Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Arizona Cardinals Theme Team

Get the most out of your Arizona Cardinals team chemistries with this MUT guide.

An essential part of Madden 22 Ultimate Team is arranging the best lineup, and there isn’t a better way to do it than by building a theme team comprised only of players from one franchise.

The Arizona Cardinals benefit greatly from their theme team, having legendary players like Antrel Rolle and Matt Leinart receive speed, strength, and acceleration bonuses – making them unstoppable.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to embark on trying to make a MUT Cardinals theme team.

Cardinals MUT roster and coin prices

PositionNameOverallProgramXbox PricePlayStation PricePC Price
QBMatt Leinart90Power Up + Campus Heroes157,600157,800172,800
QBKyler Murray81Power Up + Core Elite25,60025,60023,300
HBDavid Johnson88Power Up + Flashbacks88,05084,50083,900
HBJames Conner79Core Gold2,6002,7003,500
HBChase Edmonds76Core Gold2,2002,1003,200
FBJames Conner68Core Gold2,6002,7003,500
WRDeAndre Hopkins88Power Up + Core Elite93,50080,15081,100
WRChristian Kirk82Power Up + Superstars14,45012,40016,200
WRA.J. Green77Core Gold2,2002,2003,500
WRRondale Moore71Core Rookie1,3001,5001,850
WRAndy Isabella71Core Gold1,1501,3001,250
TEMaxx Williams77Superstars3,3003,5504,400
TEDarrell Daniels68Core Silver1,1007002,100
LTD.J. Humphries78Core Gold3,7003,4854,900
LTJosh Jones69Core Silver799600700
LGJustin Pugh78Core Gold3,6003,3004,100
LGMax Garcia68Core Silver7506501,300
CRodney Hudson86Power Up + Core Elite39,50041,70042,100
CLamont Gaillard72Core Gold1,6001,4001,600
RGLeonard Davis91Legends LTD419,000455,000404,000
RGBrian Winters76Core Gold2,2002,1003,700
RTKelvin Beachum Jr.85Power Up + Team Builders42,90040,10047,100
RTJustin Murray69Core Silver900900900
LEJ.J. Watt87Power Up + Core Elite57,25062,05060,450
LEZach Allen73Core Gold1,2001,3001,300
DTCalais Campbell84Power Up + Core Elite18,85019,70019,400
DTZach Allen67Core Gold1,2001,3001,300
DTRashard Lawrence66Core Silver950600600
DTJordan Phillips66Core Gold1,4001,2002,300
REChandler Jones85Power Up + Core Elite51,30054,45031,500
REJordan Phillips71Core Gold1,4001,2002,300
LOLBDevon Kennard85Power Up + Team Builders39,20039,50040,425
LOLBDennis Gardeck75Core Gold2,3002,3003,200
MLBZaven Collins76Ultimate Kickoff2,2002,0002,400
MLBJordan Hicks76Core Gold2,1002,4003,000
MLBDennis Gardeck72Core Gold1,4001,2002,300
MLBTanner Vallejo70Core Gold1,1001,2001,100
ROLBMarkus Golden79Core Gold3,0003,0003,900
ROLBDennis Gardeck73Core Gold1,4001,2002,300
CBAntrel Rolle90Power Up + Campus Heroes186,900169,900210,400
CBMalcolm Butler89Power Up + Ultimate Kickoff108,600109,90095,850
CBTyrann Mathieu87Power Up + Core Elite56,10061,10063,400
CBByron Murphy Jr.78Core Gold2,5002,3003,600
CBRobert Alford72Core Gold1,3001,3002,000
FSD.J. Swearinger89Power Up + Vets110,000108,700104,300
FSJalen Thompson74Core Gold1,3001,3001,400
SSBudda Baker90Power Up + Superstars184,900187,800172,100
SSIsaiah Simmons76Core Gold4,2004,1004,600
PAndy Lee78Core Gold2,8003,1005,600
KMatt Prater81Core Elite18,90024,40019,900

Why make a MUT theme team?

Theme teams are lineups exclusively made out of former and current players from one single NFL franchise, which enables the players to receive a theme team chemistry boost.

There are certain tiers that give out these bonuses depending on the number of players that belong to the same franchise in the lineup. These are the tiers and their boosts:

  • Tier 1: +1 STR (Requires 5 Players)
  • Tier 2: +1 JMP (Requires 10 Players)
  • Tier 3: +1 AGI (Requires 15 Players)
  • Tier 4: +1 ACC (Requires 20 Players)
  • Tier 5: +1 SPD (Requires 25 Players)
  • Tier 6: +1 STR (Requires 30 Players)
  • Tier 7: +1 JMP (Requires 35 Players)
  • Tier 8: +1 AGI (Requires 40 Players)
  • Tier 9: +1 ACC (Requires 45 Players)
  • Tier 10: +1 SPD (Requires 50 Players)

Stats and costs of a Cardinals MUT theme team

Drawn from the roster table, here’s what you can expect in terms of team ratings and coin costs to build a MUT team in the theme of the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Total Cost: 1,774,349 (Xbox), 1,794,935 (PlayStation), 1,771,925 (PC)
  • Overall: 85
  • Offense: 85
  • Defense: 85

As you add more players to your team, you’ll also benefit from the tier perks listed atop the page.

This article will be updated as new players and programs roll out. Feel free to come back and get all of the information on the best Arizona Cardinals theme team in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team are a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.

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