NBA 2K22: Best Shooting Badges for a Sharpshooter

If Steph Curry proved anything, it’s that sharpshooters can be All-Stars, or even MVPs. That is even more evident when playing NBA 2K22.

Basketball is a three-point shooters game nowadays. Even players in the park rarely drive to the basket, more often than ever before opting to shoot from deep instead. 

Practicing such skills in your MyCareer will help you in the long run. While it’s going to be a long road to maximize your shooting attributes, it can also help you become the best player possible. 

If you’re wanting to make a sharpshooter build, then you’ll need to know the best 2K22 badges for this type of player. 

What are the Best Shooting Badges for a Sharpshooter 2K22? 

It’s important to note that not all shooting 2K22 badges are good for a sharpshooter, but you’re still going to use lots of them.

If you want to live out what Kyle Korver’s career would have been if he was drafted in 2009 or later, here are the best shooting badges for a sharpshooter.

1. Deadeye 

We have stressed many times before that when it comes to shooting, the Deadeye badge is the number one go-to as it makes your player unfazed by incoming defenders. Having this one at a Hall of Fame level makes sense.

2. Blinders 

You’re a sharpshooter, which means that outside factors such as incoming defenders shouldn’t faze you. The Blinders badge will help to make that happen, and it’s best to make sure that you have it on Gold at least. 

3. Space Creator 

The 2K meta doesn’t make it easy to drain a shot when a defender is in front of you. The Space Creator will help ease your troubles in that regard, but since you’re more of a set shooter, a Silver one is enough. 

4. Difficult Shots 

You’re going to need a dribble or two every now and then before releasing your shot, and the Difficult Shots badge improves the ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble. If Klay Thompson has it at only Silver, then that’s enough for your player as well. 

5. Chef 

Speaking of dribbling, for this type of player you want to get hot as often as possible with your off-the-dribble three-point attempts. A Gold badge is enough for you to heat things up. 

6. Sniper 

Aiming is key and if you want the trajectory of your shots to go straight most of the time, the Sniper badge will help you do that. You should have at least a Gold badge here. 

7. Circus Threes 

While one to two dribbles prior to your shot are common when shooting threes, the Circus Threes badge increases your success rate with step backs. A Gold level of this badge is a good way to help with your range. 

8. Green Machine 

We’ve pretty much taken care of most of your problems already when it comes to your shot mechanics. To make sure that those excellent releases help to create more of the same, get a Hall of Fame Green Machine badge. 

9. Rhythm Shooter 

Defenders tend to close in on sharpshooters, meaning that the best way to drain a shot under the 2K meta is to combine a Rhythm Shooter badge with your Blinders badge. You’ll want this at a Gold level too. 

10. Volume Shooter 

It’s important to be as confident in your stroke at the end of a game as you are at the beginning. We used Klay Thompson as a benchmark earlier but we’ll have to one-up him this time with a Gold Volume Shooter badge. 

11. Clutch Shooter 

Being a Clutch Shooter simply means making shots when it counts, be that free throws or a driving shot down the stretch. Regardless of which it is, you will want to put this one on Gold too since you’ll never know when you’ll need its animations. 

12. Set Shooter 

You’ll love the Set Shooter badge on the rare occasions when you’re left wide-open for three. This badge increases your shot rating when taking your time before shooting, so have a Gold one for more chances of making that open shot. 

13. Corner Specialist 

The Corner Specialist badge is a perfect complement to the Set Shooter badge since the corner is usually the area that gets left open in zone defense situations. Make sure that you have this one on Gold too and don’t settle for less. Clutch threes often come from here too! 

14. Mismatch Expert 

There will be times when a switch will give you a taller defender off a pick. To make sure that the rest of the shooting badges you have work, you’ll need at least a gold Mismatch Expert badge to be successful in these situations. 

15. Limitless Spot Up 

Range matters, otherwise you are just another shooter. The Limitless Spot Up badge makes you an official sharpshooter, so you better have this one at Gold too. 

What to expect when using Shooting Badges for a Sharpshooter 

Just because you have all your shooting badge levels where you need them to be, it doesn’t mean that you can expect a 100% conversion rate from rainbow territory. You’ll still need to master the art of the excellent release. 

Even without the shooting badges, you will do well as a shooter if you have good timing with your shots. These badges only make it sweeter. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that you will still need finishing badges for offense. After all, if Steph Curry still has them, so should you. 

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