Marvel’s Avengers: How to Heal, Get Health, and Recover Willpower Guide

Finding yourself short on health in tough Marvel’s Avengers missions but don’t know how to heal? Here’s everything that you need to know.

Even before Crystal Dynamics have unveiled the release dates of their upcoming, superhero-adding updates, you can still play as several much-loved Marvel characters.

However, with the exception of one or two of the initial superheroes, it isn’t overly clear how you go about regaining health while on a mission.

In Marvel’s Avengers, healing isn’t a part of the controls, but there are a few ways that you can recover health as any superhero in the game.

Here’s everything that you need to know about getting health and regenerating Willpower in the game.

What is Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers?

In Marvel’s Avengers, Willpower refers to the health bar of each superhero. Represented by the white bar at the top of the screen, it will deplete from right to left when the character takes damage.

Only a couple of the superheroes feature abilities or skills that allow you to actively recover their Willpower, so other methods of healing need to be utilised if you’re low on health in the game.

Smash health pods to recover Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers

Whenever you and your Avengers team find yourselves in an area filled with enemies, particularly in enclosed missions where you have to defend a zone or defeat a boss, you’ll almost certainly be able to find some health pods in the area.

As you can see in the image above, the health pods are green with a small hospital cross on the side. All you need to do is smash these with a light attack (Square/X/Left Click), and then pick up the green packs that fall out of the container.

Opening up one of these pods should recover nearly all of your Willpower, and as there are other methods of healing in smaller doses, it’s best to leave the health pods until you’re in need of healing a lot of Willpower.

Pick up health packs to gain Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers

After you defeat an enemy, sometimes they’ll drop little illuminated packs. Each of the different packs recovers different metres for your superhero. The packs that shine an aqua-coloured light recover a small segment of your Willpower bar, healing you in the process.

Perform takedowns to heal and gain Willpower in Marvel’s Avengers

One of the reasons why the Black Widow best build upgrades and Thor best build upgrades have a focus on stun damage is because you can perform takedowns against stunned enemies, which in turn recovers Willpower.

In Marvel’s Avengers, when you stun an enemy, they will kneel for a short period, during which time you can perform a takedown using the takedown button combination of your platform.

The takedown itself deals a tremendous amount of damage, often destroying the lower classes of enemies. During the flashy move, you’ll see your superhero light up with green rings to show that they’ve healed some Willpower.

Using Ms Marvel as a healer in Marvel’s Avengers

Each member of the Avengers have their own strengths and uses within the team, with Ms Marvel being able to be built into the team’s healer.

When selecting the best build upgrades for Kamala Khan, by focussing on her support heroic ability, Healing Spirit, you can quickly craft a superhero who is effective at healing herself and the other Avengers on the mission.

Ms Marvel is the base game’s go-to healer, but the best Hulk build leans towards Bruce Banner’s self-healing ability, Rage. While its primary perks are that it enhances the Hulk’s already powerful attacks, it also recovers Willpower and can increase the superhero’s defensive stats.

So, if you want to get health, heal your superhero, and increase your Willpower while on a mission, look out for the health pods, healing packs, takedown opportunities, or employ Kamala Khan as the team’s healer.

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