NBA 2K21: Best Dunking Builds and How to Use them

Here’s how to build your MyPlayer so that they can put on a dunking master class in NBA 2K21 and even allow you to become the next best Slam Dunk Contest champion.

NBA 2K21: Best Dunking Builds and How to Use them guide

The NBA 2K series has continuously evolved the way that the MyPlayer game mode works. It’s come a long way from its roots of a simple NBA season simulator, with you now being able to customize your in-game persona’s looks, position, and even their type of build.

Dunkers have slowly returned to top-tier basketball, with the likes of Zach LaVine and Giannis Antetokounmpo showing the beauty of detonating on the rim in the modern game. Gamers may recreate this in NBA 2K21’s MyPlayer. So here, we’re going through the best dunking builds and how to utilize them in-game.

Choosing the best dunking builds in NBA 2K21

We have narrowed down the 87 options of builds into just five so that you can experiment with the builds and find one that fits your playing style. A majority of the dunking builds rely on having a forward or a center, so the focus will mostly be on those positions.

A dunker’s build needs to be capable of finishing in the paint despite the contact. So, the build will need to meet the necessary weight, height, and even athleticism requirements, depending on the position.

Finding the right dunking build will boil down to finding other secondary builds that they would want their player to have, too, such as being a defender, shooter, or playmaker.

1) Glass Cleaning Finisher

NBA 2K21 best dunking build guide: Glass Cleaning Finisher
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 95 Rebounding
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 86 Close Shot, 84 Driving Dunk
  • Height and Wingspan: 6’10’’ (250 lbs), 7’3’’
  • Takeover Badge: Glass Cleaner

The Glass Cleaning Finisher build suits players with a knack for gathering up rebounds while attacking the paint hard. This build works best with a power forward with enough strength and speed to go against players in the paint while also having the ability to finish inside.

This build allows players to have 30 defensive badges and 16 finishing badges. The only weaknesses of the Glass Cleaning Finisher are that players do not space the floor as much and are not able to create their own shot as often as they would like.

Modern-day comparisons for this build are Bam Adebayo or Domantas Sabonis.

2) Slashing Rim Protector

NBA 2K21 best dunking build guide: Slashing Rim Protector
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 92 Strength, 90 Close Shot
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 86 Block, 80 Driving Dunk
  • Height and Weight: 7’0’’ (250 lbs), 7’10’’
  • Takeover Badge: Slasher

The Slashing Rim Protector build is set up for gamers who like to impose their presence in the paint on offense and defense. They are like centers, and you have to meet at the rim if you ever try to drive inside.

This build is suited for mobile centers that can roll to the paint hard and create highlight reels. The Slashing Rim Protector will be a favorite among big men as poster jams and alley-oops are possible with this build. Having great defensive and dunking ratings helps this build to be one of the crowd-favorites.

Rudy Gobert and Jarrett Allen are real-life NBA comparisons for this build.

3) Interior Force

NBA 2K21 best dunking build guide: Interior Force
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 94 Close Shot, 92 Post Hook
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 84 Driving Layup, 84 Driving Dunk
  • Height and Weight: 7’0’’ (231 lbs), 7’10’’
  • Takeover Badge: Interior Force

The Interior Force is someone that you do not want near the paint; otherwise, it’s game over for your defense. This is a build for centers who can dominate the paint on the post or through dunks. They are the most feared big men inside the paint, boasting high dunking and close shots ratings.

These players can impose themselves physically onto defenders while having a deft touch around the rim. Centers with a lot of weight are optimal for this build, allowing you to slowly develop the other fundamental parts of the game, such as shooting and rebounding.

NBA comparisons for this build include Shaquille O’Neal and Joel Embiid.

4) 3-Level Scorer

NBA 2K21 best dunking build guide: 3-Level Scorer
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 95 Driving Dunk, 95 Close Shot
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 86 Driving Layup, 84 Vertical
  • Height and Weight: 6’5” (191 lbs), Any Wingspan
  • Takeover Badge: 3-Level Scorer

The three-level scorer is a box-office talent for many NBA teams. The build can create posters, rely on the mid-range, and splash it from three at any time. These are the scorers that you rely on in the fourth quarter when your team needs points the most.

The 95 standing and driving dunks make for spectacular highlight-reel plays, showcasing the power and finesse of this build. This is usually available for some guards and forwards who have the optimal height and weight needed for the build.

Real-life comparisons for this build include Kobe Bryant and Vince Carter.

5) Paint Beast

NBA 2K21 best dunking build guide: Paint Beast
  • Top Attributes: 94 Standing Dunk, 92 Strength, 92 Rebounding
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 88 Interior Defense, 86 Driving Dunk
  • Height and Weight: 6’9” (250 lbs), Any Wingspan / 6’8” (260 lbs), Any Wingspan
  • Takeover Badge: Paint Beast

These players are the ones that you fear the most headed into your online match in MyPlayer. They have the perfect blend of size, strength, and speed to bully players in the paint. These are forwards who are physical specimens and can adapt their game to what is needed.

Paint Beasts can control the game from the paint. Be it getting the game-saving block inside, securing the final rebound for a win, or a dunk to hype the crowd up; this build offers users all of these elements.

Real-life NBA comparisons of this build include Giannis Antetokounmpo and Julius Randle.

To get the most out of the best NBA 2K21 dunking builds, you need to know which build fits your needs and what other additional skills you want your player to equip. This is key, especially as certain attributes get capped with certain builds, positions, and tangibles.

Go try out these builds in your game and let us know your favorite combination in the comments below!

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