Mario Strikers Battle League: Best Team

Here are the best teams you can make in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Mario Strikers is back with Mario Strikers: Battle League. Battle League adds a Strikers Cup, an online mode to play against other Switch gamers. It’s crucial to enter these matches with the best team possible of the ten characters. Even if you don’t play online, having the best possible four-character team will help make your battles against the CPU or friends and family easier (view our breakdown of all the characters).

Below, you will find the best teams in Mario Strikers: Battle League. There are seven different teams – and order of the list – for strongest team, fastest team, best shooting team, best passing team, most technical team, best offensive team, and best defensive team. The first five are ranked based on the associated base attribute in the gear menu while the last two take in a combination of base attribute ratings and makeup of team. The first five teams will have the associated rating – Strength in strongest, for example – listed in parentheses.

1. Strongest team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team Members: Bowser (17), Wario (17), Donkey Kong (16), Waliugi (16)

This team is pure strength with the traditional powerhouses of Mario sports games. The good news is that beyond having the highest Strength ratings in the game, each has at least one other attribute rated high, like Bowser’s Shooting or Donkey Kong’s Passing. The bad news is that other than Waluigi, the other three are the slowest characters of the ten.

The Strength rating means they’ll pretty much tackle any character on the opposing team – granted they can catch up with them first. It also means that on offense, it will be rare for them to suffer a successful tackle.

Still, the slowness of the team may make a pure Strength team a big hit-or-miss option.

2. Fastest team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: : Peach (17), Toad (17), Waluigi (16), Mario (12)

The one rating in the game that has more separation between the characters, Speed affects how quickly your players move about the pitch, including with the ball. After all, the best way to keep possession is to prevent the opposing team from catching up with you.

While this Speed team also has great Technical ratings – meaning they’ll dribble very well with that Speed, too – they sorely lack in Strength and aren’t the best at passing or shooting the ball. Then again, if you can dribble around the defenders and catch the goalie off-guard with a nice pass, you may not need high ratings in those areas to defeat your opponents.

3. Best shooting team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Bowser (17), Rosalina (17), Yoshi (17), Wario (15)

This is the team in Battle League that is filled with players whose sole purpose is the main aspect of the sport: score goals. Bowser isn’t just the strongest character in the game, but he’s tied for the best shooter in the game as well with Yoshi and Rosalina. Wario, another from the Strength list, rounds out the four.

Luckily, unlike the previous two teams, this team isn’t as flawed. Rosalina can shoot as well as play defense with a high Strength rating (14). Yoshi is the best passer in the game and Bowser and Wario are the two strongest characters in the game. That makes this team lacking in only one area: Technique.

4. Best passing team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Yoshi (17), Donkey Kong (16), Toad (15), Luigi (14)

This is the team that plays the beautiful game with fluid passing and maintaining possession. As previously mentioned, Yoshi is the best passer in the game. Strength team representative Donkey Kong is back as the second-best passer. Toad and Luigi round out the four.

Each character is able to cover one other area for the team. Donkey Kong’s Strength makes him an ideal defensive midfielder. Luigi’s Passing and Technique make him a good center midfielder. Toad’s Speed and Passing make him a good attacking midfielder. Yoshi’s Shooting makes him well suited for an attacking wing or striker.

However, overall, the team lacks in Strength and Speed, so work those passes to keep away from defenders.

5. Most technical team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Luigi (17), Mario (16), Peach (15), Waluigi (14)

Technique affects the accuracy bar of Hyper Strikes as well as the dribbling ability of characters. That means that this team has the best dribblers and most accurate Hyper Strikes. Luigi’s technical prowess is unmatched and with his 14 in Passing, he may be the best combo of dribbler and passer. Peach’s Speed rating means she can dribble fast while keeping the ball close to her and maintaining possession, and the same for Waluigi and Mario to lesser degrees.

While technically sound, this team lacks in two main areas: Strength and Shooting. Again, if you can dribble and make chances that way, then the lack of Shooting isn’t as much of a problem. With this team, that shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Best offensive team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Yoshi, Luigi, Waluigi, Rosalina

This team looked at the ratings of Shooting, Passing, and Technique as shooting, passing, and dribbling (plus Hyper Strikes) are the offensive aspects of the game. The team of Yoshi (17, 17, 9), Luigi (10, 14, 17), Waluigi (9, 9, 14), and Rosalina (17, 10, 13) should only be thwarted by the best of defensive teams.

Rosalina has great Shooting and made the team based on her high Strength rating (14) to help Waluigi balance out the team. Yoshi, as the best passer and tied for the best shooter in the game, was a lock like Pablo Sanchez in the Backyard Sports games. Waluigi’s Technical expertise and his needed Strength placed him on the team. Luigi’s Passing and Technique made him ideal to be the main possessor of the ball.

This team is lacking in Speed, but the ability to pass and dribble with the best should help mitigate that deficiency a bit.

7. Best defensive team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Waluigi Mario, Peach, Rosalina

This team looked at the ratings of Strength, Speed, and Technique as tackling and defense, quickness, and ability to create turnovers are crucial to defense. Waluigi (15, 16, 14) – who may be the best all-around player after appearing on five teams on this list – returns thanks to his surprising Speed and Strength ratings. Rosalina (14, 9, 13) also returns thanks to her Strength rating as well as being the main shooter of the team. Peach (9, 17, 15) is the speedster fiend on defense, using her top-end Speed rating to not only intercept the ball (avoid tackling with her low Strength), but dribble and maintain possession after with her high Technical rating. Mario (11, 12, 16) is well-rounded with good Speed and Technique.

If there’s one area that this team is lacking, it’s passing as none of the four appear on the best passing team. Still, this team is more about being forming a bulwark and turning that into fierce solo attacks.

8. Best overall (balanced) team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Mario

There are many choices for this, but this team provides an extremely well-balanced team. First, there is Waluigi to pace the offense and defense with 15 Strength, 16 Speed, and 14 Technical (Shooting and Passing are 9). Donkey Kong is slow (9 Speed), but he has great Shooting (13) and Passing (16), also providing another anchor on defense (16 Strength). Mario and Luigi are arguably the two most balanced characters in the game. Mario 11 Strength, 12 Speed, 14 Shooting, 10 Passing, and 16 Technique. Luigi has 11 Strength, 11 Speed, 10 Shooting, 14 Passing, 17 Technique.

The one area that they may struggle with is Speed even though they have two of the fastest characters in the game with Waluigi and Mario. Speed just isn’t as balanced an attribute in terms of distribution, but Mario and Waluigi should help mitigate speedy teams.

9. Worst team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Team members: Toad, Wario, Bowser, Rosalina

Admittedly, there really are no bad configurations of teams in Battle League because of how each character’s ratings are distributed. Still, an argument can be made that Toad, Wario, Bowser, and Rosalina comprise of the worst team. While Bowser has a high Strength and Shooting ratings (17 each), he has a massive tradeoff as Passing is 10 and Speed and Technique are both 9. Toad is fast (17), but run into pretty much any character and he’ll lose the ball with 9 Strength. Toad does have 15 Passing and 11 each in Shooting and Technique. Wario is similar to Bowser with 17 Strength, 15 Shooting, 13 Passing, 9 Speed, and 9 Technique. Rosalina is great at Shooting (17) with good Strength (14) and Technique (13), but is another slow character with 9 Speed and 10 Passing.

This team may be too slow to keep up with other characters and too little technique to maintain possession through dribbling and making their Hyper Strikes more difficult to hit accurately. Keep this in mind if using this taem.

Now you know the best teams in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Do these teams pique your interest, or are you more about customizing your team?

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