NBA 2K21: Best Shooting Badges to Boost Your Game

When it comes to making your NBA 2K21 MyPlayer the best shooter on the court, you will want these badges.

When it comes to MyPlayer, you should know that just about any respectable online gamer will be able to get their created player to an overall rating of 95+. As such, setting up your MyPlayer with the correct build and badges is of utmost importance to give yourself that extra edge.

In 2K21, most of the 2K20 badges are returning. 2K sports has put significant effort to balance the badges to make sure there is incentive to use the various badges across builds.

Badges can be levelled up from Bronze to Hall of Fame, in order to gain increased effectiveness of the badges.

What are shooting badges in NBA 2K21?

Shooting badges are items that can be acquired in NBA 2K21 to help increase a MyPlayer’s particular abilities. Each MyPlayer can be equipped with a particular number of badges as they increase their overall rating, so players will have to choose wisely.

How shooting badges work in NBA 2K21

Shooting badges are used to effectively boost the abilities of a MyPlayer with respect to mid-to-long range shooting capabilities. They are extremely useful for players that wish to increase the likelihood of attempted 3-point shots.

Best Shooting Badges in 2K21

The following are the best shooting badges in NBA 2K21:

Hot Zone Hunter

If you’re a creature of habit, this is the perfect badge for you as a shooter. If you tend to take and make a lot of shots from a particular spot on the court (for example, the right wing), this badge will increase you likelihood of making shots from that particular spot.

Catch and Shoot

This badge is extremely valuable for off-the-ball players. When it comes to playing with other MyPlayer’s online, the odds are that your teammates may seek to handle the ball plenty. With that in mind, a shooter will find extreme value in being able to hit quick shots off a pass.

Range Extender

With this badge, think Steph Curry shooting range from just past halfcourt. This badge increases the player’s abilities as the shooter gets further out for ranged attempts.


In most cases, defenders will disrupt the likelihood of made shots for any shooter. This badge will help shooters by reducing the impact of a defender’s presence while shooting.

When you think of shooting in 2K21, there are various obstacles to being effective from range. However, anyone that aspires to be impactful from deep should now find comfort in the badges that will increase the effectiveness of these attempts.

If you wish to be the hot hand from outside, be sure to equip these badges and level them up as soon as possible.

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