How to Find Fritjof in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarök

Find out how to complete the Finding Fritjof quest right here.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s latest expansion, the Dawn of Ragnarök, there lies an entirely new realm to explore, set in the Dwarven world of Svartalfheim.

The Dawn of Ragnarök is packed with new gear, weapons, abilities, and of course quests. In this article, you’ll find a walkthrough for the first part of the Relic Arc, Finding Fritjof.  

Grenhellir Shelter

To start with, you’ll have to find the quest before venturing out to complete this saga. You’ll begin your journey at the Grenhellir Shelter in central Gullnámar. Inside the shelter is a Dwarf named Gunborg who glows green like an objective marker when you use Odin’s Sight. Talking to her will trigger a cutscene and the start of the Finding Fritjof quest.

Gunborg tells you of a miner, Fritjof, who’s gone missing while in Uldar. She then sends you to the city of Uldar in search of the missing Dwarf, starting your quest.

While in the shelter, if you look to the left of the Blacksmith, you should see a path leading down into the mountain. Following it will lead you to a quick exit from the hideout.

Move the stone back from the wall and exit the shelter. The exit is on the eastern side of the mountain and brings you to the city of Uldar’s doorstep, where your first objective can be found.


Across the Vindkleif River in front of you is Uldar, the city is situated in the east of Gullnámar. You’re looking for the Jeweller’s District on the southern side of Uldar, which can be found on the right side of the city as you enter from the bridge.

In the city, you can also find Cosmetic Schemes, Uncut Gemstones, a Heroic Saga, a Mythical Memory, Platinum Ingots, the Fire Giant Bracers, and a Book of Knowledge, so be sure to loot up.

The clues tell you to find the tallest house in the well-guarded Jeweller’s District. Use your Raven to scout the area and find it. You can see what it looks like in the image above.

Once you’ve reached the house, go to the southern side and climb up the ledge level with the second floor. The ledge has a pool of lava and a hay cart on it. You can access the house’s second floor from here.

Having just entered the house, use Odin’s Sight to reveal multiple clues scattered around the room. There are two on the floor in front of you, one on the table to your left and the other near the stairs underneath a box.

Once you’ve investigated all of the clues in the room, go upstairs and destroy the boxes to your left, then move the barrier away from the wall to reveal a hidden back room with another clue.

The clue points you in the direction of the Smelting Foundry on the northern side of Uldar.

Go to the Smelting Foundry in the north of the city, head into the foundry and follow the path to your left. You’ll reach a room with a few guards and captured Dwarves.

Get rid of the guards, then talk to each of the Dwarves, neither of them will be Fritjof, sending you deeper into the foundry. Go through the doorway leading further into the foundry and follow the right path to get to the jail cells. You can break the locks of the cells to free all of the Dwarves or go straight to the last room on the left to find Tyra yelling Fritjof’s name.

You can’t understand anything Tyra says, but she understands Fritjof’s name, so you decide to escort her out of the foundry. Go back the way you came but keep going straight, toward the door, instead of back to where you killed the guards.

Go through the door and kill the guard inside, then go up the stairs to reach the next room filled with guards. You can either use the Power of Muspelheim to sneak past the guards or fight your way through them and head outside.

Fornama Dig Site

Follow Tyra as she runs down the hill to the water. Here, she’ll take you over the river in a boat. On the other side of the river, there’s a Muspel patrol conveniently walking past. Kill them and continue to follow Tyra, and she’ll lead you up the road to where it forks.

She seems a bit lost at this point, and you must investigate two clues nearby, one on the floor directly in front of you and the second is a sign on your left. Be careful in this area as one of Summara’s Chosen roam these hills.

Once you’ve interacted with the sign, Tyra will remember the way and take you down the path on the left. Wolves will attack you on the way, take care of them and keep following Tyra to the Fornama Dig Site, where Fritjof is held captive.

Tyra takes you to the ledge overlooking the heavily-guarded Fornama Dig Site. Using your Raven, you can see the large metal cage holding Fritjof near the center of the area; you’ll need a key to free him though.

On the southwest side of the dig site is a small underground passage with lava running through it, below a destructible floor. You can see the part of the floor you need to destroy in the image above.

Use Odin’s Sight to see the key highlighted, blow up the floor and enter the passage. The key will be on the floor in front of you. There’s also a Platinum Ingot behind the key. Now you’ve got the key, go to the cage and unlock it to free Fritjof.

He’s been injured and cannot walk, forcing you to carry him to safety. The objective marker points you to the south of the dig site, where you can use the Power of Muspelheim to escape unnoticed or kill the guards. We carried him out of the northwest gate, avoiding all the guards, and summoned our mount to ride to the objective.

You’ll meet Tyra at the objective. Place Fritjof down in front of her to trigger the cutscene and complete the first part of the Relic Arc. Next, you’ll be headed for the Hreidmar Palace in the Scholar and the Sunstone quest.

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