Is Need for Speed 2 Player?

Quite honestly, this game is most fun when played as a multiplayer and offers a lot of creativity in how you approach playing together online.

Is Need for Speed 2015 Remastered 2 Player? Complete Guide

When it was originally released in 1994, Need For Speed was a realistic racing game that put the player directly behind the wheel of their vehicle of choice. You could select between different play modes, including Single Player and Head-to-Head. As the series developed, more modes were added to the game, and 2015’s Need For Speed Remastered offers players the opportunity to go multiplayer.

What about the rest of the franchise? Which games have two-player or multiplayer modes? And are any of them cross platform?

Is Need for Speed 2 Player?

So, is Need for Speed 2 player? Every game in the Need For Speed series has some form of multiplayer ability. Even the OG NFS from ’94 lets you play in a head-to-head race.

The only thing is, since the days of the PS3, the games have not offered a split-screen view while you go into a two player mode. Most game developers in general stopped this since they wanted to focus more on creating high-quality graphics and highly realistic viewpoints for the players.

Multiplayer modes

These games tend to offer both single and multiplayer functionality. In 2015’s NFS Remastered, AllDrive mode was introduced. This lets players go out and explore Ventura Bay together, take part in various events posted around the game map, and interact with other players. It does require a consistent internet connection, of course, and it is fully supported by dedicated servers.

Fun Fact: NFS is EA’s first cross platform multiplayer game!

Gamers, take note! Need For Speed Remastered made history as EA’s first-ever cross platform multiplayer game. That means you can play on your Xbox and join with your pal who is playing on their PS4 or PC.

How many players can you have in Need for Speed?

While playing Need for Speed Remastered, you can have up to eight people playing together in either AllDrive or Speedlists, the game’s two online multiplayer modes.

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Furiously fast and fun with friends

Now that you know the answer to “Is Need for Speed 2 player?” you can tell your friends about it and show them how to join. Quite honestly, this game is most fun when played as a multiplayer and offers a lot of creativity in how you approach playing together online.

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