NBA 2K21: Best Power Forward Builds and How to Use them

Having a dominating power forward in NBA 2K21 is essential. Here, we take a look at the builds that enable you to unleash your talent as a threat in and out of the basket!

NBA 2K21: Best Power Forward Builds and How to Use them

Power forwards have slowly become one of the most important positions in NBA 2K. These players have the skill set to be able to play physically with the big men in the post and to stretch defenses with their perimeter shooting.

So, to help you dominate in the PF position, here is a list of the five best power forward builds in NBA 2K21.

Choosing the best dunking builds in NBA 2K21

There are currently eight builds for power forwards in NBA 2K21. To pick the best, we looked for two key elements. The first is that they have more than four attributes that are higher than an 85 overall. The second is ensuring that the build has a high ceiling that allows them to upgrade attributes to a 95 overall.

This system ensures that players have a specialized skill set that gives them an edge in the game while still having respectable attributes in the other areas of their playing style.

1. Stretch Four

NBA 2K21 best power forward build Stretch Four
  • Top Attributes: 95 Close Shot, 94 Free Throw, 94 Pass Accuracy
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 90 Mid-Range, 89 Three-Point Shot
  • Height and Wingspan: 6’9’’ (226 lbs), 7’2’’

The Stretch Four badge is one of the most popular badges in NBA 2K21 today. Many big men can space the floor while having a body that’s capable of switching on defense.

Having shooting abilities is one of the most important traits of a power forward in the modern NBA, and this build fits that criteria. Users can upgrade their player to 90 overall for a majority of the shooting categories as a stretch four.

Modern NBA players that play as a stretch four include Davis Bertans and Kevin Love.

2. Interior Finisher

NBA 2K21 best power forward build Interior Finisher
  • Top Attributes: 95 Close Shot, 92 Strength, 91 Pass Accuracy
  • Top Secondary Attributes:  87 Standing Dunk, 88 Offensive/Defensive Rebounding
  • Height and Wingspan: 6’10” (245 lbs), 7’7”

Being an Interior Finisher as a power forward is a great asset to have, especially in trying to match up with more physical opponents in the paint. This build has the perfect blend of size and speed by having the ability to finish inside while being a great rebounder for your team.

Players that have this badge can be lob threats for alley-oops and great cutters off-ball. Most of their points will come from the shaded area, as the jump shot for this build can be inconsistent.

Players that play like an interior finisher include Bam Adebayo and Zion Williamson.

3. 3-Level Playmaker

NBA 2K21 best power forward build 3-Level Playmaker
  • Top Attributes: 95 Mid-Range Shot, 95 Close Shot, 92 Three-Point Shot
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 92 Pass Accuracy, 86 Interior Defense
  • Height and Wingspan: 6’8” (220 lbs), 6’8’’

A 3-Level Playmaker is one of the rarest builds for a power forward to find in the modern NBA. Players should not only have the physique but also the skill set to create their own shot while also assisting others.

This NBA 2K21 PF build is the perfect blend of playmaking, shooting, and defense into one. They may be weak in the rebounding and physical categories, but they make up for this through their incredible pass accuracy and stamina.

Draymond Green and Julius Randle are fine examples of 3-Level playmakers in the league.

4. 3-Level Scorer

NBA 2K21 best power forward build 3-Level Scorer
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 92 Driving Dunk, 95 Close Shot
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 84 Driving Layup, 82 Vertical
  • Height and Weight: 6’5”(191 lbs), 7’7’’

If you have seen our NBA 2K21 Best Dunking Builds article, then you will see how much we recommended this build for power forwards. A 3-Level Scorer is capable of putting up buckets in bunches and can create the best posters in the game.

They may be lacking in height and weight, but their threat all over the court is immense as they can score from anywhere. This build has the ability to beat teams from outside of the three-point line, mid-range, and inside the paint.

3-Level Scorers in today’s league include Kevin Durant and Danilo Gallinari.

5. Glass-Cleaning Finisher

NBA 2K21 best power forward build Glass-Cleaning Finisher
  • Top Attributes: 95 Standing Dunk, 95 Rebounding
  • Top Secondary Attributes: 86 Close Shot, 84 Driving Dunk
  • Height and Wingspan: 6’10’’ (250 lbs), 7’3’’

A glass-cleaning finisher is capable of being a threat on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. This uncommon build in NBA 2K21 is a hidden gem as players tend to overlook the rebounding and finishing sides of the game.

They are reliable rebounders while being a force of the defense, thanks to their great blocking and stealing ratings. Players of this build can have all of the contact dunks and dunk packages in NBA 2K21 as a 6’10’’ player.

Modern-day comparisons for this build include John Collins and Larry Nance Jr.

Being a power forward in the NBA 2K21 gives you several options in regards to the optimum playstyle. You can either become a big man who does damage from outside of the arc, or the traditional big man who racks up points in the paint. You cannot go wrong with either, and these player builds will help you to enhance your game as you level up.

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