Pokémon Legends Arceus: Best Ghost-Type Pokémon

Here’s your list of the best Ghost-type Pokémon you can find in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Though it began with only three total Pokémon along one evolutionary line (Gastly-Haunter-Gengar), Ghost-type Pokémon have remained a favorite of players through the years. With Ghost having an immunity to Normal and Fighting-type attacks without an identifying move (though the same applies in reverse) and only two weaknesses, Ghost-type Pokémon are sure to be a strong addition to your team

Below, you will find a list of of the best Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There are a few important notes to keep in mind when viewing this list. Firstly, this list won’t include Hisuian Typhlosion or any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Secondly, each Pokémon on this list has at least a Base Stats Total of 480. While a little low, the gap between one and eight is only 50 Base Stats Points, one of the smaller gaps for these lists. Thirdly, secondary type (if any) matters when considering any added Ghost type weaknesses.

1. Basculegion (Base Stats Total: 530)

Basculegion serves as a Ride Pokémon later in the game. It also made the best Water-types list. However, you can also obtain one of your own as an evolution of Basculin (White-Striped Form), exclusive to Hisui.

The Water- and Ghost-type Basculegion has both aesthetic and Base Stats distribution differences depending on its sex. A male Basculegion – with red stripes and accents – holds a 120 in HP and 112 in Attack. Its other stats have a 15-point range with Special Attack at 80, Speed at 78, Special Defense at 75, and Defense at 65. While it holds high HP and Attack, its lack of Speed means it will most likely be hit before landing attacks and its low defense may mean that high HP pool is a bit wasted.

Female Basculegion – with white and light blue accents – holds a 120 in HP, 100 in Special Attack, and 92 in Attack. Its Speed is 78, Special Defense 75, and Defense 65. Female Basculegion is a bit more balanced than the male, though both still have low defenses .

Basculegion learns Bite and Crunch, Zen Headbutt, Wave Crash, Hex, and Shadow Ball. It can learn through move tutors Aqua Tail, Ominous Wind, Water Pulse, Psychic, and Ice Beam.

Basculegion holds weaknesses to Electric, Grass, Ghost, and Dark. As with all Ghost-type Pokémon, Basculegion is immune to Normal and Fighting without an identifying move, though the same applies to your Ghost-type attacks against Normal and Fighting. Offensively, Basculegion’s typing is super effective against Fire, Rock, Ground, Ghost, and Psychic.

Basculegion can be obtained by evolving White-Striped Basculin. White-Striped Basculin are located at Cobalt Coastlands, Coronet Highlands, and Alabaster Icelands. White-Striped Basculin only evolves into Basculegion after suffering 294 total recoil damage in battle.

2. Dusknoir (Base Stats Total: 525)

Unlike most Ghost-types, the Gripper Pokémon Dusknoir can serve as your tank, and one that doesn’t have to deal with the generally high physical attacks of Fighting-types.

The pure Ghost-type Dusknoir has 135 in both Defense and Special Defense, and a 100 in Attack. However, because of those stats being at least 100, its other stats are paltry with Special Attack at 65 and HP and Speed at 45. Still, the low Speed is standard for tank types. The unfortunate thing is the low Special Attack considering most Ghost-type attacks are special attacks.

Dusknoir learns Shadow Sneak, Hex, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Psychic. It only learns two physical attacks with Leech Life in addition to Shadow Sneak. However, move tutors bridge that gap with Dusknoir able to learn Bulldoze, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and Rock Smash, though the only physical Ghost attack it learns is still Shadow Sneak.

Dusknoir is weak to Ghost and Dark. It holds immunities to Normal and Fighting unless a move like Odor Sleuth is used a turn prior, with the same applying in reverse. Dusknoir can cover its two weaknesses as long as it has a Ghost- or Dark- and Fighting-type attacks. Offensively, Dusknoir is super effective against Ghost and Psychic.

Dusknoir is located at Deadwood Haunt. If you want to evolve one from a Duskull, those can be found at Deadwood Haunt, Arena’s Approach, and Avalanche Slopes. To evolve into Dusknoir, use a Reaper Cloth on Dusclops.

3. Hisuian Zoroark (Base Stats Total: 510)

A choice for the strongest Pokémon list, Hisuian Zoroark carries a unique typing and morbid backstory that aptly fits its description as the Baneful Fox Pokémon.

The Normal- and Ghost-type Hisuian Zoroark is a fast attacker. Its Special Attack is 125, Speed 110, and Attack 100. However, its Defense and Special Defense are 60 while its HP is 55. Still, it should be fast and powerful enough – coupled with its typing – to faint opponents before it’s even hit.

Zoroark learns Snarl, Bitter Malice, Shadow Claw, and Extrasensory in addition to Nasty Plot to really up its already high Special Attack. It can also learn Aerial Ace, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, and Rock Smash.

With its typing, Hisuian Zoroark holds a weakness to Dark only. Its Normal-type nullifies its Ghost weakness in addition to being immune to Fighting and Normal without Odor Sleuth or Foresight being used a move prior. Offensively, Hisuian Zoroark’s typing is super effective against Ghost and Psychic. Rock Smash also counters its lone weakness, and Zoroark should be more than fast enough to land before being hit with a super effective attack.

Hisuian Zoroark can be found at Lake Acuity and Bonechill Wastes, the latter where you’ll find an Alpha Zoroark. If you want to evolve one from a Hisuian Zorua, those are found at Bonechill Wastes.

4. Gengar (Base Stats Total: 500)

The original final Ghost-type evolution, Gengar is still a great addition with its Base Stats Total of 500.

Gengar is fast and favors special attacks. The Ghost- and Poison-type Gengar boasts a Special Attack of 130 and Speed of 110. While its other stats are within 15 points of each other, they’re low with Special Defense at 75, Attack at 65, and HP and Defense at 60.

Gengar learns Hex, Venoshock, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball in addition to status attacks like Poison Gas and Hypnosis; Venoshock’s damage is doubled if the target is already poisoned. It can also learn Thunderbolt, Sludge Bomb, Dazzling Gleam, Drain Punch, Energy Ball, and Icy Wind, the latter four covering weaknesses.

Gengar holds weaknesses to Ghost, Dark, Psychic, and Ground, the latter two due to its secondary Poison-type. It is immune to Normal and Fighting unless an identifying move like Foresight is used a turn prior, with the same applying in reverse for Ghost-types. Offensively, Gengar’s typing is super effective against Ghost, Psychic, Grass, and Fairy, though be cautious against Psychic-types.

Gengar is located in Space-Time Distortions. If you want to evolve one from a Gastly, those are located in many locations including Bolderoll Ravine, Celestica Ruins, Sacred Plaza, and Shrouded Ruins. To evolve into Gengar, either trade Haunter or use the Linking Cord (once obtained).

5. Drifblim (Base Stats Total: 498)

The Blimp Pokémon just missed having a Base Stats Total of 500, but can still be a great addition to your team.

The Ghost- and Flying-type Drifblim has a whopping 150 in HP. However, its other stats range from great to poor. Drifblim’s Special Attack is 90, Attack and Speed 80, Special Defense 54, and Defense 44. Its high HP is a bit offset by its low defenses even accounting for its immunities.

Drifblim learns Astonish, Hex, Mystical Fire, Extrasensory, and Shadow Ball. It can also learn Charge Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, and Ominous Wind.

Drifblim holds weaknesses to Ghost, Dark, Electric, Ice, and Rock. In addition to its immunities to Normal and Fighting, Drifblim is also immune to Ground due to its secondary Flying-type. Offensively, Drifblim’s typing is super effective against Ghost, Psychic, Grass, Bug, and Fighting.

Drifblim is located in many locations, including Sandgem Flats, Deadwood Haunt, Ramanas Island, and Tranquility Cove. If you want to evolve one from a Drifloon, those are located at Aspiration Hill, Horseshoe Plains, Floaro Gardens, and Ramanas Island.

6. Mismagius (Base Stats Total: 495)

Mismagius is well-balanced in one sense of the word as the six Base Stats pair off into two trios of equal stats.

The pure Ghost-type is a speedy special attacker with 105 in Speed, Special Attack, and Special Defense. However, it pales on the physical side with HP, Attack, and Defense at 60.

Mismagius learns Confusion, Hex, Extrasensory, Power Gem, and Shadow Ball. It can also learn Thunderbolt, Psychic, Mystical Fire, Magical Leaf, Dark Pulse, and Dazzling Gleam.

Mismagius holds weaknesses to Ghost and Dark. In addition to its immunities to Normal and Fighting, Mismagius is also immune to Ground due to its Levitate ability. It has a benefit of being Flying-type without carrying any of its weaknesses. Offensively, Mismagius’ typing is super effective against Ghost and Psychic. It can cover its weaknesses with moves like Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, and Dazzling Gleam.

Mismagius can be found at Stonetooth Rows. If you want to evolve one from a Misdreavus, those can be found at Celestica Ruins, Sacred Plaza, Ice Column Chamber, and Stonetooth Rows. To evolve, use a Dusk Stone.

7. Spiritomb (Base Stats Total: 485)

Spiritomb makes another appearance after listing for best Dark-type Pokémon, though it might be the most cumbersome one to catch.

The Forbidden Pokémon holds 108 in Defense and Special Defese and 92 in Attack and Special Attack. Its HP is 50 while its Speed is a meager 35. Its made to take some hits – even with its lower HP – and dish out some punishment of its own.

Spiritomb learns Shadow Sneak, Hex, Extrasensory, Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball. The Ghost- and Dark-type can also learn Hyper Beam, Icy Wind, Psychic, Snarl, and Water Pulse.

Thanks to its typing, Spiritomb holds a singular weakness to Fairy. In addition to its immunities to Normal and Fighting, Spiritomb is also immune to Psychic due to being Dark-type. Offensively, Spiritomb’s typing is super effective against Ghost and Psychic.

Spiritomb can only be obtained by completing Request 22, Eerie Apparitions in the Night. You have to find 107 purple wisps during the nighttime throughout Hisui. When you collect one, you’ll be notified how many are remaining in that area. After you collect 107 and turn it in, you’ll be directed to the Odd Keystone in the Crimson Mirelands. Here, wisp 108 will become Spiritomb, your only chance to catch the level 60 Pokémon.

8. Froslass (Base Stats Total: 480)

One of Snover’s evolutions, Froslass is the most well-balanced of the eight on this list.

The Snow Land Pokémon excels in Speed (110). Attack and Special Attack are 80 while HP, Defense, and Special Defense are 70. It’s fast, but it’s a matter of holding up defensively while inflicting enough damage offensively.

The Ice- and Ghost-type learns Ice Shard, Bite and Crunch, Hex, Ice Fang, Shadow Ball, Icicle Crash, and Blizzard. It can also learn Ice Beam, Ominous Wind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Water Pulse.

Froslass holds weaknesses to Ghost, Dark, Rock, Steel, and Fire with immunities to Normal and Fighting. Offensively, Forslass’ typing is super effective against Ghost, Psychic, Grass, Flying, Ground, and Dragon.

Froslass is located at Avalanche Slopes, Avalugg’s Legacy, and Bonechil Wastes. If you want to evolve one from a Snorunt, those are located at at the same locations and Whiteout Valley. To evolve, use a Dawn Stone on a female Snorunt.

Legendary and Mythical Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Should you want to add a Legendary or Mythical Ghost-type to your team, here is the one available in Hisui.

  • Giratina

Giratina is located at Turnback Cave in its Altered Forme.

There you go, your list of the Ghost-types in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Will you go for the Hisuian exclusives in Zoroark and Basculegion, or something more familiar like Gengar or Dusknoir?





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