Madden 23: Best Offensive Line Abilities

Learn how to use the best OL abilities to improve your offense in Madden 23.

A poor offensive line is almost impossible to overcome in Madden 23. The quarterback will never have enough time to throw downfield and running backs will have to constantly fight just to get to the line of scrimmage. Madden 23 provides abilities to improve an offensive lineman’s skill set and shore up any weaknesses you may have on the line. It becomes very key to be informed on the best O line abilities stack up in Madden 23.

Below, you will find abilities for offensive linemen in NFL Madden 23. Each ability will feature an associated player to give you players to target in Franchise Mode and Ultimate Team.

5. Screen Protector

Zack Martin as seen in Madden 23 - Best O Line Abilities

Screen passes are great plays to run when you can’t seem to get your running or passing game going. Teams with aggressive pass rushes give you little to no time to allow a play to develop, which leaves them vulnerable to quick, short passes. A few successful screen passes will give you a little breathing room to throw the ball downfield. 

Offensive linemen with the Screen Protector ability will consistently win impact blocks on screen plays. Impact blocks take place in the open field, which makes guards and centers the best positions to assign this ability because they can form a wall downfield for the running back to run through.

4. Post Up

Trent Willams as seen in FIFA 23 - Best O Line Abilities

Some defensive linemen are extremely talented and as big as offensive linemen. One blocker isn’t going to be enough to block a player like Aaron Donald or Nick Bosa. If a player is dominating one-on-one, the proper adjustment is to double-team them. 

Linemen with the Post Up ability dominate when engaged in double-team blocks. This ability is great for any offensive lineman since double teams are used against run stoppers as well as pass rushers. Assign it to at least one interior and one outside lineman if possible. 

3. Puller Elite

Quenton Nelson as seen in Madden 23 - Best O Line Abilities

Outside runs usually require a guard from the non-play side to block a play-side defensive lineman. Typically, this will occur on a counter or sweep when more time is needed for the play to develop. Offensive tackles are usually too far away to use as pulling blockers and have the responsibility of blocking the outside edge instead.

Puller Elite significantly increases the effectiveness of pull blocks. Dominating the outside edge will open up the middle of the field for passes as well as runs up the middle. This ability is best assigned to a guard. 

2. All Day

Tyron Smith as seen in Madden 23

At the snap of the ball, both sides of the line start battling for position. An offensive lineman’s job is to prevent the defender from reaching the backfield. The more time a quarterback has to find an open receiver or for the running back to find an open hole, the better for your offense. 

The All Day ability grants better protection against frequent shed attempts. Defensive players are relentless and will not stop after the first attempt to break through the line. This ability will give you more time to make the right play or for a gap to open up for your running back. 

1. Edge Protector

David Bakhtiari as seen in Madden 23

The best weapon against a dominant pass rusher is a dominant pass protector. There are a lot of great pass rushers in the league these days, and your opponents will likely assign Edge Threat to them to attempt to gain an advantage on your outside pass protection. 

Edge Protector grants stronger protection against elite edge rushers. This is a perfect counter to any pass rushers equipped with edge threat and will make you well-equipped to face players like Von Miller and T.J. Watt.

Now you have five Madden abilities to assign to your offensive lineman that will improve your run and pass protection. Offensive linemen have similar jobs, but they also have some unique responsibilities depending on their position. Keep the specific roles of each position in mind when choosing the abilities to assign. 





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