MLB The Show 22: Everything You Need to Know About Conquest Maps (How To Play)

Here's everything you need to know about completing Conquest maps in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Everything You Need to Know About Conquest Maps (How To Play) guide

MLB The Show 22, like it’s previous annual editions, has many game modes to play the game of baseball. The main online mode, Diamond Dynasty, has modes within it where you can play against other players – including your friends – or against the CPU. While the rewards for playing online are better than playing the CPU, some may not feel as confident playing other gamers and will instead choose to play CPU modes.

Conquest is one of those online modes against the CPU. It can only be played in Diamond Dynasty, which means it cannot be played offline. Read below for everything you need to know about playing Conquest maps in MLB The Show 22.

What is Conquest in MLB 22 The Show? 

Conquest is a solo game mode in Diamond Dynasty. You acquire fans, reinforce territories with these fans, and conquer territories to complete each map. The max number of fans any single territory can possess is 99 million. Each territory represents a three-inning game against the CPU to steal fans, though you can simulate every territory except strongholds (more below). There are four phases in Conquest mode: Attack, Steal, Reinforce, and Move.   

Conquest is a great mode to collect rewards, XP, and stubs by completing goals. The goals are usually centered around acquiring a certain amount of fans and capturing enemy strongholds. You can even improve your Diamond Dynasty roster as some of the rewards are player cards and card packs. Below is a thorough explanation of how this game mode operates and how to play it.  

Attack Phase

MLB The Show 22 conquest Attack Phase

The first phase of conquest is Attack. The numbers displayed in the hexagons represent fan distribution for that territory per million. If it’s a two that means there are two million fans in that territory. Team strongholds display the team logo instead of a number but you can toggle displaying the fan distribution number by pressing Square for PlayStation and X for Xbox. You can only attack opposing territories directly touching your chosen territory.

The key to conquering occupied territories is to have a fan advantage. You have the option to either simulate the game or enter into a three-inning game. The greater fan advantage your team has provides lower difficulty options for the challenge as well as higher chances of winning simulated games. Avoid simulated games that don’t have a high probability of winning, generally only attacking territories with at least a two or three million fan advantage. Keep in mind that you cannot simulate games against a team stronghold so make sure to reinforce the territory nearest to the stronghold to get as close to playing on rookie difficulty as you can.  

When it comes to strongholds, note that you need a far greater fan advantage to trigger lower difficulties. If you want to play on rookie – the lowest difficulty in Conquest – then you’ll need to have at least four to five times the fan advantage with the territory you’re using to attack. That means if the stronghold has 11 on it, you should look to have at least 56 million fans with the territory that’s attacking (keeping in mind one remains behind so you’ll attack with 55 million). The next phase is a way to leech fans from other teams and add to your advantage.

Don’t forget, the CPU can and will attack you as well! Always keep your main stronghold surrounded with a strong defense. After a certain point, especially if you’re doing well, you won’t need to reinforce your main one anymore as the path to it should be well defended, leaving you more fans to take on the map. However, if your main stronghold is attacked, you may have to play on high difficulties if you don’t have reinforcements!

Steal Fans Phase

MLB The Show 22 conquest Steal Fans Phase

The second phase of Conquest, Steal, involves stealing fans from another team’s stronghold. These games cannot be simulated, but all gameplay difficulties are available to you. The tradeoff is that the number of fans that you can steal increases with the difficulty level. Rookie difficulty rewards a million fans, Veteran two million, All-Star three million, Hall of Fame four million and Legend will reward five million. However, if a stronghold has less than five million, then the number of remaining fans equals the highest difficulty you’ll need to steal all available fans. This means that if they have three million, then you’ll only need to play All-Star to steal all three million.

Unlike the Attack phase, you don’t have to be adjacent to the stronghold territory to steal fans.  You can challenge any team on the map in this phase, but you are not awarded new territory. It’s recommended to target the team whose stronghold you’re approaching or will be attempting to defeat on the next turn.

The Steal phase is about weakening a team’s stronghold for the next phase. If you don’t want to play a three-inning game here you can simply skip this phase. This just allows you to have more control over what’s on the line. However, the Steal phase is a great way to keep playing short games for any of those parallel experience missions you may have for the many programs in The Show 22.

Reinforce Phase

MLB The Show 22 conquest Reinforce Phase

The third phase of Conquest, Reinforce, may be the most important of the four. The amount of fans available to add is based on the size of your empire. You will gain one million fans for every three territories you conquer, including strongholds. Use this phase to add reinforcements in areas that need fans to conquer new territories. If you are near a stronghold, focus as many if not all of the fans to a territory next to the stronghold. Only reinforce territories that are under threat of attack or will be your attackers.

Reinforce is the most strategic of the four phases so be sure to have a reason for where you are sending fans. If you make too many mistakes in this phase you will start losing fans to the other teams. The key is to conquer them before they conquer you. You need all hands on deck once you are back in the attack phase. The frontline is everything.  

To ensure this, have a minimum of one million less fans next to opposing territories. This means that if a different team’s territory has six million fans, you want to have at least five million fans on every one of your territories touching the six million. If you give the CPU a two million fan advantage, they’ll attack. Further, any territories surrounding enemy strongholds should have at least two million fans to minimize the risk of the stronghold retaking territory.

Luckily, at the start of the Reinforce phase, the CPU will already have reinforced their territories so you can better assess where to place your reinforcements. Do not overlook their moves!

Move Fans Phase

MLB The Show 22 conquest Move Fans Phase

The fourth phase, Move, gives you a final opportunity to ramp up the frontlines of your territory before returning to attack mode. In this phase, you can move all but one fan from any single territory to another of your own. However, you can only move territories to contiguous territories, meaning you cannot move fans to isolate territories. The CPU is not a passive enemy by any stretch of the imagination, but that may not require your entire fan base in battle. Move just enough fans to give you an advantage against the threat.  

Move also helps to clean things up on your map from previous turns. Sometimes after the Attack phase, you will be stuck at a dead end, or the stronghold that you defeated can be far from other strongholds. Instead of fighting your way across the map and losing millions of fans to other territories, you can simply move them where they are needed. This way you can attack right away without giving time for them to reinforce.

Later in maps, you can use Move to transport tens of millions of fans to a territory ready to attack a stronghold to really give you that advantage to trigger the lowest difficulty. Ideally, look to move fans to a stronghold that you’ll begin the Attack phase with, then moving to conquer territories across the map you’re playing with the huge fan advantage you should have. This can then set you up to repeat the process on the next turn.

From there, the phases cycle and each new turn begins on the Attack phase.

MLB The Show 22 Conquest Tips for Beginners 

Below are some gameplay tips for those who may be new to Conquest. Just remember that the three-inning format makes for a quick game.

1. Target Team Strongholds in MLB The Show 22 

MLB The Show 22 conquest tip: Target Team Strongholds in MLB The Show 22
Rewards for completing the goals of conquering division strongholds.

Strongholds are the primary territories with the job of reinforcing all territories. Any territories disconnected from them cannot be reinforced. This makes it easier to conquer another team’s territory. Disconnected territories can still attack, but you will not be able to increase the number of fans after severing from the stronghold.  

At the beginning of the attack phase focus on any unoccupied areas that you can snatch up immediately. Conquering three territories awards one million fans. This helps you strengthen your fan distribution which in turn allows you to have more reinforcements to add when you attack the stronghold. The more reinforcements you have before going up against a stronghold increases your chance of unlocking Rookie or Veteran difficulty levels. Avoid playing above Veteran difficulty to protect your fan base.  

2. Complete Goals That Have A Turn Limit First 

MLB The Show 22 conquest tip: Complete Goals That Have A Turn Limit First
Goal 4 had an “on or before X turn” mission.

Some goals in Conquest mode have to be completed before or on a set number of turns. A new turn begins after each Move phase when the Attack phase starts. Cycle through the list of goals and prioritize any that have a requirement to be completed on or before a particular turn.  

These goals usually center around having a certain amount of fans or capturing a selected team’s stronghold. If you exceed the turn limit you have to either retry after you finish the map or choose restart in the options menu. The best way to avoid the frustration of starting from scratch is to rank the goals in terms of turn limit.  

Even though it may go against the best practices of playing Conquest, when you have a “capture X stronghold on or before X turn” mission – and some maps will have multiple missions like this – then prioritize them first by going in as straight a line as possible to the first stronghold, whichever has the earliest turn limit. If you run into occupied territories, it’s recommended to play instead of simulate because of the risk of losing fans. Always steal fans between turns. Even then, you may have to play strongholds with these missions on All-Star or higher, so be prepared.

3. Ensure Low Game Difficulty 

MLB The Show 22 conquest tip: Ensure Low Game Difficulty

Conquest is more about passing and failing rather than being rewarded for difficulty. The intent of the mode is to create lopsided fanbases in a territory to unlock the lowest difficulty in a three-inning CPU game. The Steal phase is the only exception to the rule as the number of fans rewarded is based on gameplay difficulty.  

The best approach is to not play games above Veteran difficulty as well as only choosing simulated games that predict a high simulated win chance. You do not want to lose fans to other strongholds or play the same team over and over again. 

When it comes to playing territory vs. territory games, you may only need five to ten million more fans to play on Rookie. As mentioned above, stronghold takeovers will take a far greater number, and this applies to your stronghold as well! 

4. Use the Move phase to attack multiple regions 

MLB The Show 22 conquest tip: Use the Move phase to attack multiple regions

Some of the maps in Conquest have multiple teams that you are battling against. Depending on how far spread out they are you can focus on one at a time, but you are not always afforded that luxury.  If you have strongholds attacking you from multiple sides, utilize the Move phase to distribute fans in several locations.  

The map is covered with unclaimed territories at the beginning so a good strategy to use is fighting the stronghold territories on one end while also moving enough fans to the edge of unclaimed territories to prevent other teams from claiming them. This will give you more reinforcements and help against a multi-team attack.  

Now you have everything you need to build a strategy in Conquest mode in MLB The Show 22. Create your strategy based on what you are trying to gain whether that is XP to improve your players or rewards to buy new equipment for Road to the Show. Refer back to the tips above as needed. 


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