Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Best Budget Players

Get the most out of your coins with these top budget players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team is a game mode where you can build a lineup made out of your favorite NFL players (past and present) and play online against other teams. These player cards can be obtained by buying packs in the MUT store, winning challenges, or buying the card directly from the MUT auction house. 

Building your favorite team can be an exhausting and even expensive experience with popular cards like Devin White, Myles Garrett, and Darren Waller costing over 850,000 coins in the auction house.

Source: MUT.GG

The truth is elite players are needed to win games online especially on the competitive scene and Weekend League. A good way to get around it is to find budget players that are often overlooked but can perform at the same level as the more expensive popular cards.

Without further ado, here we present the Top 10 Budget Players in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

10. Michael Strahan (89 OVR) – LE


Xbox Price: 124,000
PlayStation Price: 129,000
PC Price: 109,000

This card is amazing for its value. It might be a bit on the expensive side but the 89 OVR Michael Strahan is the best block shed player in the entire game! Even when compared to the 92 OVR Myles Garrett, Strahan still has a better block shed rating allowing him to create immediate pressure from his position for a fraction of the price and without the need of a Power Up.

9. Taysom Hill (81 OVR) – QB


Xbox Price: 1,300 (Power Up) + 10,000
PlayStation Price: 1,200 (Power Up) + 9,900
PC Price: 4,000 (Power Up) + 9,900

If you just downloaded the game and didn’t buy any welcome packs, Taysom Hill is the budget player for you. You can get the Power Up card and upgrade it for under 14,000 coins. The 81 OVR Taysom Hill is a dynamic player, with his 87 speed rating, one of the highest among quarterbacks, the playbook opens up allowing you to get quickly out of the pocket and run.

8. Matt Breida (75 OVR) – HB


Xbox Price: 2,600
PlayStation Price: 2,200
PC Price: 3,700

The 75 OVR Matt Breida is a fantastic budget running back despite his low overall. This player is very quick with an 87 speed rating, making it the best value card on this list. You can get him under 4,000 coins at the auction house and quickly improve your run game with a speedy HB. 

7. Jaire Alexander (88 OVR) – CB


Xbox Price: 3,700 (Power Up) + 69,000
PlayStation Price: 5,500 (Power Up) + 68,100
PC Price: 8,700 (Power Up) + 68,100

Jaire Alexander makes a surprising appearance on this list taking into account his overall rating. Alexander is a great budget option as a fully powered up 88 OVR corner. He can be acquired under 80,000 coins and he has an 87 speed rating and a whopping 89 man coverage rating, making him a perfect budget option for CB1 on your team.

6. O.J. Howard (85 OVR) – TE


Xbox Price: 3,000 (Power Up) + 35,400
PlayStation Price: 2,300 (Power Up) + 40,100
PC Price: 5,000 (Power Up) + 33,900

O.J. Howard has become a highly requested player in the Madden 22 competitive scene as Throne and TDBarrett have him on their team as a key piece of their offense. This speedy tight end has an 86 speed rating and 89 acceleration making him deadly in the deep and short passing game. The best part is you can get him for under 50,000 coins! This is a fantastic deal as Howard will probably be an elite tight end in MUT for the rest of the year.

5. Minkah Fitzpatrick (88 OVR) – FS


Xbox Price: 2,300 (Power Up) + 56,000
PlayStation Price: 2,000 (Power Up) + 64,400
PC Price: 3,100 (Power Up) + 59,600

Minkah Fitzpatrick has quickly become one of the best safeties in the NFL. In Madden 22 Ultimate Team you can acquire his fully powered up 88 overall card for less than 70,000! He is a fast player with an 89 speed rating and a fantastic 88 zone coverage. This is a great budget safety to lead your defense.

4. Raheem Mostert (82 OVR) – HB


Xbox Price: 8,400 (Power Up) + 13,400
PlayStation Price: 16,100 (Power Up) + 13,600
PC Price: 13,900 (Power Up) + 13,400

Raheem Mostert is one of the most versatile cards in MUT as he has played for many teams and gets a lot of team chemistries. That said, the 82 OVR Raheem Mostert is a wonderful budget solution for the running back spot. He is a speedy HB ready to set the edge with a whopping 89 speed rating. This is a must-have in all lineups even if it’s at HB2.

3. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (85 OVR) – LOLB


Xbox Price: 4,900 (Power Up) + 30,400
PlayStation Price: 3,800 (Power Up) + 31,600
PC Price: 3,000 (Power Up) + 30,400

This is the best OLB in the entire game and you can get him for less than 36,000! The 85 OVR Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah has a 90 speed rating and can seal the edge like no other player. This makes him a versatile pick as he not only can be used to QB contain and QB spy but as a speedy user controlled linebacker. 

2. Justin Fields (85 OVR) – QB


Xbox Price: 4,200 (Power Up) + 40,000
PlayStation Price: 3,500 (Power Up) + 22,900
PC Price: 5,100 (Power Up) + 28,200

Justin Fields gets an amazing card with the Team Builders promo. The rookie is a fantastic and talented player that can run and pass the ball with great skill. This is reflected on his 85 overall card with incredible stats. With 88 speed and 89 throw power, Fields is one of the best cards in the game for less than 50,000. This is a must if you are looking for a cheap QB to lead your offense.

1. DeSean Jackson (85 OVR) – WR


Xbox Price: 4,900 (Power Up) + 40,000
PlayStation Price: 3,800 (Power Up) + 36,600
PC Price: 3,000 (Power Up) + 39,000

DeSean “Action” Jackson is a veteran that continues to impress the NFL with his talents. As a journeyman, Jackson gets plenty of team chemistries and fits perfectly among the best theme teams. The 85 OVR DeSean Jackson impresses with his speed at a 90, this is just one rating lower than the best receiver in the game right now, Jerry Rice. This is the best budget player available as it costs less than 50,000 to acquire one of the fastest receivers in the game and beat those deep zones.

Hopefully, this has helped you acquire great players for your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup without breaking the bank. Good luck.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.





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