Pokémon Legends Arceus: Best Rock-Type Pokémon

Here's your list of the best Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

From its placement as the first gym challenge ever, Rock-type Pokémon have been a dependable, sturdy type to add to your team. In Hisui, while there aren’t as many Rock-types as in previous games, there is still a good mix for you to add to your team.

Below, you will find a list of of the best Ground-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There are a few important notes to keep in mind when viewing this list. First, this list won’t include any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. Two, each Pokémon on this list has at least a Base Stats Total of 495, a fairly good floor for the type. Three, secondary type (if any) matters when considering any added Pokémon weaknesses as it actually caused Golem to be dropped to honorable mention.

1. Hisuian Arcanine (Base Stats Total: 555)

The Hisuian version of Arcanine also appeared on the list for best Fire-types in Arceus, and its high Base Stats Total make it one of the strongest non-Legendary and non-Mythical Pokémon in the game.

The Fire- and Rock-type Hisuian Arcanine is about hitting hard and hitting fast. Its Attack is 115, with HP at 95, Special Attack at 95, and Speed at 90. It is balanced with Defense and Special Defense at 80. It is the most well-balanced of all the Pokémon on this list in addition to being the strongest.

Hisuian Arcanine learns Bite, Fire Fang, Rock Slide, Crunch, and Raging Fury. Through move tutors, it can learn Flamethrower, Play Rough, Thunder Fang, Rock Smash, and Aerial Ace, the latter three covering weaknesses.

Hisuian Arcanine holds weaknesses to Fighting and Rock. However, it holds double weaknesses to Ground and Water. Offensively, Hisuian Arcanine’s typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, Grass, and Steel.

You can obtain Hisuian Arcanine by evolving Hisuian Growlithe. Those can be found at Veilstone Cape and Windbreak Stand. To evolve, use a Fire Stone.

2. Rhyperior (Base Stats Total: 535)

Another repeat appearance after placing on the best Ground-types list, Rhyperior is a formidable Pokémon if you can overlook its slowness.

Rhyperior has Attack of 140, Defense of 130, and HP of 115. Rhyperior is built to be a physical tank with a powerful physical offense. Unfortunately, Special Attack and Special Defense are 55 and Speed a low 40.

Rhyperior learns Bulldoze, Rock Slide, High Horsepower, and Giga Impact. It can also learn Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Megahorn, Iron Tail, and Shadow Claw. The moves it learns and can be taught cover a number of its weaknesses.

The Ground- and Rock-type Rhyperior holds weaknesses to Ice, Fighting, Ground, and Steel attacks. Rhyperior holds double weaknesses to both Grass and Water. Offensively, its typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, Electric, Poison, Rock, and Steel.

You can find Rhyperior at Sacred Plaza. If you want to evolve one from a Rhyhorn, you can find Rhyhorn at Bolderoll Slope, Clestica Trail, Diamond Heath, Sacred Plaza, and Shrouded Ruins. To evolve into Rhyperior, you need to trade Rhydon while holding a Protector.

3. Probopass (Base Stats Total: 525)

The Compass Pokémon is another repeat after appearing on the best Steel-type Pokémon list. Even more than Rhyperior, Probopass is a legitimate tank.

The Rock- and Steel-type has Special Defense of 150 and Defense of 145. It’s not an impact offensive player with Special Attack of 75, Attack of 55, and HP of 60. Its Speed is a low 40.

Probopass learns Spark, Rock Slide, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon, and Earth Power. It can learn Fire Punch, Iron Head, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, and Thunderbolt.

Probopass is weak to Water with a double weakness to Ground and Fighting. Offensively, Probopass’ typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Rock, and Fairy. It can cover two of its weaknesses.

Probopass is located at Primeval Grotto. If you want to evolve one from a Nosepass, those can be found at Celestica Ruins and Primeval Grotto. Use a Thunder Stone to evolve.

4. Hisuian Avalugg (Base Stats Total: 514)

The first on this list to not have appeared on another, Hisuian Avalugg is even more of the physical tank of Rhyperior though it gives up more in its other stats.

The Ice- and Rock-type Avalugg has a high Defense of 184, Attack of 127, and HP of 95. For comparison, Steelix’s Defense is 200. However, Avalugg’s Speed is 38, Special Defense 36, and Special Attack 34.

Hisuian Avalugg learns Ice Shard, Bite and Crunch, Blizzard, and Mountain Gale. It can learn High Horsepower, Ice Fang, Iron Head, and Stone Edge.

Hisuian Avalugg holds weaknesses to Water, Grass, Ground, and Rock. It holds double weaknesses to Fighting and Steel. Offensively, Hisuian Avalugg’s typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, Grass, Ground, and Dragon, but be careful against Grass and Ground.

Hisuian Avalugg is located at (fittingly) Avalugg’s Legacy. If you want to evolve one from a Bergmite, those can be located at Arena’s Approach and Avalugg’s Legacy.

5. Kleavor (Base Stats Total: 505)

Kleavor lists again after making the best Bug-types list. One of the Noble Pokémon in Hisui can be your physical attacker if you want a faster Pokémon than Avalugg.

The Bug- and Rock-type Kleavor’s Attack is 135 and Defense 95. It has good Speed at 85, Special Defense at 75, and HP at 70. Its Special Attack is 45.

Kleavor learns Aerial Ace, Stone Axe, X-Scissor, and Close Combat in addition to Swords Dance. It can learn Giga Impact, Psycho Cut, Stone Edge, and Rock Smash.

Kleavor holds weaknesses to Rock, Steel, and Water. Offensively, Kleavor’s typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, Grass, Psychic, and Dark.

To obtain Kleavor, you must evolve Scyther using a Black Augurite. Scyther can be found at Grandtree Arena and Primeval Grotto.

6. Bastiodon (Base Stats Total: 495)

The fossil Bastiodon makes another list after appearing on the best Steel-type Pokémon list. The Shield Pokémon has the most balanced defensive stats of the seven on this list.

The Rock- and Steel-type Bastiodon’s Defense is 168 and Special Defense 138. Its other stats are middling to low to account for its heavy defenses with HP at 60, Attack at 52, Special Attack at 47, and Speedthe lowest on the list at 30.

Bastiodon learns Ancient Power, Rock Slide, Iron Head, and Earth Power along with Iron Defense. It can also learn Flamethrower, Outrage, Steel Beam, Ice Beam, and Thunderbolt.

Bastiodon holds weaknesses to Water with a double weakness to Ground and Fighting. Offensively, Bastiodon’s typing is super effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, Rock, and Fairy.

Bastiodon can only be found in Space-Time Distortions. If you want to evolve one from a Shieldon, those can be found at the same location.

7. Rampardos (Base Stats Total: 495)

The partner fossil alongside Bastiodon in what would become Sinnoh, Rampardos is a better option than Bastiodon if you want a Rock-type focused on purely physical attacks.

The pure Rock-type Rampardos has an Attack of 165, the highest Attack on the list. It also has an HP of 97. Rampardos’ other stats are Special Attack at 65, Defense at 60, Speed at 58, and Special Defense at 50.

Rampardos learns Bite and Crunch, Rock Slide, Iron Head, and Head Smash. It can also learn Bulldoze, Fire Punch, Iron Tail, Outrage, Rock Smash, and Thunder Punch.

Rampardos holds weaknesses to Water, Grass, Fighting, and Ground. Offensively, Rampardos is super effective against Ice, Flying, Bug, and Fire. It can learn moves that counter two of its weaknesses, though be careful when facing them as Rampardos’ defensive stats aren’t as high as others on the list.

Rampardos can be found in Space-Time Distortions. If you want to evolve one from a Cranidos, they are located in the same place.

Honorable mention for best Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Here are some Rock-types that didn’t quite make the cut for the above list. They may be worth it to your team construction, or could be sentimental favorites.

  • Golem (Rock-Ground, Base Stats Total: 495)
  • Sudowoodo (Rock, Base Stats Total: 410)
  • Onix (Rock-Ground, Base Stats Total: 385)

Legendary and Mythical Rock-type Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Unfortunately, Pokémon Legends: Arceus does not have any Rock-type Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

Now you know the best Rock-type Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Which of these sturdy Pokémon will you add to your team?

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