NBA 2K21: All Team Ratings Revealed

Here are the NBA 2K21 team ratings for all teams in the game, including current NBA teams, classic teams, all-time teams, All-Star Teams, and WNBA Teams.

The NBA consists of 30 well-known teams representing various major cities across North America. Without a doubt, the NBA features the best players in the world, and 2K Sports has adequately displayed this across their annual titles. NBA 2K21 is no different in this respect.

Overall team ratings have been released and are based on the top eight players for each team. Using these statistics, we can evaluate which teams are best at inside scoring, outside scoring, defense, and overall.

NBA 2K21 team ratings

Arguably the most important team ratings each season are the current NBA team ratings. These ratings reflect which teams will be viable in competitive play and frequently used. 

See how your favorite rosters stack up in 2K21 in the table below:

TeamOverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringDefense
Atlanta Hawks80678060
Boston Celtics82648666
Brooklyn Nets83718862
Charlotte Hornets78597957
Chicago Bulls79747760
Cleveland Cavaliers79777762
Dallas Mavericks82818959
Denver Nuggets82718762
Detroit Pistons79718057
Golden State Warriors82628864
Houston Rockets81768467
Indiana Pacers81688260
Los Angeles Clippers84778267
Los Angeles Lakers82908069
Memphis Grizzlies80678166
Miami Heat80757959
Milwaukee Bucks82758668
Minnesota Timberwolves78738461
New Orleans Pelicans81767962
New York Knicks78757462
Oklahoma City Thunder81628767
Orlando Magic80737766
Philadelphia 76ers82878069
Phoenix Suns80678560
Portland Trail Blazers82688361
Sacramento Kings81688160
San Antonio Spurs80798560
Toronto Raptors82688368
Utah Jazz80697863
Washington Wizards81648558

WNBA team ratings in NBA 2K21

2K Sports has done a great job by expanding its roster offerings to WNBA teams.

The interesting aspect of these rosters is that the overall ratings are equal to or better than many of the current NBA rosters, meaning that they can go toe-to-toe with the men.

TeamOverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringDefense
Atlanta Dream78557569
Chicago Sky81518466
Connecticut Sun83697871
Dallas Wings79558268
Indiana Fever81558364
Las Vegas Aces84738271
Los Angeles Sparks83738468
Minnesota Lynx78637967
New York Liberty79538366
Phoenix Mercury82658771
Seattle Storm86718876
Washington Mystics84729172

Classic NBA 2K21 team ratings

If you live for nostalgia or your favorite team is currently in a rut, playing through classic NBA teams may be the way to go for you.

Players can enjoy these old-time classics that are still balanced with the overall ratings of the current NBA teams.

TeamOverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringDefense
1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers79827864
2000-01 Philadelphia 76ers77617065
1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks80818465
1984-85 Milwaukee Bucks78677565
1985-86 Chicago Bulls75797660
1988-89 Chicago Bulls78777664
1990-91 Chicago Bulls79797864
1992-93 Chicago Bulls80808066
1995-96 Chicago Bulls82818170
1997-98 Chicago Bulls80778067
2010-11 Chicago Bulls81678063
1989-90 Cleveland Cavaliers79617860
2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers80828162
2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers83758963
1964-65 Boston Celtics83747569
1985-86 Boston Celtics82788066
2007-08 Boston Celtics83778971
2013-14 Los Angeles Clippers83727664
2005-06 Memphis Grizzlies78727861
2012-13 Memphis Grizzlies80648063
1985-86 Atlanta Hawks76707261
1996-97 Miami Heat81717871
2005-06 Miami Heat80787667
2012-13 Miami Heat82808770
1992-93 Charlotte Hornets78797861
1997-98 Utah Jazz79678662
2001-02 Sacramento Kings83748464
1971-72 New York Knicks81638069
1994-95 New York Knicks77727761
1998-99 New York Knicks78788166
2011-12 New York Knicks82887264
1964-65 Los Angeles Lakers80738366
1970-71 Los Angeles Lakers80697962
1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers83848370
1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers78788165
1997-98 Los Angeles Lakers80657764
2000-01 Los Angeles Lakers82837768
2003-04 Los Angeles Lakers82827767
1994-95 Orlando Magic79797866
2002-03 Dallas Mavericks80648960
2010-11 Dallas Mavericks83708363
2001-02 New Jersey Nets79738264
1993-94 Denver Nuggets77636863
2007-08 Denver Nuggets81738366
2013-14 Indiana Pacers79717768
1988-89 Detroit Pistons81558069
2003-04 Detroit Pistons77597367
1999-00 Toronto Raptors79808264
1993-94 Houston Rockets78827561
2007-08 Houston Rockets79798363
1990-91 Portland Trail Blazers80648264
1999-00 Portland Trail Blazers79738064
2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers82778767
1997-98 San Antonio Spurs78817565
2004-05 San Antonio Spurs84728373
2013-14 San Antonio Spurs83798468
2002-03 Phoenix Suns78667662
2004-05 Phoenix Suns80708660
1995-96 Seattle Supersonics80787868
2011-12 Oklahoma City Thunder83738765
2003-04 Minnesota Timberwolves78738661
1990-91 Golden State Warriors79588964
2006-07 Golden State Warriors80667969
2015-16 Golden State Warriors83638870
2006-07 Washington Wizards81738664

All-Time NBA 2K21 team ratings

These All-Time NBA teams are where things get wild, as seen by the overall ratings. As the best players through all eras are placed on a comprehensive roster, the depth and overall rating of teams end up quite powerful.

TeamOverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringDefense
All-Time Atlanta Hawks91888574
All-Time Boston Celtics96828582
All-Time Brooklyn Nets90769071
All-Time Charlotte Hornets87709068
All-Time Chicago Bulls93838978
All-Time Cleveland Cavaliers91759272
All-Time Dallas Mavericks89718969
All-Time Denver Nuggets92809069
All-Time Detroit Pistons92728877
All-Time Golden State Warriors94888777
All-Time Houston Rockets94948676
All-Time Indiana Pacers89828672
All-Time Los Angeles Clippers90768772
All-Time Los Angeles Lakers97898482
All-Time Memphis Grizzlies88879070
All-Time Miami Heat91828877
All-Time Milwaukee Bucks93838277
All-Time Minnesota Timberwolves89868967
All-Time New Orleans Pelicans89768971
All-Time New York Knicks92768876
All-Time Oklahoma City Thunder93779176
All-Time Orlando Magic90808372
All-Time Philadelphia 76ers93798680
All-Time Phoenix Suns91588872
All-Time Portland Trail Blazers91858672
All-Time Sacramento Kings93689271
All-Time San Antonio Spurs92878877
All-Time Toronto Raptors90819069
All-Time Utah Jazz92659271
All-Time Washington Wizards91928573

All-Star NBA 2K21 team ratings

These rosters are for the fun-filled All-Star weekend, bringing the top talent from the current NBA into one place. If you want to have fun with the best of the best, give these rosters a go.

TeamOverallInside ScoringOutside ScoringDefense
Team World82798562
Team USA83688359
Team Giannis90888672
Team LeBron95848771

Due to the NBA schedule being delayed, 2K21 isn’t expected to get a roster update until after the October 16 draft. So, these will be NBA 2K21 team ratings until a little over a month after launch.

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