Monster Sanctuary: Best Monsters and Best Teams to Build [2022]

Here’s a look at the best monsters, their best builds, the equipment and food to give them, as well as the top teams to build in Monster Sanctuary.

Monster Sanctuary: Best Monsters and Best Teams to Build [2022]

Monster Sanctuary is stacked with 101 monsters, as of its initial full release, with each monster boasting its own skill trees, at least four equipment slots, and each can receive boosts by eating three food items.

The main feature of the game is team building. Each monster can be built differently, with their limited maximum of 42 skill points making you pick and choose the best skills to enhance them in your set-up.

With the monsters listed by their Monster Journal number, which generally follows when they’re discovered in the game, here are the best monsters and how to build them. The Monster Sanctuary best teams, comprised of the best monsters, are detailed further down the page.

Some of the monsters listed below have had to be fed an Apple (+12 mana), Walnut (+8 defence), and Potato (+60 health) to cut the stats shown by better food given. So, the build image showing their base stats is slightly enhanced. The images show monsters without any equipment.

Choosing the best monsters and teams in Monster Sanctuary

There’s such a good range of strong monsters that influence battles in different ways that there are loads that you could consider to be among the best monsters. When combined to complement skills and abilities, there’s an ocean of effective team builds, too.

Everyone prefers different monsters, tactics, and team builds, so this page of the best Monster Sanctuary monsters and the best teams for Monster Sanctuary aims to offer a spread of options. It also includes monsters from across the game’s playthrough, so that even newcomers can build a top team for Monster Sanctuary – but it doesn’t include any of the Spectral Familiars.

After going through the best monsters on Monster Sanctuary, try to mix-and-match some with complementary skillsets, or tweak the best teams in Monster Sanctuary with your preferred monsters to alter the style.

1. Catzerker, Dark-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Monster Sanctuary Catzerker, Dark-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Resistance: Wind
Weakness: Earth
Elements: Fire, Wind, Neutral
Build Speciality: Physical Damage, Critical Hits, and Applying Bleed

Suitable Unique Items: Katana, Fin, Omni Ring, Thermal Reactor
Location: Mountain Path (Common)

Catzerker is one of the earliest monsters that you’ll meet, with its heavy physical attacks with critical damage build serving well for much of the Monster Sanctuary adventure.

As its moves Claws, Fireclaws, and Long Slash deal additional damage or apply bleed stacks when a critical hit lands, you’ll want to enhance Catzerker’s critical damage, critical chance, and attack values to make it as potent as possible.

You don’t need to worry about supporting teammates when Catzerker is on the field: it’s only task is to attack. While not terrible, the monster’s health and defence are rather weak, so it’s a good idea to pair the Beast Warrior with monsters who heal or shield effectively, as well as those that apply Glory and Might buffs.

As for equipment, you’re going to want to lean into boosting Catzerker’s mana regeneration, critical chance, and attack rating. Of the non-unique equipment, combining the Katar with a Crit Ring, Cape, and Feather works well. As for food, feeding to increase damage, critical damage, and health would be wise.

2. Steam Golem, Light-Shifted (Construct)

Monster Sanctuary Steam Golem, Light-Shifted (Construct)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Wind
Elements: Fire, Earth, Neutral
Build Speciality: Shielding and Damage Reduction

Suitable Unique Items: Hexing Rod, Brooch, Shield Generator, Medallion
Location: Mountain Path (Champion), Mystical Workshop (Lower Levels)

Steam Golem is one of the first Champion monsters that you’ll encounter in Monster Sanctuary, and getting it in your party will provide you with a solid shield generator, especially in a Construct team.

With moves and abilities like Preparation, Cleanse, Pre-emptive Shield, Buffing Shield, and Shield, Steam Golem is the complete package of regular active and passive shielding, buffing, and buff removal from enemies.

While Steam Golem’s attacks Earthquake and Fiery Punches are decent, as is the monster’s base physical attack rating, its focus has to be in a support role. Once all teammate shield bars are topped up, though, it can attack and remove buffs.

To make the most of the Steam Golem’s passive effects, you’ll want to top up its attack and defence, as well as give its mana regen or mana a boost. Non-unique equipment like a Morning Star, Helmet, Tome, and Bracelet can offer increases to these key areas. For additional gains via feeding, two lots of defence food and one of mana should suffice.

3. Frosty, Light-Shifted (Aerial Nature Spirit)

Monster Sanctuary Frosty, Light-Shifted (Aerial Nature Spirit)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Wind
Elements: Water, Wind, Neutral
Build Speciality: Shielding, Buffing, and Applying Chill

Suitable Unique Items: Restoring Wand, Sun Pendant, Shield Generator, Spark
Location: Blue Caves (Common)

A useful spirit monster that floats around several sections of the Blue Caves, Frosty may be found early, but it offers enough shielding power to carry your team through much of the Monster Sanctuary story.

Even when not directly shielding, Frosty will shield your team, with Mana Shielding, Buffing Shield, and Magic Powered Shield applying additional shields. As well as top-class shielding abilities, Frosty also boasts strong magical attacks that help it to stack the Chill debuff further.

Frosty’s focus is on shielding teammates, but it can also load them up with Barrier, Channel, and other random buffs – thanks to Combo Buffing – and apply Chill by using the superb Ice Shield move. The ability Spirit Strength also makes Frosty an essential pick in a Spirit monster team.

To build Frosty further, it’d be wise to address its lacking mana regen, as well as its defence and magic. Having the Orb or Wand non-unique weapons equipped works well, as do the Bracelet, Tome, Sustain Ring, or Scroll in the inventory slots. For food, load-up on defence and mana-enhancing edibles.

4. Specter, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Occult Mage)

Monster Sanctuary Specter, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Occult Mage)

Resistance: Physical, Debuff
Weakness: Magical
Elements: Fire, Earth, Neutral
Build Speciality: Magical Damage, Debuffs, and Critical Hits

Suitable Unique Items: Scythe, Buckler, Fin, Omni Ring
Location: Blue Caves (Champion), Abandoned Tower (Lower Levels)

Specter is one of the easier Champions to defeat thanks to its relatively low health and defence, as well as its weakness to magical attacks, but with the right build and shift, it can be a potent offensive weapon.

The skill tree of Specter is stacked with tiles to enhance its critical damage rating and reduce incoming damage per the same rating. Furthermore, it easily applies debuffs and has a superb combination of Improved Glory and Dexterity available.

After using Dexterity to give the party Glory and Agility buffs, you can go gung-ho with Specter, with each hit being likely to apply a debuff. The Spirit Occult Mage does manage its own shields and health regeneration, but it’ll need a designated healer or shield generator to keep in the tough battles.

To maximise the Specter build, you’ll want to stack critical chance boosts, add some more critical damage, and up its defence. Regular equipment items like the Staff, Crit Ring, Gauntlet, and Cape boost all of these significantly. For more enhancements, use food that boosts defence, critical damage, and damage dealt.

5. Mad Eye, Dark-Shifted (Aerial Occult)

Monster Sanctuary Mad Eye, Dark-Shifted (Aerial Occult)

Resistance: Physical, Debuff
Weakness: Magical
Elements: Fire, Earth, Wind, Water
Build Speciality: Magical Damage, Debuffs, and Remove Enemy Buffs

Suitable Unique Items: Scepter, Cauldron, Lightning Sphere, Spark
Location: Stronghold Dungeon (Common)

Flying around in just about every other room of the Stronghold Dungeon, Mad Eye doesn’t look like much, but the multi-element debuff machine can be a potent weapon throughout Monster Sanctuary.

Mad Eye can have four max-level magical attacks of different elements, with its Double Impact ability granting an additional attack when you exploit weaknesses. Coupled with Cleanse, Fatal Upkeep, Hex, several other abilities, and the debuffs from each attack, the monster quickly stacks debuffs while also removing buffs.

With the Dark-shifted Mad Eye, you get to stack another debuff on enemy monsters, so you’ll want Mad Eye to get stuck in from the very first round, targeting buffed foes to make use of Cleanse. The Aerial Occult monster lacks defence but has plenty of health; still, it should be shielded often to keep it in the battle.

As Mad Eye’s strengths generally can’t be enhanced further by equipment, bar the odd unique item like Cauldron, it’s best to focus on upping its magical damage, mana regen, and mana. Non-unique items like Orb, Tome, Scroll, and Needle can combine to boost these areas a great deal. As for feeding, you can’t go wrong with damage dealt, mana, and health food.

6. Manticorb, Dark-Shifted (Beast Mage)

Monster Sanctuary Manticorb, Dark-Shifted (Beast Mage)

Resistance: Magical
Weakness: Physical
Elements: Fire, Water, Wind, Neutral
Build Speciality: Magical Damage, Critical Hits, and Applying Bleed

Suitable Unique Items: Thorn Tendril, Medallion, Fin, Thermal Reactor
Location: Mountain Path (Eastern Cliff Top)

Found hidden away on the Mountain Path near the Keeper’s Stronghold, and needing the Improved Flying ability to access, Manticorb can provide a tremendous offensive boost early in Monster Sanctuary.

Boasting naturally high critical damage and critical chance, four different types of single-enemy magical attacks, and several ways to stack lengthy combinations, Manticorb is a great attacker. What makes the Beast Mage even better is its ability to stack Bleed, as well as generate its own shield.

The preferred Manticorb build doesn’t feature any buffs, healing, or shielding moves, so its only focus is on dealing damage. As the monster can grant its own Sorcery buffs when exploiting an enemy’s weakness, just keeping its shield topped up and maybe giving it the Glory buff will be enough support.

Capitalise on the high critical chance and damage ratings of Manticorb, as well as its Mana Focus passive ability, by enhancing the Beast Mage through its equipment. As well as this, improve its magic and defence or health. For this, non-unique equipment like the Staff, Crit Ring, Cape, and Gauntlet will do the trick. Boost it further by feeding it critical damage and damage dealt foods.

7. Polterofen, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Construct)

Monster Sanctuary Polterofen, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Construct)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Water
Elements: Fire, Earth, Neutral
Build Speciality: Magical Damage, Physical Damage, and Inflict Burn

Suitable Unique Items: Moon Sword, Totem, Spark, Sun Pendant
Location: Mystical Workshop (Lower Levels)

The Polterofen build above gives the Spirit Construct a bit of everything, including the ability to self-grant shields, apply debuffs, put out defensive buffs, and deal some hefty damage.

Thanks to the combination of Mana Charging and Charging Shield, Polterofen’s defence can be left to its passive effects if its mana regen is pumped-up sufficiently. Instead, the monster is best used as the attacker, stacking extra burn through Multi Burn and its mighty fire attacks

While utilising its Fire Shield move will benefit the party and add some burn stacks to the opposing team, the construct will likely be your attacker. Use shielding monsters to build up Polterofen each turn, as it’ll convert half of its shield into a mighty additional hit via the Volatile Shield ability.

Mana regen and pumping-up both attack ratings should be the focus of Polterofen’s equipment, making it an even more potent offensive weapon. Non-unique items like Kunai, Sustain Ring, Tome, and Bracer will help to bolster Polterofen’s strengths, with foods to strengthen damage dealt being preferred – but if not, defence or health.

8. Oculus, Dark-Shifted (Insect Construct)

Monster Sanctuary Oculus, Dark-Shifted (Insect Construct)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Wind
Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Neutral
Build Speciality: Buffs, Debuffs, Shielding, and Magical Damage

Suitable Unique Items: Harp, Cauldron, Drum, Ocarina
Location: Mystical Workshop (Lower Levels)

Found scuttling around the lower rooms of the Mystical Workshop, Oculus might just be the best support in Monster Sanctuary, capable of playing the role in any team effectively.

Slime Shot and Solar Burst give Oculus a useful couple of attacks to lay down some debuffs, but the Insect Construct is all about using Encapsulate to heal, shield, and stack buffs across the team. The monster’s naturally high defence value also boosts healing and attacking plays.

In your team, Oculus is very effective at taking a back seat to top-up shields and health bars while also stacking buffs. However, you don’t need to heal others directly. From the very first move of the battle, use Encapsulate on Oculus as Copy Shield will add shields to the team, allowing them to deal more damage thanks to its Protected Offence passive ability.

It doesn’t take long for Oculus to apply so much shielding that it has a chance to attack and stack debuffs on enemies, so it’s good to boost its mana regen, magic, and defence ratings. Use non-unique items like Orb, Scroll, Diadem, and Shell to stack these ratings, along with foods that further boost defence and mana.

9. Targoat, Light-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Monster Sanctuary Targoat, Light-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Resistance: Water, Fire
Weakness: Magical
Elements: Neutral
Build Speciality: Shielding and Stacking Charge

Suitable Unique Items: Trident, Ancestral Medal, Charging Sphere, Crown
Location: Snowy Peaks (Western Climb)

Targoat is one of the most defensively-inclined monsters of Monster Sanctuary. Even though its shielding abilities are its main uses, it can also offer a huge offensive boost to the rest of its party.

The Beast Warrior’s combination of Pre-emptive Shield, Protector, Buffing Shield, and Copy Shield make it one of the most effective shielding monsters in the game. Equally, Targoat is the perfect Charge-driven offence monster’s support, thanks to Empower, Charge Amplifier, and its Light-shift ability Leadership.

Targoat will play a very passive role in your team, dishing out shields and enhancing the offensive output of its teammates. While the Light-shifted version is great in a Charge team, Dark-shifted Targoat’s Blacksmithing, which enhances equipment powers by 15 per cent, can be very useful in critical hit-focussed squads.

Due to how quickly Targoat can shield its team, it’s worth powering-up its attack along with its own defence. So, look to foods that boost health, defence, and mana as well as non-unique equipment like Morning Star, Bracelet, Helmet, and Hide.

10. Brutus, Light-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Monster Sanctuary Brutus, Light-Shifted (Beast Warrior)

Resistance: None
Weakness: None
Elements: Neutral
Build Speciality: Stacking Charge and Physical Attacks

Suitable Unique Items: Katana, Ancestral Medal, Charging Sphere, Blood Vessel
Location: Ancient Woods (Champion)

Found waiting in the middle of the lower track of the Ancient Woods, Brutus quickly becomes a much-desired monster to hatch due to its sheer ferocity. It’ll usually perform two hefty attacks and then stack its shield and Charge.

Brutus is all about going on the offensive, but does benefit from using its Power buff, with Meditation allowing for all non-attack rounds to stack Charge. The idea is to get as many Charge stacks as possible via its own moves and party moves, load-up with Power Focus, and then unleash a mighty, critical-boosted attack.

With the right support, you’ll seldom need to use Power Focus for the shielding perks, but it does come in handy to bolster Brutus’ attack further. Its other passive effects help to provide shields to itself and others, while also boosting their attacks as Brutus charges up for its own hits.

Enhance this attacking tyrant by loading it up with food to bolster its critical damage and damage dealt. As for non-unique equipment, use the Katar, Coat, Bandana, and Feather to boost its critical chance, health, and attack.

11. Promethean, Dark-Shifted (Occult Construct)

Monster Sanctuary Promethean, Dark-Shifted (Occult Construct)

Resistance: Earth
Weakness: Wind
Elements: Neutral, Wind
Build Speciality: Stacking Charge, Applying Shock, Revives

Suitable Unique Items: Hammer, Ancestral Medal, Charging Sphere, Totem
Location: Underworld (Near Teleporter Crystal)

Promethean is found sprinting around the Underworld, just before you encounter the Spinner, and can prove to be a tricky opponent to oust if meeting it with a ragtag team of similarly-levelled monsters.

The Occult Construct’s focus is on getting Charge stacks, with its Dark-shift form allowing it to only lose a third of its Charge when using an action. Furthermore, Promethean will revive itself, via Charged Rebirth, regaining HP by consuming its remaining Charge.

In a team, Promethean is great at giving itself Charge, but having just one other monster to boost this will significantly enhance the already mighty attacker. It also has an ace up its sleeve, though, being able to turn defensive to benefit its Charge stacking, with Protect, Electric Field, and Revenge making it beneficial to do so.

The Promethean build offers benefits to having lower mana and for wearing health and defence-boosting equipment, but you’ll also want to up its mana regen and attack. So, look to non-unique equipment like Cestus, Bracelet, Bracer, and Needle, topping that up with damage dealt, health, and defence foods.

12. Sutsune, Dark-Shifted (Occult Beast Mage)

Monster Sanctuary Sutsune, Dark-Shifted (Occult Beast Mage)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Earth
Elements: Wind, Fire, Neutral
Build Speciality: Critical Hits, Applying Bleed, and Removing Buffs

Suitable Unique Items: Abyssal Sword, Omni Ring, Buckler, Thermal Reactor
Location: Abandoned Tower (Lower Levels)

You won’t encounter Sutsune until the late game, but when you do, the first thing you’ll notice is its heavy-hitting attacks and ability to oust your buffs.

The Sutsune build focuses on maximising its critical hits, applying Bleed stacks at every opportunity, and wiping away any enemy buffs. So, it’s best to attack with the Occult Beast Mage each turn. That said, there are also benefits from using Quicken, which applies Agility and Sidekick to the whole party, as well as granting other perks.

Coming into a battle, it’s good to use Quicken straight off the bat to increase the team’s chances of debuffing and stealing buffs from enemies. Then, attention turns to laying down attacks to stack Bleed which, with the Dark-shift Sutsune, isn’t removed after applying damage. In support, Sutsune needs a lot of shielding.

To enhance Sutsune further, bolster its mana, mana regen, critical chance, and it doesn’t hurt to up its defence a touch. So, use two lots of defence food and one critical damage food to bring up these baselines, and then add equipment like the non-unique items Shuriken, Tome, Gauntlet, and Cape.

13. Aazerach, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Occult Reptile)

Monster Sanctuary Aazerach, Dark-Shifted (Spirit Occult Reptile)

Resistance: Fire
Weakness: Earth
Elements: Wind, Neutral
Build Speciality: Applying Blind, Applying Debuffs, and Removing Buffs

Suitable Unique Items: Scepter, Omni Ring, Spark, Medallion, Cauldron
Location: Stronghold Dungeon (Champion)

You won’t be able to encounter Aazerach until after you’ve completed the main storyline of Monster Sanctuary, with its presence being revealed in the mysterious flame circle room of the Stronghold Dungeon.

Aazerach uses its Chilling Wind to apply Chill, Arcane Diffusion to remove buffs, Shadow Storm to apply Blind, and Whirlwind to guarantee hits. Not only does it deal heavy magical damage, but the ghostly Champion also stifles opponents very effectively.

The Spirit Occult Reptile certainly isn’t there to be a passive member of your team, with all of its moves being able to apply Armour Break – which can be further stacked – and Cleanse. Furthermore, its hefty magical rating doesn’t need boosting with critical enhancements as Static bolsters its regular hits. So, let Aazerach go gung-ho alongside a suitable healer.

As Aazerach is all about magical attacks and recovers health based on mana regen, those are the best areas to target when giving it equipment. Turn to non-unique items like Orb, Ribbon, Scroll, and Tome, as well as feeding the beast mana, health, and critical damage foods.

14. Diavola, Dark-Shifted (Nature Occult)

Monster Sanctuary Diavola, Dark-Shifted (Nature Occult)

Resistance: Water
Weakness: Fire
Elements: Earth, Fire
Build Speciality: Applying Bleed, Shielding, Debuffs, and Buffs

Suitable Unique Items: Restoring Wand, Medallion, Ornate Pipe, Totem
Location: Sun Palace (Champion)

Once you’re able to jump on the invisible platforms – via the Secret Vision of Sutsune, Thanatos, Aazerach, or Mad Lord – you can head towards the entrance of the Sun Palace and then ascend to Diavola’s hiding place.

Diavola can apply Bleed without attacking, apply shields that remove buffs or apply Weakness to foes, and boost the team’s recovery and critical output. Furthermore, its own base critical and attack ratings are very strong.

On the field, as Diavola can remove buffs as well as apply debuffs and Bleed without attacking, it can focus on bolstering the party with Lifeline and one of its shield moves. After that, it’s time to lay down some attacks to inflict more Bleed, Weakness, and Burn through Shielding Leaves or Solar Burst.

If you use the Diavola build above, it’s important to avoid equipment that increases critical chance: Critical Base allows for it to climb to 35 per cent, with Glory bringing it up to 45 per cent anyway. The focus needs to be on critical damage, mana regen, mana, and defence. The non-unique items like the Kunai, Belt, Tome, and Bracelet help here, as do critical damage, mana, and defence foods.

Best monsters honourable mentions

There are several other solid picks to add to your Monster Sanctuary team, with our honourable mentions being:

  • Thanatos, Light-shifted (buff and bleed build)
  • Plague Egg, Light-shifted (remove buff build)
  • Draconoir, Dark-shifted (critical hits and blind build)
  • Kanko, Light-shifted (attack buff and critical damage build)
  • Mad Lord, Dark-shifted (debuff attacks build)

Monster Sanctuary best teams to use

There are several effective Monster Sanctuary team builds to utilise throughout the game, from early-story offence to late-story synergy builds.

Using some of the best monsters listed above while trying to avoid crossover between teams – otherwise, Oculus might just feature in each build, here is the best team in Monster Sanctuary:

  1. Construct Combination: Oculus (Dark-Shift), Polterofen (Dark-Shift), Steam Golem (Light-Shift)
  2. Charged Offence: Targoat (Light-Shift), Brutus (Light-Shift), Promethean (Dark-Shift)
  3. Occult Bleed and Blind: Aazerach (Dark-Shift), Sutsune (Dark-Shift), Diavola (Dark-Shift)

Still, you’ll likely be able to find a preferable build by tweaking the party with your favourite monsters or one of the Spectral Familiars.

Best Construct Combination team

Monster Sanctuary best construct combination team

Team: Oculus (Dark-Shift), Polterofen (Dark-Shift), Steam Golem (Light-Shift)
Alternates: Promethean (Dark-Shift)
Elements: Earth, Fire, Neutral
Attacks: Physical and Magical

The combination of Oculus, Polterofen, and Steam Golem boasts a tremendous amount of shielding and healing power, while also being able to pack a punch.

Oculus is the star of the show, using Encapsulate to shield and buff itself, which, in turn, bolsters the party’s damage output. After the first round, Steam Golem can become the main defender, with Oculus’ ability to thrown out debuffs and heavy magical damage being utilised.

Polterofen converts its shields into heavy-hitting attacks, with its Construct teammates further fuelling its offensive output. However, the equally-offensive Promethean could also be tagged-in for Polterofen, or even subbed for Steam Golem to offer a much more attacking team build.

Best Charged Offence team

Monster Sanctuary best charged offence team

Team: Targoat (Light-Shift), Brutus (Light-Shift), Promethean (Dark-Shift)
Alternates: Caraglow (Light-Shift)
Elements: Wind, Neutral
Attacks: Physical

This Monster Sanctuary team build is all about stacking charge on two very offensive monsters. Targoat supplies the shielding while Brutus and Promethean get stronger with each passing turn. Alternatively, you can bring in a Light-shifted Caraglow to focus more Charge on Brutus.

Targoat is the monster that makes the whole team tick. While its shielding keeps its fairly low-health teammates in the battle, its passive effects enhance team damage and the power of Charge stacks. In turn, Brutus can super-stack Charge by buffing team attacks, as can Promethean.

So, the first rounds will be more focussed on charging up the team, but by the second or third round, you’ll be able to start using Promethean, at least, to deal high-output damage. By the end of the first round, as shown above, both Brutus and Promethean can be sitting pretty with a mighty 30 Charge stacks each.

Best Occult Bleed and Blind team

Monster Sanctuary best occult bleed and blind team

Team: Aazerach (Dark-Shift), Sutsune (Dark-Shift), Diavola (Dark-Shift)
Alternates: Manticorb (Dark-Shift), Catzerker (Dark-Shift)
Elements: Wind, Neutral, Fire, Earth
Attacks: Physical and Magical

Combining three late-game Occult monsters, the trio of Aazerach, Sutsune, and Diavola applies copious amounts of Bleed, Blind, debuffs, and removes enemy buffs. It’s a strong build for irritating and causing extra damage between turns.

Even though Diavola needs to use its shielding initially, it can weigh in after a couple of rounds with some additional damage. Until then, Aazerach can stack Blind and remove buffs while Sutsune works on stacking irremovable Bleed and also removing buffs.

In the first round, enhance the team and demoralise the opponent with Sutsune’s Quicken, Weakening Shield from Diavola, and some Blind-stacking from Aazerach’s Shadow Storm. If the shields hold-up, then use Diavola to boost the attackers further with Lifeline.

As noted before, there are several ways to combine the best monsters to create a strong team in Monster Sanctuary, with others like Catzerker-Frosty-Manticorb being useful early on, and a Specter/Polterofen-Frosty-Aazerach build making the most of their Spirit-enhancing abilities. Then, there’s the mighty Oculus and Spectral Familiars that can fit into most line-ups.

So, take note of the best monsters in Monster Sanctuary and try mixing your teams to find synergy and staying power.

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