Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Raiders Theme Team

Get the most out of your Raiders team chemistries with this MUT guide.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Raiders Theme Team complete player guide

Madden 22 Ultimate Team provides the opportunity to build a team out of past and present players in the NFL, with a theme team being a MUT team comprised of players from a single franchise.

The Las Vegas Raiders, as a historical franchise, benefit handsomely from this setup, boasting the highest overall rating of the theme team builds possible right now. With incredible players like Jerry Rice, Darren Waller, and Warren Sapp receiving chemistry boosts, this theme team is the best MUT build available.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to embark on trying to make a MUT Raiders theme team.

Raiders MUT theme team roster and coin prices

PositionNameOverallProgramXbox PricePlayStation PricePC Price
QBMatt Leinart90Power Up + Campus Heroes157,600157,800172,800
QBDerek Carr79Core Gold5,3004,2004,500
HBJosh Jacobs84Power Up + Core Elite21,30020,00020,200
HBKenyan Drake78Core Gold4,1006,9003,500
HBJalen Richard73Core Gold2,9003,5005,100
FBKeith Smith85Power Up + Team Builders58,70059,10043,800
WRJerry Rice92Power Up + Legends503,600520,500561,900
WRDavid Moore89Power Up + Ultimate Kickoff108,700115,400106,500
WRRandy Moss85M22 Reward
WRAmari Cooper85Power Up + Core Elite27,50026,50027,400
WRJohn Brown78Core Gold3,5002,3003,900
TEDarren Waller92Power Up + LTD863,600965,200809,000
TEFoster Moreau70Core Gold18,4009,8001,900
LTKolton Miller83Power Up + Superstars15,70021,30022,600
LTBrandon Parker69Core Silver3,9003,0002,900
LGRichie Incognito87Power Up + Superstars60,30065,70056,100
LGGabe Jackson85Power Up + Team Builders39,60042,80041,800
CRodney Hudson86Power Up + Core Elite39,50041,70042,100
CNick Martin85Power Up + Team Builders35,80037,00041,000
RGNick Martin85Power Up + Team Builders35,80037,00041,000
RGDenzelle Good75Core Gold10,70010,6004,200
RTTrent Brown84Power Up + Core Elite20,00022,60024,400
RTAlex Leatherwood76Ultimate Kickoff2,1002,0002,400
LEMaxx Crosby83Power Up + Superstars17,00016,00015,800
LECarl Nassib73Core Gold2,2002,8001,600
DTWarren Sapp91Power Up + Legends243,400240,000257,700
DTMaurice Hurst85Power Up + Team Builders38,20039,70041,800
DTJohnathan Hankins77Core Gold5,8004,5004,500
DTSolomon Thomas73Core Gold4,9002,3002,000
REYannick Ngakoue85Power Up + Team Builders38,10039,10034,300
REDavid Irving88Power Up + Flashbacks63,60072,50065,700
LOLBKhalil Mack88Power Up + Core Elite76,500101,60086,000
LOLBNicholas Morrow75Core Gold6,9005,5003,000
MLBRaekwon McMillan83Power Up + Ultimate Kickoff40,50042,10029,200
MLBCory Littleton81Power Up + Superstars14,10015,20015,100
MLBNick Kwiatkoski78Core Gold20,90016,8004,000
MLBNicholas Morrow73Core Gold6,9005,5003,000
ROLBDavid Irving88Power Up + Flashbacks63,60072,50065,700
ROLBTanner Muse67Core Silver8,0002,1002,300
CBMike Haynes92Power Up + Legends442,300468,400504,500
CBPhillip Buchanon90Power Up + Campus Heroes142,200154,000162,300
CBCasey Hayward89Power Up + Ultimate Kickoff106,600102,40088,500
CBCharles Woodson85M22 Reward
CBTrayvon Mullen78Core Gold2,7004,5002,900
FSD.J. Swearinger89Power Up + Vets110,000108,700104,300
FSTrevon Moehrig86Rookie Premiere178,000191,000325,000
SSDivine Deablo90Power up + Rising Stars160,000163,400165,600
SSReggie Nelson90Power Up + Campus Heroes137,500139,400139,900
PA.J. Cole III77Core Gold29,80019,6004,500
KDaniel Carlson77Core Gold13,30014,9009,000

Why make a MUT theme team?

MUT 22 rewards theme teams with various bonuses, depending on the number of players from a given franchise that you have in your lineup.

On top of the fun that comes with gradually building a lineup of a franchise’s past and present greats, a big additional bonus is the chemistry improvements. Adding more players from a single franchise boosts players’ stats, making theme teams a good option for competitive play.

Chemistry boosts are given based on the number of players that you have in your MUT theme team. These are the tiers available and the stat bonuses that each player receives:

  • Tier 1: +1 STR (Requires 5 Players)
  • Tier 2: +1 JMP (Requires 10 Players)
  • Tier 3: +1 AGI (Requires 15 Players)
  • Tier 4: +1 ACC (Requires 20 Players)
  • Tier 5: +1 SPD (Requires 25 Players)
  • Tier 6: +1 STR (Requires 30 Players)
  • Tier 7: +1 JMP (Requires 35 Players)
  • Tier 8: +1 AGI (Requires 40 Players)
  • Tier 9: +1 ACC (Requires 45 Players)
  • Tier 10: +1 SPD (Requires 50 Players)

Stats and costs of a Raiders MUT theme team

If you decide to build a Raiders theme team in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, you’ll have to save up your coins as these are the costs and stats provided by the roster table above:

  • Total Cost: 4,011,600 (Xbox), 4,219,400 (PlayStation), 4,177,200 (PC)
  • Overall: 88
  • Offense: 88
  • Defense: 88

By adding more players, you’ll receive the greater stats bonuses mentioned above.

This article will be updated with future Madden Ultimate Team additions. Feel free to come back and get all of the information on the best Las Vegas Raiders theme team in MUT 22.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.





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