Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Buffalo Bills Theme Team

Get the most out of your Buffalo Bills team chemistries with this MUT guide.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team is a mode where you can build a team from all your favorite players and compete as they face against other teams for Super Bowl glory. This means that team building is a massive aspect of this mode as you attempt to make theme teams desirable.

A theme team is an MUT team comprised of players from the same NFL franchise. Theme teams get rewards in the form of chemistry boosts, improving the stats of all players in the team.

The Buffalo Bills are a historical franchise with plenty of top tier athletes that make this theme team unstoppable. Some of the most significant players are Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, and Reggie Bush. These players’ stats improve even further with the theme team chemistry boosts, making this theme team one of the best in the game.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to endeavour to make a MUT Buffalo Bills theme team.

Buffalo Bills MUT roster and coin prices

Position Name OVR Program Price – Xbox Price – PlayStation Price – PC
QB Jim Kelly 94 Legends 300K 310K 443K
QB Mitchell Trubisky 93 Power Up 2.1K 1.5K 3.0K
QB Josh Allen 92 Power Up 26K 17.9K 10.9K
HB Willis McGahee 94 Power Up 2.1K 2.2K 3.9K
HB Reggie Bush 92 Power Up 2.4K 3K 3.8K
HB Thurman Thomas 91 Power Up 1.9K 1.1K 2.1K
HB Marshawn Lynch 90 Most Feared 80.5K 78.6K 137K
FB Reggie Gilliam 75 Superstars 1.4K 1.2K 1.8K
WR Stefon Diggs 94 Power Up 1.5K 2.1K 2.1K
WR Emmanuel Sanders 93 Power Up 4.1K 5.8K 15K
WR Robert Woods 93 Power Up 1.1K 2.8K 2.4K
WR Cole Beasley 93 Power Up 1.9K 2.1K 2K
WR Ahmad Rashād 91 Power Up 1.5K 1.6K 2.6K
WR Sammy Watkins 89 Power Up 1.5K 1.9K 2.7K
TE Dawson Knox 89 Power Up 1.2K 800 2.2K
TE Tyler Kroft 89 Power Up 1.5K 1.1K 3.9K
TE Logan Thomas 86 Power Up 1.4K 2.7K 3.3K
TE Jacob Hollister 79 Ultimate Kickoff 950 1K 1.8K
LT Jason Peters 89 Power Up 11.0K 15.6K 17.6K
LT Dion Dawkins 79 Core Gold 1.6K 950 2.8K
LT Tommy Doyle 66 Core Rookie 500 800 875
LG Richie Incognito 87 Power Up 4.5K 3.5K 5.9K
LG Cody Ford 73 Core Gold 650 650 1.5K
LG Forrest Lamp 72 Core Gold 650 600 875
C Mitch Morse 83 Power Up 900 800 23.9K
C Jordan Devey 68 Core Silver 1.0K 750 4.5M
RG Quinton Spain 89 Power Up 2.3K 2K 4.0K
RG Wyatt Teller 85 Power Up 1.6K 1.5K 7.3K
RG Jon Feliciano 77 Core Gold 1.1K 1.1K 3.5K
RT Daryl Williams 84 Power Up 1K 950 5.6K
RT Bobby Hart 69 Core Silver 800 600 9.2M
RT Spencer Brown 66 Core Rookie 600 900 1.1K
LE Bruce Smith 95 Power Up 25.6K 28K 29.4K
LE Gregory Rousseau 91 Power Up 1.6K 1.1K 3.1K
LE Shaq Lawson 85 Power Up 800 650 3.5K
LE A.J. Epenesa 85 Power Up 550 650 1.9K
DT Vernon Butler Jr. 94 Power Up 3K 2.8K 9K
DT Ed Oliver 77 Core Gold 1.1K 1.1K 1.6K
DT Star Lotulelei 72 Core Gold 700 700 850
DT Harrison Phillips 71 Core Gold 600 600 1.2K
DT Carlos Basham Jr. 69 Core Rookie 824 650 1.3K
RE Jerry Hughes 86 Power Up 850 650 3K
RE Efe Obada 78 Most Feared 1.2K 1.2K 1.4K
RE Mario Addison 75 Core Gold 750 1K 1.8K
RE Mike Love 66 Core Silver 525 475 9.4M
LOLB A.J. Klein 84 Power Up 1.8K 1.3K 5.1K
LOLB Marquel Lee 69 Core Silver 1.3K 500 8.9M
LOLB Andre Smith 66 Core Silver 500 650 1.6M
MLB Tremaine Edmunds 91 Harvest Unknown Unknown Unknown
MLB Tyrell Adams 70 Core Gold 850 700 1.5K
MLB Tyler Matakevich 68 Core Silver 1.7K 1.1K 6.2M
ROLB Matt Milano 88 Power Up 1.1K 900 5.1K
ROLB Tyrel Dodson 65 Core Silver 950 925 6.2M
CB Stephon Gilmore 92 Power Up 1.6K 1.5K 5K
CB Tre’Davious White 91 Power Up 1.1K 1.9K 3.4K
CB Levi Wallace 89 Power Up 900 950 3.9K
CB Taron Johnson 76 Core Gold 1.1K 1.1K 800
CB Siran Neal 68 Core Silver 650 550 1.8M
CB Dane Jackson 66 Core Silver 600 500 6.3M
FS Micah Hyde 90 Power Up 1.3K 1.5K 3.1K
FS Damar Hamlin 66 Core Rookie 500 625 950
FS Jaquan Johnson 66 Core Silver 700 550 9.9M
SS Jordan Poyer 91 Power Up 2.2K 1.5K 3K
K Tyler Bass 78 Core Gold 2K 1.2K 4.5K
P Matt Haack 78 Core Gold 1.4K 1.1K 2.2K

Top Buffalo Bills players in MUT

1. Jim Kelly

Legendary QB Jim Kelly makes his appearance in MUT22. Kelly is an all-time Bill QB who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2002 and is a five-time Pro Bowler.

Kelly received his card in Madden Ultimate Team 22 through the Legends promo. He is, in fact, an NFL legend, having more than 35,000 passing yards and 237 touchdowns, and we are all glad Madden is gibing props to this NFL great.

2. Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith is another NFL Hall of Famer who improves the Buffalo Bills theme team’s pass rush. He was drafted first overall in the 1985 NFL Draft.

The DE managed to achieve a total of 200 career sacks and over 400 solo tackles. He was clearly the most dominant defensive end of his time and a consistent leader, playing for a total of 19 years. Madden honored his legacy with a card in the Bo Knows promo to buff the Bills theme team.

3. Stefon Diggs

Stefon Diggs is one of the most talented route runners of today’s NFL. He was selected in the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings.

He had an amazing breakout year with the Buffalo Bills in 2020 with 1535 receiving yards and eight TDs, and Madden Ultimate Team released his card in the limited-edition promo.

4. Willis McGahee

Willis McGahee was a running back in the NFL from 2004-2013, who was selected in the first round of the 2003 NFL Draft.

As a true elusive running back, McGahee rushed for 8474 yards and 65 touchdowns. His card arrived on MUT22 through the Team of the Week promo to remember his stat line in week 9 of the 2011 season, when he rushed for 163 yards and two TDs.

5. Robert Woods

Robert “Bobby Trees” Woods is an incredible WR in the NFL. He was selected in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills with his speed, route running, and hands a major reason for his early selection.

Woods has seen plenty of success in the NFL achieving over 7000 receiving yards and 35 TDs. His talents were recognized this year in MUT through a card in the limited-edition promo.

Stats and costs of a Buffalo Bills MUT theme team

If you decide to build a Madden 22 Ultimate Team Bills theme team, you’ll have to save up your coins as these are the cost and stats provided by the roster table above:

  • Total Cost: 4,870,400 (Xbox), 5,102,100 (PlayStation), 5,004,200 (PC)
  • Overall: 91
  • Offense: 90
  • Defense: 91

This article will be updated as new players and programs roll out. Feel free to come back and get all of the information on the best Buffalo Bills theme team in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.

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