MLB The Show 22: How To Get XP Fast

Here's your guide to gaining XP quickly in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: How To Get XP Fast

Experience (XP) is a rather enigmatic thing in MLB The Show 22. XP gained goes only toward the online featured program – currently Future of the Franchise – and will cease once you reach a limit cap for a program. Outside of the main program, the other programs and Road to the Show all require program stars to advance. Granted, XP is gained from playing the games to earn those program stars. In a program like Future of the Franchise with a cap of one million experience, gaining XP quickly – and importantly the rewards – is important.

Below, you will find tips to add XP quickly aside from “play games.” However, if you’re more of a casual player or Road to the Show player, you’ll still gain XP at a slower rate.

1. Complete Daily Moments for easy XP in MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 Complete Daily Moments for easy XP

Each morning at 9 am PT, a new Daily Moment is added. These are generally simple player-locked missions, such as hitting a home run with Nolan Arenado for June 18 (pictured). Completing each Daily Moment nets you an easy one thousand experience. Note that each moment lasts for three days, so while you don’t have to do them daily, you do have to do them within three days to not lose the chance at easy experience.

One thousand experience may not seem like much, but that’s either 30 or 31 thousand experience a month during the season just from these simple moments.

2. Complete the featured program moments

MLB The Show 22 Complete the featured program moments

Featured moments will be a tad more challenging than Daily Moments, but they’re still easy enough. The number of moments will differ depending on the main program as will the amount of XP earned. For Future of the Franchise, because there are 30 cards (one for each team), there is one moment for each player available in the program for one thousand experience each. Previous programs had far less moments, but some also rewarded two thousand experience instead of one thousand experience.

Completing all 30 of these will add another 30 thousand experience. Combined, that’s already 60 thousand experience without adding the extra earned from your performance in these moments and games overall.

3. Complete program tasks with program players

MLB The Show 22 Complete program tasks with program players

Some of the rewards you earn for gaining XP won’t be the “boss” cards of a program, but rather other Flashback and Legend cards. There are another 30 of these cards and tasks, all of which you can collect. These tasks are simple: earn parallel experience with the players. You earn parallel experience by playing games with those players in the lineup, rotation, and bullpen.

For pitchers, you’ll need to (usually) earn 500 parallel experience. For hitters, you’ll need to earn 250 or 350 parallel experience, depending on the program. It’s far easier to quickly gain parallel experience with pitchers, so prioritize them and save the hitters for later.

Don’t forget: as you earn parallel experience, you’ll also earn XP for the games you play! It’s a win-win!

4. Complete build missions with parallel experience

MLB The Show 22 Complete build missions with parallel experience

Build Missions are, for the most part, missions that ask you to earn a certain amount of parallel experience with players from teams, a division, and different types of cards (Rookie, Prospect, etc.). For the current program, there are two different Build Missions, both requiring earning parallel experience for all six divisions. The first is to earn five thousand parallel experience with each division. The second is to earn two thousand parallel experience with each division. When completed, you’ll earn an extra two or three thousand experience to the program.

One way to help quickly gain all that parallel experience from the previous two sections is below.

5. Complete Conquest maps and Showdowns

MLB The Show 22 Complete Conquest maps and Showdowns

Conquest is a unique mode where you look to conquer a map of territories with fans. Sounds weird, right? It’s actually fun, and a great way to add a bit of speed to the game. The three-inning games make for quick ways to not only gain the parallel experience needed for the tasks in the previous section, but also to gain XP.

Showdown is a different mode where you draft a team with perks to help your team and then take on different challenges. Successfully completing a challenge will net you rewards like better players or perks for your Showdown team, but if you lose an elimination challenge, you have to start over with a newly drafted team.

Again, aside from the experience you gain from playing in games, target Conquest maps and Showdowns that are a part of the featured program. You’ll know that these are associated with the program because not only are they listed in the program page, but on the Conquest page at least, there will be an expiration date listed. Once that date and time hits, it’s gone.

Target them because when you complete them, you will also add a large chunk of XP to the main program. For example, the pictured Future of the Franchise Central Conquest map added 30 thousand experience points. Generally, these maps and Showdowns will net between 15 and 30 thousand experience when completed. Most programs have two Conquest maps and one Showdown, though the length and theme of the current program saw three Conquest maps with potentially more to come.

6. Complete program-related collections

MLB The Show 22 Complete program-related collections

Each program will have a Collections tab with two or more players or items to collect. These will add around ten to 20 thousand experience. Most of the players and items needed for these collections will take a bit of playing to earn, so you’ll keep earning experience as you seek to unlock these cards.

Currently for the Future of the Franchise program, there are five items to collect: All-Star Lou Gehrig from the Lou Gehrig Day program; Nike City Connect uniforms for both the Rockies and Angels from their associated programs; Lightning Rafael Devers from the May Monthly Awards program; and the Always Intense Icon from the Always Intense program. Add them to the main program collection to unlock the experience.

7. Play games against the CPU on Rookie difficulty

MLB The Show 22 Play games against the CPU on Rookie difficulty
While you’re at it, play games against bad teams like Oakland on Rookie difficulty.

If you’d rather just play games against the CPU, that’s fine! You’ll still earn experience for each game you play though the pace will be significantly slower if not adding the collections or playing for the tasks. Still, to make things easier on your gaming, when playing against the CPU, play on Rookie difficulty when possible. Even better, play against weaker teams like Oakland, Cincinnati, and Baltimore, among others. After all, the better you play, the more experience you’ll earn.

MLB The Show 22 earn experience

Especially when playing the CPU not in Diamond Dynasty and just in exhibition games, max out your sliders for pitching, hitting, and fielding. This should mean that you gain many hits, runs, and home runs on offense, and strikeouts and a lack of hits and runs on defense.

The games may last a while, but they’ll at least be entertaining – for you!

8. Play March to October for accelerated games and program XP boosts

MLB The Show 22 Play March to October for accelerated games and program XP boosts

March to October is an accelerated franchise mode that picks games and moments for you to enter on your way to hopefully winning the World Series. Unlike franchise, trades are initiated by the CPU, but new this year is the option to have a multi-season MtO with a fast-paced free agent signing system.

MLB The Show 22 multi-season MtO with a fast-paced free agent signing system

When you select your team, you’ll be given the option of difficulty for your MtO. It’s advised to play on Beginner up to Rookie for the easiest and quickest paths to earning XP. However, the pictured notice indicates that the amount of XP you’ll gain to the main program is dependent on the MLB difficulty level you select. The higher the difficulty, the more XP you’ll gain at the season and post-season markers.

Still, even on the lowest difficulties, you should expect at least nine or ten thousand experience at each marker, even more if playing on higher difficulties.

Now you know how to gain XP quickly in MLB The Show 22. Remember that you’ll gain XP regardless by just playing, but there are mechanisms for big XP boosts. Follow the tips above to help quickly add XP to the main program.

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