NBA 2K21: How to build the best power forward (PF)

Find out how to create the best power forward (PF) build in NBA 2K21’s MyPlayer mode right here.

Once you’ve set up your MyPlayer file and selected to build a power forward, you have several routes that you can pursue to create your player.

At the power forward position, you could opt to create a playmaking power forward, like LeBron James or other shifting small forwards in the small ball era of the NBA. On the other hand, you could lean more towards a player who dominates the posts, like Anthony Davis or LaMarcus Aldridge.

Building a MyPlayer akin to past or present NBA stars is a popular way to go, but here, we’ll be looking to maximize the build and create the best possible power forward.

Choosing the best power forward build in NBA 2K21

There are many ways to build a power forward in MyPlayer, with different specialties available to lean into to home-in on the exact style of player that you prefer.

Here, the best power forward build detailed aims to make the most of the sliders to reach a high overall rating as your player develops.

With a focus on defense and finishing, you can create a top-class power forward in NBA 2K21.

How to build the best power forward in NBA 2K21

In the sections below, we’ve identified all of the key sliders and the attribute caps that you need to create the best power forward build in NBA 2K21.

PF Finishing

  • Standing Dunk: Making sure that you can put away a shot is very important, so having a stat cap of 85 is essential here.
  • Driving Dunk: A cap of 85 for your driving dunk should ensure that you can bully your way past any opponent standing between you and the net.
  • Driving Layup: If you have room for a layup, you should be dunking – having a cap of 70 here is more than enough.
  • Close Shot: Giving a cap of 85 to this stat means your put-away shots will be clean and precise.

PF Shooting

  • Mid-Range Shot: If you’re taking a shot, you probably aren’t in the right position. A cap of 50 here is more than enough.

PF Playmaking

  • Post Moves: A cap of 60 for this attribute should be enough as you shouldn’t be at the posts too often.
  • Ball Handle: Giving yourself a cap of 60 here will give you just enough skill to ensure that you can dribble a bit around the court when you need to.
  • Pass Accuracy: Passing inside the paint may be necessary for sticky situations. A 70 cap for this attribute means you can follow up on any fast passes that are needed to keep the play alive.

PF Defense and Rebounding

  • Defensive Rebound: This is your most important attribute as a power forward. Keeping the ball in play for your team is essential, and having a 95 cap in this attribute will grant you a lot of control.
  • Offensive Rebound: As with defensive rebounding, having a cap of 95 to hit with this attribute ensures that any shots taken by your team will have a strong safety net.
  • Block: When on defense, you need to block those close shots. As such, push this cap up to 95.
  • Steal: Attempting a steal as a power forward who should be back in the paint would be slightly irregular, so a 60 cap should suffice.
  • Lateral Quickness: Keeping up with quick shifts in positioning from the opponents means that a cap of 80 for this stat is a necessity.
  • Perimeter Defense: Your role means that you need to maintain the perimeter, so hit a cap of around 80 in perimeter defense to ensure a quality build.
  • Interior Defense: For the same reasons as pumping up your perimeter defense, your interior defense should reach around an 85 attribute cap.

Best PF build’s top attributes

Interior scoring, defense, and rebounding are the core of this build. So, having gone heavy on these attribute point boosts, you’ll need to focus on utilizing them on the floor.

So, be sure to perfect your defensive positioning to be in the right places to use your best attributes, and utilize your physical prowess in the opposing paint.  

Best PF build’s top secondary attributes

A power forward is likely to get setup from mid-range, need to handle the ball, and be called on to make a pass. As such, you’ll want to pour some points into your playmaking abilities and use them in games.

To enhance your build, you have two Takeovers from which to choose: Rim Protector and Glass Cleaner.

Rim Protector will give you better defensive abilities, increasing your interior defense and blocking capabilities. Glass Cleaner offers a more offensive style of playing inside, giving you a boost to your boxing-out skills while also allowing you to secure put-backs at a higher rate.

Whichever one you decide to swing with, be sure to incorporate its boosts into your gameplay style.

Best PF physical profile

When picking the physical profile for your power forward, you’ll want to lean into the more athletic aspects of the build.

Selecting the physique that isn’t very strong vertically but boasts a lot of agility and strength is the way to go for the best power forward build.

With your sliders in place for key attributes and the optimum physical profile selected, it’s time to get on the court and develop the best PF MyPlayer build into a bona fide superstar.

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