NBA 2K21: Best Center (C) Builds and How to Use them

Do you want to create a powerful and dominant center (C) build in MyPlayer? Here’s everything that you need to know.

In the NBA 2K21 mode MyPlayer, you’ll find that there is a method to building players who can grow to become the best possible versions of themselves at each position.

On this page, we’re running through how to create the best possible build for a player in the center position, with the same rule of focussing skill allocation ratings being applied to create a high overall rating.

For centers, you could create a stretch big like Kevin Love or a rim protector like Rudy Gobert, but here, we’re building the best all-around center for use in NBA 2K21’s MyPlayer.

Choosing the best center build 2K21

There are several show-stopping centers in the NBA, and if you want to create your MyPlayer in the same vein as one of those stars, you’ll want to home-in on the core attributes to lean heavily on as opposed to going for a general spread.

We’ve decided to go down the route of creating the best overall center build in NBA 2K21 rather than specialize in a particular playing style. This results in the build having a larger overall rating when they’re fully developed, boasting excellent attributes in rebounds and close shots.

How to build the best center in NBA 2K21

In the sections below, you’ll find all of the attribute ratings ranges that you need to know for the best center build 2K21, including aspects that impact your defensive game.

C Finishing

  • Close Shot: You’ll live in the paint most of the time, so shoot for a rating above 80 for your close shot.
  • Driving Dunk: Aim for the 50 to 60 range, giving you the chance to smash it home on a fastbreak if needed.
  • Standing Dunk: Above 70 for this skill gives you the chance to drop step and slam, which will come in use.
  • Post Hook: Slide this attribute rating just past the 60-point mark. Many defenses will prevent your dunks, so you might to rely on some finesse from time to time.

C Shooting

  • Mid-Range Shot: You’ll want your mid-range shot to be a bit above the 50-mark, perhaps up to 60, depending on your player preferences.
  • Three-Point Shot: If you’re going to stretch the floor, go above 55, but if you’re content living in the paint, leave this at its default rating.
  • Free Throw: Bump this to above 70 so that your opponent can’t play “Hack-a-Shaq.”
  • Post Fade: You’ll want to get your post fade rating to above 70 as you won’t be able to back down every opponent.

C Playmaking

  • Pass Accuracy, Ball Handle, Post Moves: As a center, you likely won’t be handling the ball and passing a ton to set up plays. On the other hand, some may like to make a Nikola Jokic-type center. For this build, your points are better spent elsewhere, so it’s best to leave this entire category with its default numbers.

C Defense and Rebounding

  • Interior Defense: Eclipse the 80-mark here as being a one-way player on offense is a surefire way to find yourself on the bench.
  • Lateral Quickness: Shoot for between 40 and 50 here as most opposing centers will lack the agility to blow past you, so don’t waste your points here.
  • Block: You can go much higher if you want to be even more legitimate as a rim protector, but just above 70 is a solid rating for this build.
  • Offensive Rebound: To allow you to grab some easy second-chance points, slide this rating up to past 75.
  • Defensive Rebound: Crank this past 85 as you don’t want to allow and opponent a shot at second-chance points.

Best C build’s top attributes

Interior scoring, defense, and rebounding are the core of this best center build. These attribute point boosts are the cornerstones of the MyPlayer here, so be sure to use the associated skills during games to make the most of your MyPlayer: it’s all about living in the paint and dominating defensively.

Best C build’s top secondary attributes

Of course, when you’re using the center build, you won’t just be leaping at rebounds. You’ll want to incorporate dunking when you use the MyPlayer build.

With strong ratings in free throws and mid-range shot, you can also make yourself a weapon closer to mid-range, so be sure to utilize these abilities.

When choosing a Takeover ability, as a center, preference goes to either Glass Cleaner (for the boost in rebounding) or Rim Protector (to dominate inside on defense).

You can choose a different one for a unique playstyle, but these are generally the safest to produce results regularly as a center in NBA 2K21.

Best C physical profile

As you would assume for the best center build, your MyPlayer’s physical profile is just as crucial to your player as their attribute ratings.

Centers need to be able to leverage their strength, longer wingspan, and vertical game to be a true defensive force around the net and presence at the offensive end, with aspects like agility and speed not being as important.

With your MyPlayer boasting an optimized build for a center with the right attributes and physical profile, it’s time for you to cast your shadow across the NBA and grow into one of the best at the position with our center build 2K21 guide.

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