Platinum Ingot is behind a couple of destructible walls in the northern area of the dig site and can be located with the help of Odin’s Sight. You can see the first destructible wall in the floor from the north ridge of the dig site.

Once you’re inside, hop down from the ledge and the next destructible wall is directly in front of you. There’s an oil jar you can use to destroy it on the right-hand side of the door.

The Platinum Ingot chest is at the back of the room, and there is also a Cosmetic Scheme on the table to the right of the hole in the wall you just made.

Platinum Ingot 2 Fornama Dig Site II

In the Fornama Dig Site, in the same area where you found the first Platinum Ingot, you’ll find the second Ingot.

It’s in a small underground tunnel on the west side of the dig site. To reach it from above, you have to destroy a destructible section of the floor and jump down, but be careful as lava runs through the tunnel. 

Platinum Ingot 3 Uldar I

On the eastern bank of the Vindkleif River in East Gullnámar is the city of Uldar, in which there are three Platinum Ingots to find. The first is on the west side of the city, inside a locked house on your right as you enter the city from the bridge.

There are a few guards here as well as a Muspel Alarm. Shoot the red target on the alarm when aiming to prevent enemy reinforcements coming. The key to the house is held by a Muspel giant; kill him and unlock the front door to reach the chest inside.

Platinum Ingot 4 Uldar II

In the northern part of the city, there’s another Platinum ingot to be claimed. This time it’s held by an Ash-Bringer roaming the area around the Smelting Foundry entrance.

Platinum Ingot 5 Uldar III

Near where you just found the fourth Ingot, in the north-eastern part of Uldar, is the last Platinum Ingot in the city. It’s on the same side of the city as the Smelting Foundry. Continue past the foundry’s entrance and you’ll find the house in the vicinity of a Muspel Alarm and a few guards.

Deal with the guards and enter the house, and you’ll find the Ingot chest tucked away on the second floor on the south-facing side of the building.

Platinum Ingot 6 

To the east of the Hvergelmir Mylna and southwest of the Grenhellir Shelter, on the south bank of the Vindkleif River, there’s a small Muspel outpost.

The area the Muspels have taken is surrounded by large Dwarven Statues, and there are only a few guards in the outpost to take care of. 

Use Odin’s Sight to find the chest sitting behind a breakable wooden barrier against the rockface on the south side of the outpost.

Platinum Ingot 7 Skidgardr

At the southernmost Viewpoint in Gullnámar, there’s a village called Skidgardr where you can find a Platinum Ingot and the Fire Giant Armour. 

Travel to the village’s Viewpoint, look down the hill to the east, and you should see a tree platform on your left near the bottom of the zip wire. 

The Platinum Ingot is on the platform, but you can only get there by using the Power of the Raven. If you haven’t got the power equipped don’t worry, as there’s a Raven nearby. Use your Raven to find it and acquire the power, then fly to the platform to claim your Ingot and a key to the Fire Giant Armour Chest.

Platinum Ingot 8 Carpe Diem

In Southern Gullnámar, to the east of the Sudr Mylna and west of the Onarthorp village, there’s a house situated by the road. There’s both a Mystery and a Platinum Ingot to claim here.

At the rear of the house is a Dwarven lady called Liv grieving her dead husband. You’ll need the Instant Horde upgrade for the Power of Rebirth to complete this mystery, an upgrade which costs 5 Silica and 20 Living Spark at the Blacksmith.

Use the Power of Rebirth to revive the dead Dwarf, Bo, and wait for the power to run out. You’ll need to revive him three times in total to uncover the truth behind this mystery. There’s a Yggdrasil Shrine by the road on the south-east side of the house to replenish your Hugr.

Once you’ve revived Bo three times, Liv will walk away and stand near the house. Talk to her to get the key to the house to complete the Mystery and claim your Platinum Ingot.

Platinum Ingot 9 Onarthorp

This Ingot is in the village of Onarthorp, which is in the south of Gullnámar. It’s to the east of the Carpe Diem Mystery that you complete for the eighth Ingot.

On the north side of the village is a house with the Ingot Chest inside; use your Odin’s Sight to find the exact house. On the side of the house facing the tree is a breakable wooden barrier blocking the window.

Inside the house, two hordes of rats will attack you. One of the drains you can trap them with is under the window you just came through, and the other is on the right-hand side of the door under a wooden box. 

Break the box covering the drain and attack the rats until they escape into the drains, then move both wooden objects over the drains.

The Platinum Ingot chest is behind a wooden barrier in the side room. Break the barrier and claim your prize.

Platinum Ingot 10 & 11 Hreidmar Palace

In the south of Gullnámar, sat atop a mountain, you’ll find the Hreidmar Palace. This palace has two Platinum Ingots, a Book of Knowledge, the Legacy of Ivaldi Mythical Hammer, and a Heroic Saga to collect.

The highest level of the palace is heavily guarded and this is where you’ll find the two Platinum Ingots, carried by two of the elite Muspel guards. Kill the guards and take your prizes.

Gear and Weapons

There are 4 weapons and gear to collect in Gullnámar.

Fire Giant Helmet

To the south-west of the Jordber Shelter is a bridge with a Muspel outpost on the south bank. Here you can find the Fire Giant Helmet, and the chest is on the left-hand side of the outpost as you approach from the bridge.

In the flow of lava running through the outpost is a metal cage, the chest is inside the cage, but the entrance is blocked by a large moveable stone. 

Use the Power of Muspelheim to safely traverse the lava and move the stone out of the way to get to your chest.

Fire Giant Bracers

The next item in the Fire Giant Armour Set is in the eastern city of Uldar. The chest is in the north-eastern part of the city, on the higher plateau from the melting Foundry.

The entrance to the area where the chest is situated is in the same area you can find the fifth Platinum Ingot. You want to head down the large archway in the image above. Keep to the left to avoid the lava and save your Hugr, as you’ll need it shortly.

Once you reach the end of the corridor, you need to cross the lava to reach the right-hand side of the cavern. You can climb the stairs on the left and use the hanging brazier to reach the platform on the other side. 

Follow the path to the left and you’ll see it leads to lava flowing through a crack in the wall. If you don’t have any Hugr then use the Yggdrasil Shrine against the wall to replenish some.

Use the Power of Muspelheim to cross the lava and squeeze through the cracks in the walls. Go through the doorway on your left, then follow the solid path to your right, towards the Hugr Blooms in front of you.

At the Hugr Blooms you’ll need to follow the stairs up to your left. At the top of the stairs you should see a destructible wall on your left, which you can blow up by shooting the oil jar in front of it. 

Go through the hole in the wall you made then follow the mine cart tracks to the second room and on your right-hand side, you’ll see the chest holding the Fire Giant Bracers.

Fire Giant Armour

At the southernmost Viewpoint in Gullnámar, there’s a village called Skidgardr where you can find a Platinum Ingot and the Fire Giant Armour. 

Travel to the village’s Viewpoint and use Odin’s Sight to look down at the centre of the area covered in lava. There, you’ll see a key, and, further down the hill to the east, there is another one on a tree platform to your left near the bottom of the zip wire.

To get the first key either run through the lava like a maniac or drop from the zipline mid-flight to avoid the lava and get the first key. The next key and Platinum Ingot are on the tree platform, in front to your left, but you can only get there by using the Power of the Raven.

If you haven’t got the power equipped don’t worry as there’s a Raven nearby. Use your own Raven to find it and acquire the power, then fly to the platform to claim your Ingot and the second key to the Fire Giant Armour Chest.

At the base of the hill, to the east of the Viewpoint is the entrance to a mineshaft, and this is where you’ll find the chest containing the Fire Giant Armour piece. 

The Legacy of Ivaldi

Go to Hreidmar Palace in Southern Gullnámar. The palace sits atop a tall mountain, the Mythical Hammer, and the Legacy of Ivaldi is at the top waiting to be claimed.

Start ascending the mountain at the path under the bridge and make your way to the top. You’ll reach an area with a few guards; clear them out and head up the stairs on the other side to the way you came. 

The next area has a large lava pool flowing into a corridor. The key you need to open the chest is down this corridor, and using the Power of Muspelheim will avoid any damage from the lava as you collect the key.

Now to make your way to the chest. You’ll find it on the highest level of the palace on the south side and is surrounded by enemies, so enjoy yourselves as you clear them out of the way.

Books of Knowledge

There are 3 Book of Knowledge to locate in Gullnámar.

Book of Knowledge 1 Uldar I

The first Book of Knowledge is in Southern Uldar, where you can also find a Cosmetic Scheme and Mystery. You need to go to the highest level on the southside of the city and go to the doorway on the left as you look at the rockface.

This area has a few guards patrolling so be prepared to fight. The doorway you need to go through is on the left-hand side of the lava flowing through the area.

Once inside you’ll see a light beam projector in the middle of a lava pool. To unlock the doors in the room, aim the light beam projector at the second object above the lower door on the side you came in, as pictured below. Using the Power of Muspelheim is highly advised as you have to stand in lava to operate the light beam projector.

Now the door to the Book of Knowledge will be open, use Odin’s Sight to find which room it’s in, which will be on the upper level to the left of the door you first entered from. You can now use the Rage Axe ability to dominate your opponents with a flurry of axe strikes.

Book of Knowledge 2 Uldar II 

In the Old City of Uldar, you’ll find the second Book of Knowledge on this list. The puzzle you need to complete is on an upper level of the city. After crossing the bridge, look up to your left and you’ll see a light beam puzzle behind a crane.

Once you reach the light beam puzzle, point the projector on the symbol above the door to open it. Inside the room is another projector with a missing piece, which you can find from outside the room in the fire to the left of the working projector.

Place the missing piece onto the projector and leave the room again. Point the working projector at the one you fixed inside the room, which will cause the door to close.

Look above the closed doorway and you’ll see a window you can fit through. Climb back into the room and you’ll see the projector has opened the door with the Book of Knowledge inside. This book will give you the Knockback Arrow ability, allowing you to shoot a lightning arrow that stuns enemies around the target and strikes them with chain lightning.

Book of Knowledge 3 

Another light beam puzzle stands between you and the last Book of Knowledge in Gullnámar, which you’ll find at Hreidmar Palace in Southern Gullnámar. As you’re ascending the mountain go over the bridge to the area on the other peak.

To solve the puzzle, you’ll need to go to the projector closest to the main palace and point it onto the reflector in front of it. Next, you need to destroy the wooden boxes on either side of the reflector, preventing it from redirecting the light beams.

Having destroyed the wooden boxes and allowed the light to travel, you then need to find the missing orb from one of the projectors. It will be in a wooden box at the foot of the reflector that had the wooden boxes blocking the light beams. 

Once you’ve found the orb and placed it onto the projector nearest the door you need to open, point the projector at the symbol above the door to complete the puzzle. The Book of Knowledge will give you the ability Explosive Retreat, allowing you to jump backwards and cause a lightning strike to deal damage to everything in range.

Silica Mylna

There are 3 Silica Mylna to locate in Gullnámar.

Stífla Mylna

The first Silica Mylna you discover is the Stífla Mylna, which is situated south of the Jordber Shelter on the east bank of the Vindkleif River.

There are two Silica Deposits to raid at this Mylna and they sit side by side. The first one is directly in front of you as you reach the top of the slope, while the second is in the house further to the left of the first.

Hvergelmir Mylna

In the west of the Gullnámar region is the Hvergelmir Mylna, on the river to the west of the Grenhellir Shelter. 

As you enter the Mylna from the river, you’ll find the first Silica Deposit straight in front of you under a tiled building.

The next Silica Deposit is over the bridge to the right of the first deposit. To get inside of the building you have to interact with the chain on the right-hand side of the door.

From the second deposit, follow the path up the hill to the left of the building and in front of you should be the final Silica Deposit.

Sudra Mylna

Deep in Southern Gullnámar is the third and final Mylna. The Sudra Mylna is located on the western bank of the river, just before it reaches the sea.

Enter the area from the water and climb the stairs; you’ll see the first Silica Deposit on your left under an open-air structure.

Keep following the path up from the first deposit and at the top of the next set of stairs is the second Silica Deposit under the same sort of structure as the first.

Again, following the main path up through the area, you’ll come to a clearing with a lava pool and a Silica Deposit underneath a large archway.

And with that your quest for all 26 pieces of Wealth in the Gullnámar region comes to an end. You’re now a third of the way to completing this region of Svartalfheim.

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