Master the Art of How to Point in GTA 5

Rockstar knows that GTA 5 players love dirty humor, and their emotes definitely reflect that.

How to point in GTA 5? Learn how to emote in GTA V

There are many things that you can do in GTA 5. Pointing your finger is one of the most meme-worthy things you can do as an ’emote’ in the game. If you are playing GTA 5 Online without a mic, you can use emotes to communicate with your fellow players.

Rockstar Games decided to create emotes for a heightened level of engagement, but how do you use them? How do you point at something? What’s the benefit of using this particular emote? Here’s the lowdown, my fellow GTA’ers.

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How to Point in GTA 5

Learning how to point in GTA 5 is relatively simple. You can do it whether you are on a PC or a gaming console. Here’s how to point in GTA 5 Online.

Pointing in GTA 5 on a PC

Whether you are pointing as a literal means of communicating with your crew members or are just trying to make a hilarious meme to share with your friends, pointing in GTA 5 can be fun. And it’s simple!

Those playing GTA 5 Online from their PC just need to press B to point at something or someone since this is the default keybind. If you want to change this keybind in the game, just go to settings and select another key that feels more comfortable for you to use for pointing.

Pointing in GTA 5 on PlayStation or Xbox

For those of you who are wanting to learn how to point in GTA 5 Online from their Xbox or PlayStation, you need to repeatedly press the R3 button on your joystick. In other words, you are going to have to press down on the right joystick many times in order to perform the pointing function.

Other Emotes For GTA 5

There are other emotes that you can use. Here’s a rundown of all the emotes you can use in the game:

Original Release

In Original release, you get the likes of The Bird (flipping the middle finger), Crew Action, Salute, and – ahem – Jerk. You can guess as to what the last one means.

Valentine’s Day Massacre Special

Blow Kiss is the only emote in this release. It’s kind of sweet by GTA standards.

The Business Update

Air Thrusting, Slow Cap, Knuckle Crunch, and Dock are included with this update.

The High Life Update

The High Life includes Facepalm and Jazz Hands. There’s also one called Nose Pick.

I’m Not a Hipster Update

Air Guitar and Shush are packed into this update.


No Way, Chin Brush, and Chicken Taunt come in this one.

Halloween Surprise

Thumbs in Ears and Freakout come in Halloween Surprise.

Lowriders: Custom Classics

This update includes Peace and Finger Kiss.

After Hours

After Hours gives you Banging Tunes, Oh Snap, and Uncle Disco, among others.

Arena War

Make It Rain (warning: costs $1,000) and Drink Champagne will make you look fancy.

The Diamond Casino & Resort

Karate Chop and Stinker are a few emotes included in this one.

The Diamond Casino Heist

Air Drums and Respect come in this update.

The Cayo Perico Heist

Suck It and Take Selfie should make you giggle.

Try some of these emotes and see just how meme-able they truly are–even send them into our editorial team here at OutsiderGaming if you’d like to see them published!

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Rockstar knows that GTA 5 players love dirty humor, and their emotes definitely reflect that. Now, go flip someone the bird – in the game, of course, not in real life.

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