NBA 2K21: Best 3-Point Shooters

Want to rain triples from deep all game? These are NBA 2K21’s Best Three-Point Shooters to use.

The NBA has changed drastically over the past ten years. Unlike in the 90s and the early 2000s, three-point shooting has become one of the most important aspects of the game. 

In fact, it’s normal to see the majority of players on the court being able to score from beyond the arc today.  

Similarly in NBA 2K21, more players are finding success using teams with good three-point shooting. It has quickly become one of the most popular strategies used to win games in the 2K series.  

Here, you’ll find all of the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K21. 

Stephen Curry (3PT 99)

Overall Rating: 96
Position: PG/SG
Team: Golden State Warriors
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats: 99 Three- Point Shot, 97 Layup, 92 Free Throw

Besides LeBron James, Steph Curry is arguably the most influential player of this generation. Not only has he changed the game with his deep-range shooting, but he’s also a three-time NBA Champion, two-time MVP, and a six-time all-star. 

Most impressively, this was all achieved by the time he reached 30-years-old. Despite sitting out most of 2019/20, many still consider Curry as a top-five offensive player in the NBA today. 

It’s hard to imagine a top three-point shooter list without Steph Curry. Regarded by many as the best shooter of all-time, the Golden State guard is the best three-pointer in NBA 2K21. 

With a 99 rating for his three-point shot, Curry’s best attribute is his ability to make shots from deep. He’s been one of the best offensive players in the NBA game since 2K16, averaging a 95 overall rating across the past four games.  

Equipped with Hall of Fame Deadeye and Range Extender, Curry is one of the few players in the game who can score from near half-court.

However, “Chef” Curry certainly isn’t a mere one-trick pony. With a 97 layup, 94 close shots, and 92 free throw, he can get buckets from anywhere on the floor. 

At the same time, he can still be a dominant offensive player without being your team’s primary ball-handler. Curry is equipped with gold Catch-and-Shoot and Corner Specialist badges, making him one of the best spot-up shooters in the game. 

Klay Thompson (3PT 98)

Overall Rating: 91
Position: SG/SF
Team: Golden State Warriors
Archetype: 2-Way 3-Level Scorer
Best Stats: 98 Three- Point Shot, 95 Defensive Consistency, 93 Lateral Quickness

Like Curry, many consider Thompson to be one of the best shooters to have ever graced the league.

Thompson sat out all of 2019/20 due to injury, but has averaged over three triples per game for five straight seasons, dating back to 2014/15. He also has an elite career average of 41.9 percent from beyond the arc and is one of the most reliable three-point shooters in NBA 2K21. 

The 30-year-old is once again a top-five three-point shooter in NBA 2K21.  With an 89 outside scoring and a 95 three-point rating, Thompson is the best three-point shooter at the shooting guard position. 

Thompson’s game is a little different to his Warriors teammate, Curry, as he excels as a catch-and-shoot player. 

Equipped with Gold Catch-and-Shoot and Corner Specialist badges, Klay is at his deadliest when he spots-up in the perimeter. If you run the right plays for Thompson, he could be an unstoppable force for your team from distance.

At 6’6” with a 95 defensive consistency and 93 lateral quickness, Thompson is also one of the best on-ball defenders in NBA 2K21. He also has the skill to guard multiple positions, making Golden State one of the most versatile defensive teams in the game. 

J.J. Redick (3PT 90)

Overall Rating: 78
Position: SG
Team: New Orleans Pelicans
Archetype: Sharpshooter
Best Stats: 95 Offensive Consistency, 90 Three Point Shot, 96 Shot IQ

J.J. Redick is not only one of the oldest players on this list but he’s also been one of the most reliable shooters of the NBA this decade. The 36-year-old recently finished his 14th NBA season with the New Orleans Pelicans and was one of the top shooters on his team. 

Averaging three triples per game and a 45.3 percent conversion rate, with a 41.6 percent career-average from beyond the arc, Redick is considered to be one of the best pure sharpshooters of the decade.

Somewhat of a one-dimensional player, Redick can still be very effective as a three-point specialist in the 2K21. Equipped with 12 shooting badges, a 90 three-point rating, and an 87 for his three-point shot, there aren’t too many guards in the game with such a grand build for shooting. 

Playing alongside Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball, Redick will be a huge-benefactor of many open looks in close games. 

Matt Thomas (3PT 89)

Overall Rating: 74
Position: SG/SF
Team: Toronto Raptors
Archetype: 3PT Specialist
Best Stats: 89 Three- Point Shot, 98 Shot IQ, 90 Free Throw

Perhaps one of the lesser-known players on this list, Matt Thomas has quietly become one of the top shooters in the NBA.

Despite only appearing in 41 games in limited minutes with the Toronto Raptors this season, he has made an impact every time he’s stepped onto the court. 

Thomas finished the 2019/20 season, with a 47.5 percent three-point field goal percentage and made almost four (3.8) triples per game. Averaging only around ten minutes per game, he was still able to score 47 triples this year. 

The 25-year-old totes one of the few pure three-point specialist builds in NBA 2K21. Many consider him to be the new Kyle Korver, as he’s one of the easiest shooters to use in the game.

With a 74 overall rating, Thomas is not the most well-rounded 2K21 player, but he can help in tight games. He’s most suitable in a secondary scoring role and best used as a kick-out option for players like Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam on the drive. 

Trae Young (3PT 89)

Overall Rating: 89
Position: PG
Team: Atlanta Hawks
Archetype: Offensive Threat
Best Stats: 92 Close Shot, 90 Three Point Shot, 98 Offensive Consistency

Trae Young is one of the best young three-point shooters at the point guard position. Despite having finished his second NBA season, Young is already considered to be a dominant offensive player in the league.

The Texas-native averaged an impressive 29.6 points per game and almost 3.5 triples per game last year. His three-point conversion rate improved by four percent from his rookie season, ticking up from 32 percent to 36 percent. His three-point percentages could be better, but he was still a top-ten player in total threes made last year, sinking 205 in 60 games. 

In NBA 2K21, Young is another rare player who can score close to the logo. With a 91 close shot, 95 mid-range shot, and 89 three-point shot, the 21-year-old is a triple-threat who can score from all areas of the floor. 

Young is also one of the best playmaking point guards in the game, boasting a 91 in overall playmaking. Equipped with ten Gold playmaking badges this year, he’s a point guard who can be effective without scoring on every possession. 

Still in his early 20s, there’s a good chance that his ratings will improve when the 2K21 player updates are released during the season. 

All the Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA 2K21

Below is a list of the best three-point shooters that you can find in NBA 2K21, along with details of their three-point rating and overall rating in the game. 

Name 3PT Rating Height Overall Position Team
Stephen Curry 99 6’3” 96 PG / SG Golden State Warriors
Klay Thompson 98 6’6” 91 SF / SG Golden State Warriors
J.J Redick  90 6’3” 78 SG New Orleans Pelicans
Matt Thomas 89 6’4” 74 SF / SG Toronto Raptors
Trae Young 89 6’1” 89 PG Atlanta Hawks
Seth Curry  89 6’2” 78 SG / PG Dallas Mavericks
Rodney Hood 89 6’8” 76 SF / SG Portland Trail Blazers
George Hill 89 6’3” 77 PG / SG Milwaukee Bucks
Doug McDermott  88 6’7” 76 SF / PF Indiana Pacers
Jared Dudley 88 6’6” 72 PF Los Angeles Lakers
Khris Middleton  87 6’7” 86 SF / SG Milwaukee Bucks
Michael Porter Jr.  87 6’10” 81 SG / SF Denver Nuggets
Nemanja Bjelica  87 6’10” 78 PF / SF Sacramento Kings
Duncan Robinson 87 6’7” 78 SG / SF Miami Heat
Terence Davis 87 6’4” 76 SG / PG Toronto Raptors
Kevin Durant  86 6’10” 95 SF / PF Brooklyn Nets
Damian Lillard  86 6’2” 94 PG Portland Trail Blazers
Davis Bertans  86 6’10” 79 PF Washington Wizards
Malik Beasley 86 6’4” 77 SG / SF Minnesota Timberwolves
Trey Burke 86 6’0” 76 PG Dallas Mavericks
Meyers Leonard  86 7’0” 75 PF / C Miami Heat
Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk  86 6’7” 73 SF / SG Detroit Pistons
Georges Niang 86 6’7” 73 PF / SF Utah Jazz
Karl-Anthony Towns  85 6’11” 90 C Minnesota Timberwolves
Jayson Tatum  85 6’8” 89 PF / SF Boston Celtics
Buddy Hield 85 6’4” 81 SG / SF Sacramento Kings
Bojan Bogdanovic  85 6’8” 81 PF / SF Utah Jazz
Paul Milsap  85 6’7” 79 PF / C Denver Nuggets
Marcus Morris Sr 85 6’8” 79 PF / SF Los Angeles Clippers
Joe Harris  85 6’6” 77 SG / SF Brooklyn Nets
Gary Trent Jr 85 6’5” 77 SG Portland Trailblazers
Justin Holiday  85 6’6” 76 SF / SG Indiana Pacers
Aaron Holiday  85 6’0” 75 PG / SG Indiana Pacers

If your strategy is to live and die by the three, consider picking a team with one or a couple of the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K21.

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