NBA 2K21: Best Point Guard (PG) Builds and How to Use them

Get your hands on the best point guard (PG) build for MyPlayer by following this guide!

MyPlayer on NBA 2K21 gives you a plethora of choices to create your ideal player for use in the game mode, but there is a knack to creating the best possible build.

The position lends itself to legendary inspiration, with Steve Nash being a historical great as a pass-first floor general, Chris Paul being a modern great in the role, and Steph Curry being the best three-point threat in the NBA’s storied history.

Modeling your MyPlayer point guard build on a great of the league is always fun, but here, we’re delving into creating the best possible all-around point guard.

Choosing the best point guard build in NBA 2K21

To build the best point guard for MyPlayer, rather than modeling on a great of the game, we’ve manipulated the sliders available to put the created player in the best position to ascend to a lofty overall rating.

Having a diverse point guard can be useful on the roster, but the best home their skills on the most effective playstyles. In this case, a lot of the build will lean towards moving the ball up the court.

How to build the best point guard in NBA 2K21

Below, you’ll find all of the sliders that you should be looking to adjust to create the best point guard in NBA 2K21’s MyPlayer.

PG Finishing

  • Post Hook: Give the post hook fewer points than other finishing attributes, aiming for a cap of 60 at the most.
  • Driving Dunk: Point guards are afforded some of the best opportunities to shine here, so make sure that you are ready to go with a cap of 85.
  • Driving Layup: Posting a cap of 90 for your driving layup will ensure that you don’t miss those easy points when they’re on offer.
  • Close Shot: Some close shots may be necessary, so make sure that you have a decent cap of around 85 for your point guard build.

PG Shooting

  • Post Fade: Although it isn’t as important for you to be able to post fade, it never hurts to have it just in case. Capping at 75 should provide you with just enough skill to pull it off.
  • Free Throw: Just like any other player on the court, you need to be able to get those free points consistently. A cap of 85 will ensure that you don’t miss often.
  • Three-Point Shot: As your job is to provide opportunities to your teammates and take those easy buckets inside, a cap of 70 for your three-point shooting will suffice.
  • Mid-Range Shot: You are expected to be a strong mid-range shooter that can take control of the game. So, a cap of 80 is acceptable here, with anything more being a bit unnecessary.

PG Playmaking

  • Ball Handle: Passing is key to this build, so putting in a ball handle cap of at least 90 is a necessity for the best point guard.
  • Pass Accuracy: With the point guard being one of the primary ball-handlers on the team, having a pass accuracy cap of anything below 85 would be unacceptable.

PG Defense and Rebounding

  • Defensive Rebound: A cap of 70 means you can help back-up your key rebounders if necessary, but you won’t be of much help if you are the only one going for the ball.
  • Steal: Being slippery is critical, and a cap of 80 means you can get those crucial picks when your opponents aren’t watching.

Best PG build’s top attributes

Passing, dribbling, and free throws are, more often than not, going to be the basis of your game as a point guard.

With high ratings in moving the ball, you’ll be looking to take the rock and work angles to get it into the hands of your more scoring-savvy teammates.

In all of our best MyPlayer build guides, we suggest that you have a high rating for your free throw, just in case you’re gifted a shot from the line.

However, with a point guard, you should also be looking to draw fouls and make sinking free throws a more regular feature in your game.

Best PG build’s top secondary attributes

Beyond your playmaking skills, point guards can look to add exterior scoring and some perimeter defense to be extra effective around the court, making your player much more valuable overall.

When it comes to applying a Takeover, you have two primary choices: Slashing and Shot Creator.

Slashing is an offensive Takeover that can boost your driving layup, close shot percentages, and shooting consistency. Shot Creator pushes you more towards being the primary playmaker for your team, increasing your ball handling and offensive consistency.

If you plan on being a more passive point guard, look to apply the Shot Creator Takeover. On the other hand, if you want to be the primary point provider, Slashing will increase your output.

Pick the option which suits your preferred style of play and lean into it on the court to maximize the potential of your point guard MyPlayer build.

Best PG physical profile

Your physical profile will almost impact your MyPlayer build as much as your selection on the attribute sliders.

For the perfect physical profile of the best point guard build, you’ll want to pick the profile which all-but minimizes your strength – allowing you to draw fouls with ease – while promoting your vertical and agility ratings.

With the attribute sliders in place and the right physical profile selected, you can use the best point guard build to develop your MyPlayer into a world-class playmaker and savvy scorer.

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