How to Take Cover in GTA 5

This is why having a high stealth stat comes in handy.

How to Take Cover in GTA 5? Complete Guide

Learning how to take cover in GTA 5 is something that will make your experience with the game much more fun and enjoyable. Not only will it help your gameplay to feel more fluid but you’ll also die less. This is especially true in GTA Online where other players will be gunning for you on a regular basis. With that in mind, let’s quickly go over how this works, why taking cover is important, and another bonus that it gives you that you might not know about.

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How to Take Cover in GTA 5

Taking cover in GTA 5 is simple. Step one is moving towards an object that you can take cover against. This is usually a wall but can also be objects like a car, dumpster, or barricade. Once you’re close enough to an object that you can take cover against, just press Q on PC, R1 on Playstation, and Right Bumper on Xbox. This will cause your character to move into position and take cover behind the object. To move out of cover, simply press the button again. Also, make sure that you’ve lined up your character with the object you want to cover behind, otherwise, they may take cover behind another nearby object that you didn’t intend.

Why Taking Cover is Important

Now that you know how to take cover in GTA 5, it is important to know why you should be doing it. The first reason is pretty straightforward: it helps you to avoid being shot. Going into cover and then popping out to fire a few rounds before ducking back is a great strategy that will keep you alive in many situations. Another reason you should be using the cover mechanic is that it can help you move about more stealthy. This is very important on missions in which you don’t want to be caught by NPCs or if you’re tailing other players to set up a kill in GTA Online.

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Improve Your Stealth Stat

Another reason you want to know how to take cover in GTA 5 is that it helps you to improve your stealth stat. This will reduce the amount of sound your character makes while moving. This is important because the stealth mechanics in GTA V take into account not only an NPC’s sight range but also their hearing as well. Even if you’re not in their line of sight, you can still get caught if they hear you. This is why having a high stealth stat comes in handy.

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