NBA 2K21: Best Playmaking Badges to Boost Your Game

When it comes to making your NBA 2K21 MyPlayer the best playmaker on the court, you will want these badges.

When it comes to being a playmaker on the basketball court, your skillset has to go well beyond that of scoring alone. Playmakers are players that can threaten to make something from deep, through a pass to a cutting teammate or being able to beat your man off the dribble.

In NBA 2K21, most of the previous games’ badges are returning with tweaks being made to improve the balance.

Badges can be levelled up from Bronze to Hall of Fame, in order to gain increased effectiveness of the badges.

What are playmaking badges in NBA 2K21?

Playmaking badges are equipable items in NBA 2K21 to help solidify your MyPlayer’s playmaking abilities. Each MyPlayer can be equipped with a particular number of badges as they increase their overall rating, so players will have to choose which badges to use wisely.

How playmaking badges work in NBA 2K21

When it comes to playmaking badges, players will be able to boost their abilities to drive, pass and dribble the ball. If you want to beat the defense and set up plays for your teammates to easily score like Steve Nash, then this is where you will want to focus your build and badges.

NBA 2K21 Best Playmaking Badges

The following badges are the best for playmaking in NBA 2K21:

Handles for Days

A big factor in a player’s capability as a playmaker stems from his ability to control the rock. If you are not a good ball handler, opponents will simply rip the ball out of your hands. This badge ensures you can competently dribble the ball without getting it stolen so easily.


This is the perfect example of a badge that will turn you into a Steve Nash carbon copy. In today’s NBA, the art of passing seems a bit lost. With this badge, you can begin a resurgence in players that love to pass and rack up double digit assists.

Quick First Step

What good are handles if you lack the ability to burn by your defender? With this badge, you may experience OP levels of burst off your first dribble. In fact, this badge may be one of the most necessary badges to utilize if you wish to be an effective playmaker at all.


Pairing this with the “Handles for Days” badge will surely make you a monster weapon while dribbling the ball. This badge allows the MyPlayer to avoid cheap steals and the ability to regain control of the ball in a situation where most players will lose it.

Fancy Footwork

While some players disregard this badge, it’s capability to compound the player’s driving ability off of his “Quick First Step” badge is what sets it apart. Adding this badge means you will get by your defender at the first level, and then weave around multiple defenders at the next level. This will open up plenty of opportunities for an easy basket or pass.

While playmaking was historically left for point guards, today’s NBA expects playmakers at almost any position. From Jokic at center, to Lebron as a “point-forward”, the ability to act as a triple threat is invaluable in the NBA. This shows in 2K21 as well as players with a more one-dimensional game often get left in the dust.

If you wish to be the face of your team’s offense on the court, be sure to equip these badges and level them up as soon as possible.

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