NBA 2K21: Best Defensive Badges to Boost Your Game

When it comes to making your MyPlayer the best defensive player on the court, you will want these badges to put yourself over the top.

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If you’re interested in becoming the league’s best new “stopper,” you will likely look to build a defensive specialist.

Whether through perimeter defense (Kawhi Leonard) or a rim protector (Rudy Gobert), there is a ton of value in specializing in defense, and you will likely be met with far less competition as most players prefer to build offensive-minded players.

In NBA 2K21, most of the 2K20 badges are returning. That said, 2K Sports has put forth significant effort to balance the badges to make sure there is an incentive to use the various badges across different builds.

Badges can be levelled-up from Bronze to Hall of Fame to gain increased effectiveness from the badges.

In this guide, you’ll find everything that you need to know about NBA 2K21 badges, which includes the best defensive badges in the game.

What are defensive badges in NBA 2K21?       

NBA 2K21 defensive badges explained

Defensive badges are equipable items in NBA 2K21 to help solidify your MyPlayer’s defensive abilities.

Each MyPlayer can be equipped with a set number of badges – each of which increases their overall rating – so players will have to choose which badges to use wisely.

How defensive badges work in NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 defensive badges boosting

When it comes to defensive badges, players will be able to boost their shot-blocking, on-ball defense, steals, and defensive positioning.

If you want to shut down your opponents and eliminate their scoring opportunities, these badges will help you go far.

NBA 2K21 Best Defensive Badges

NBA 2K21 is loaded with badges, with them ranging in their effects, quality, and usefulness for a defensive player. In this year’s basketball simulator, the following are the best defensive badges to give to your MyPlayer build.


This badge allows you to be the guy that meets your opponent at the top of key, slap the floor, and put an end to their night!

In all seriousness, Clamps is the best 1v1 defender badge to equip in NBA 2K21 if you are facing players that specialize in blowbys and fancy footwork to get to the rim.


While Intimidator is a bit more popular on interior players, wing defenders can effectively utilize the Intimidator badge as well.

Inside, this will significantly lower an opponent’s ability to make shots with a less than optimum shot rating. On the perimeter, this can seriously impact contested jumpers as well.

Pick Dodger

If you wish to have a defensive impact on the perimeter, this badge is an absolute must for your MyPlayer build.

Think of how frustrating it can be to try to stop an offensive powerhouse, just to be picked off by his teammates time and time again. The Pick Dodger badge allows you to get around those picks and stick with your man on defense.

It also keeps your stamina from being greatly impacted by the repeated blows from opponents’ setting picks.


This badge is a genuine money-maker. If you are able to read passing lanes and position well, this badge will allow you to pick off cross-court passes easily.

A steal of this sort can lead to some easy baskets for your team in the fastbreak, which makes the Interceptor badge a useful addition.

Rim Protector

This Rim Protector badge is a little more valuable to interior players than guards.

If you want to be the player that blocks or alters all attempts at the rim like Rudy Gobert, this badge is an absolute necessity. Opposing players will be forced to rely on their 3-ball any time you step on the floor.

NBA 2K21 defensive badge defense

While big scoring and highlight-reel dunks often catch everyone’s attention, defense is where championships are won. Even in the 2K League, the most impactful players are often the best rebounders, shot blockers, and overall defensive presences.

While there may not be as much flair with this approach, players should not shy away from being an elite defender.

If you wish to be the lockdown defender on the court, be sure to equip these badges, the best NBA 2K21 badges on defense, and level them up as soon as possible.

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