‘KissGate’ Scandal Threatens Spain’s 2030 World Cup Bid and Football Credibility

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KissGate Scandal Stadium

The terrible ‘KissGate’ incident involving President of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales has delivered major damage to Spain’s bid to host the 2030 Men’s World Cup. The country’s reputation and chances of qualifying for the World Cup have both been damaged by this incident–known as the “kissgate scandal”.

Spain’s World Cup Aspirations in Jeopardy

Spain is a footballing superpower with a rich history, but it has been 41 years since it hosted the World Cup. The country has a first-rate transport system and several world-class stadiums, including the Santiago Bernabeu, the Civitas Metropolitana, San Mames, and the soon-to-be-completed Camp Nou. Their goals, however, are in jeopardy because of the latest scandal surrounding Rubiales.

During the trophy presentation ceremony following Spain’s 1-0 victory over England in the World Cup final, Luis Rubiales was seen on camera making inappropriate physical contact with Spain international Jenni Hermoso. Both of Rubiales’s actions—a crotch-grabbing gesture and a kiss on Hermoso’s lips—were widely criticised as inappropriate and abusive of power.

When asked to apologise, Rubiales played down the event, saying, “If I have offended anyone, then I have no alternative but to apologise.” This kind of vague statement simply made people more upset.

Sports Minister’s Concerns for Spanish Football


When asked about the scandal’s potential effect on Spain’s candidature for the 2030 World Cup, Sports Minister Victor Francos said, “A fortnight ago, we were in a better position for the 2030 World Cup than we are now.” What we’ve seen recently in Spanish sports and football is not representative of the real thing. Also, beginning on January 1, 2024, Francos has announced improvements to Spanish football that will increase gender diversity within sports federations.

However, the Spanish government’s dependence on the judicial procedure slowed their capacity to take rapid action against Rubiales. The Spanish Football Federation had to deal with the situation after FIFA suspended Rubiales and forbade him from contacting or pressuring Hermoso.

The Federation’s reaction was panned because of how slowly it demanded Rubiales’ resignation. Many of its members are economically dependent on the Federation President, making it difficult for them to take a stand against him. When the Federation finally demanded Rubiales’ resignation more than a week after the initial incident, they said his “unacceptable behaviour” had done “grave harm to the image of Spanish football.”

A Mother’s Hunger Strike for Justice

Los Angeles Bejar, Luis Rubiales’s mother, went on a hunger strike to protest her son’s treatment after the ‘KissGate’ controversy. A panic attack, swelling in her feet, and extreme exhaustion were the results of her protest. After three days of fasting, she was sent to the hospital due to worries for her health.

The ‘KissGate’ scandal continues to overshadow Spanish football, damaging the reputation of the country’s footballing elite and threatening Spain’s bid to host the 2030 World Cup. Spain’s international football reputation is in jeopardy after FIFA suspended Rubiales and mounting clamour called on him to resign.

The Real-World Scandal Reflected in FIFA Video Games

In addition to reverberating across the real-life football community, the ‘KissGate’ controversy involving Luis Rubiales has reached the virtual world of FIFA video games, drawing attention to the problem of toxic behaviour in the gaming community. Some players’ actions in FIFA reflect the worst stereotypes about the real-life sport, demonstrating how real-world scandals may spread into virtual spaces.

An alarming increase in toxic behaviour, from insulting language and abusive remarks to unsportsmanlike conduct during online matches, has been observed in the FIFA gaming community in recent years. While the vast majority of FIFA players act responsibly when playing, a noisy minority spoils the fun for everyone.

EA’s Measures to Tackle Toxicity

The company behind the FIFA video game franchise, Electronic Arts (EA), has taken action to fix the problem. To combat toxic behaviour and encourage a more welcoming gaming community, they have developed reporting systems, moderating procedures, and code of conduct rules. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, players should report any incidents of harassment, hate speech, or unsportsmanlike conduct they encounter.


FIFA team entering the stadium

The ‘KissGate’ controversy is a sobering reminder that real-world football culture may have an impact on the values and norms represented in FIFA video games. It highlights the significance of creating a safe and welcoming environment for gamers to indulge in their favourite pastime without fear of harassment or abuse. Hopefully with the upcoming FC24, EA will take a strong stance against toxic gamers and ensure a safe environment where everyone can focus on what matters….the gameplay. Fans of FIFA should consider the ideals they uphold both on and off the virtual pitch as they anticipate the 2030 World Cup bid and work to improve the future of Spanish football.

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