Killing Floor 2: Complete Controls Guide for PC and Tips for Beginners 

Here are the complete controls with tips for Killing Floor 2.

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter video game now available for free in the Epic Games Store until  July 14. It is the sequel to Killing Floor from 2009. It can be played alone or in a squad of up to six players. The gameplay in Killing Floor 2 consists of fighting several waves of monsters called Zeds. Cash earned during a wave is used to purchase weapons and armor from a training pod after defeating the hordes. A final boss is randomly selected at the start of the last wave.

Below are the controls and beginner tips for Killing Floor 2. An Xbox controller can be connected for those who prefer to use a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.

All Killing Floor 2 PC controls

  • Forward:
  • Backward:
  • Left:
  • Right:
  • Jump: Space 
  • Crouch: Left Ctrl 
  • Sprint: L-Shift 
  • Use:
  • Attack and Fire: Left Mouse Button 
  • Iron Sights (Toggle): Right Mouse Button 
  • Throw Grenade:
  • Alt. Fire and Block: Middle Mouse Button 
  • Toggle Flashlight:
  • Reload:
  • Quick Heal:
  • Melee Bash:
  • Next Weapon: Mouse Wheel Up 
  • Previous Weapon: Mouse Wheel Down 
  • Primary Weapon: 1  
  • Secondary Weapon: 2  
  • Melee Weapon:
  • Equipment:

All Killing Floor 2 Xbox controller controls

  • Iron Sights: LT (hold) 
  • Throw Grenade: Left Button 
  • Movement Control:
  • Crouch and Sprint: LS 
  • Fire: RT 
  • Alt. Fire and Block: RB 
  • Weapon Select (Hold):
  • Reload:
  • Use and Quick Weld (Hold):
  • Jump:
  • Equip Healer: D-Pad Up 
  • Voice Comms and Emotes: D-Pad Left 
  • Throw Dosh: D-Pad Right 
  • Toggle Flashlight: D-Pad Down 
  • Look Control:
  • Melee Bash: RS 
  • Show scoreboard: Window Button 
  • Toggle In-Game Menu:  Menu Button 

Note that the left and right sticks are denoted as L and R, respectively. Pressing either is marked as LS and RS. 

Killing Floor 2 tips for beginners

These tips are geared toward beginners to Killing Floor 2.

1. Avoid being trapped in a corner

The enemies in Killing Floor 2 come in waves from various directions. Some of the enemies can be taken out with a couple of shots or melee attacks, but the stronger monsters require you to shoot while running away. Be aware of your surroundings and do your best to prevent running into a dead end. You will not phase through the enemies and the chances of dying in those situations are very high.  

2. Don’t wait to quick heal

Killing Floor 2 allows you to heal yourself during a battle with a syringe. Quick-heal has a cool-down time between uses and gradually distributes health over three seconds. If you are being attacked while healing and your health level is below 50, you may waste the syringe or be killed by powerful enemies while attempting to heal. Ensure you won’t be attacked while healing.

3. Use spacing when playing with a squad

Playing with squads in Killing Floor 2 can be really helpful against the hordes of enemies thrown at you. In Solo mode, you will take damage from every direction, and having a teammate to watch your back prevents a lot of that. The downside is that you and your squad can be lost in the mess of enemies. Try to spot groups of weaker enemies away from the crowd and take them out, which will help you from getting stuck in a crowd and also helps your squad with crowd control.  

4. Use melee during early waves

Cash does not come easily in Killing Floor 2. There are usually seven waves in a match and the enemies become stronger as you progress through the waves. During the early waves, you should save as much money as you can until you can buy stronger weapons. Using Melee early on will be sufficient until around the third or fourth wave so that you can fully prepare yourself against the tougher hordes and the boss fight at the end. Whenever possible, preserve your money through the fourth wave and then spend in preparation of the fifth through seventh waves.

5. Aim for the head

Killing Floor 2, like most shooters, rewards headshots on enemies. The weaker enemies for the most part will go down pretty fast regardless of where you hit them, but aim high against the stronger enemies. You may take damage while aiming, but killing a tough monster quickly with headshots will give you the best chance to preserve your health.  

There you have the complete control guide and beginner tips for Killing Floor 2. No match is the same and your playing style, perks, and weapon choice will influence how you play the game. Refer back to this article while progressing through the game to sharpen your skills.  

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