Monster Sanctuary Clock Puzzle: Mystery Room Solution and Clock Time

Need to find out what time to set the clock to in the Mystical Workshop, as well as how to get all three chests?

Monster Sanctuary is loaded with hidden passages and puzzles to solve, from secret chests to be found by smashing walls to whole new areas like Blob Burg to find.

Along with the chain doors and steam doors puzzles, the Mystical Workshop also has a large clock in one of its upper rooms, with a very obviously-blocked passage to its side.

Here’s what you need to know to solve the clock puzzle in Monster Sanctuary, granting you access to its mystery room and the chests therein.

How to solve the clock puzzle in Monster Sanctuary

In one of the highest rooms of the towering Mystical Workshop, you’ll find the clock puzzle. When you see the clock, it’ll be set to a random time, with the passage leading west being blocked.

By standing underneath the clock, you can change the hands to set a different time by pressing the ‘interact’ button. Doing so will unlock the westward passage if you put in the correct time.

How to uncover the correct clock time

To uncover the correct time for the clock and solve the clock puzzle, you need to head across the Mystical Workshop to a room on the east side. It’s not far from where the clock puzzle room is, as shown below.

Here, you’ll find another less obvious clock on the wall. Set in background, blending in with the grey wall, the solution to your clock puzzle is shown.

As you can see below, the Monster Sanctuary clock puzzle solution is 9 o’clock.

Now that you know what time to set the clock to in Monster Sanctuary, you can head back to the clock puzzle room and set the hands to 9 o’clock by pressing the ‘interact’ button.

With the wall lifted, you can enter the next room to claim your rewards. However, you may not be able to open all three chests just yet.

How to claim all three clock puzzle reward chests

For solving the Mystical Workshop clock puzzle in Monster Sanctuary, you’ll be able to open one chest without any further hassle. However, two more chests sit tantalisingly close behind a large block of wall.

You will have seen these wall formations around the Monster Sanctuary map, and they can be moved to access the next area. To do so, you’ll need a monster with the ability ‘Levitate.’

Levitate is very much a late-game ability that you won’t stumble upon by defeating common wild monsters. Instead, you’ll need to defeat one of three champion monsters to a five-star grade and get them in your team.

The three champion monsters are Diavola (Sun Palace), Vertraag (Mystical Workshop), and Vodinoy (Horizon Beach). All three champions are incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat to the five-star grade needed to get their eggs.

Thanks to the work of MisterMiskatonic, you can find out how to defeat all three champions to a six-star grade by checking out the videos below:

  • Defeat Diavola for six stars
  • Defeat Vertraag for six stars
  • Defeat Vodinoy for six stars

Now you know the clock puzzle solution in Monster Sanctuary as well as which champion monsters you need to access the other two chests in the Mystical Workshop.

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