Madden 22 Ultimate Team Explained: Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Master all of the features in MUT with this handy beginner’s guide.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has arrived, and it seems to be the main focus of the EA team. In this game mode, you build your own team by getting player cards, with the aim of the gameplay being to compete against other players online.

If you’re a beginner, MUT may seem a little daunting and complex. So here, we’re going through all of the key aspects of Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

MUT Lineups Explained

One of the first things that you want to check in MUT is your Lineup. Here, you can select a player for every position on offense, defense, and special teams, as well as your coach, playbooks, and uniforms. It is here that you can also assign superstar abilities and activate X-Factors.

Tip: Adding players from the same team will give your players a chemistry bonus and will improve their stats. Here’s an example of what building one of these theme teams entails.

Madden Ultimate Team Item Binder Explained

The Item Binder is where you can check your entire player card collection. Here, you can upgrade with training points or sell the cards for coins. You can also easily filter by type, quality, team, cap value, program, and chemistry.

New players from challenges and packs will end up in the Item Binder once you unlock them, so make sure that you check it out often so that you can upgrade your team.

Madden Ultimate Team Modes Explained

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has plenty of different playing styles and modes for you to compete in to earn coins and other rewards.

  • Challenges: Take on different challenges – either solo or with a friend – to earn rewards such as training, coins, or player cards.
  • Solo Battles: Battle CPU teams to earn rewards and get on the leaderboard. Performing at a high level in Solo Battles grants you access to the Weekend League.
  • H2H Season: Play random opponents online 1v1. The goal is to win enough games to make it to the Super Bowl.
  • MUT Champions Weekend League: This is where the best of the best battle it out every weekend for a spot on the leaderboard and a chance to get into the competitive scene.
  • Squads: Play a single game with friends against other online squads.
  • Draft: This mode requires a coin payment. Here you get a number of rounds to select players and form a new team to play in a head-to-head season.

Madden Ultimate Team Missions Explained

These are goals and achievements that you can complete by playing the different game modes of MUT. Missions are usually separated by programs. These are themed releases of challenges, missions, and cards that provide rewards.

Tip: Some of the missions and programs are limited and have expiration dates, so keep an eye out for ones that offer rewards that you want.

Madden Ultimate Team Marketplace Explained

Here, you can buy packs with training, coins, or MUT Points. These packs contain playbooks, players, and coaches. It’s a good place to start building your team once you’ve earned some coins by doing challenges.

You can also enter the Auction House and buy single cards posted by other online players, or you can sell your own to earn coins.

Tip: Madden takes 10 percent of each transaction in the Auction House; don’t forget to budget for it!

Madden Ultimate Team Sets Explained

Here, you can exchange your cards and get a reward from each program. These usually involve collecting a large number of cards through challenges in order to trade them for the program leader card. Don’t forget to check these screens as you might be able to exchange cards that you don’t need to earn rewards.

MUT’s Competitive Scene

The Competitive tab is where you can check out the Madden 22 Ultimate Team competitive scene and see the leaderboards and power rankings. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to watch and learn from top-tier Madden 22 players. 

Hopefully, this has helped you to get a better idea of your options in Madden Ultimate Team, getting you ready to take this mode head-on to craft your own lineup.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.

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