Prey: Complete Controls Guide for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, & PC and Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Here are the complete controls with tips for Prey.

Prey is a first-person shooter in an open-world environment. In the game, the Soviet Union and United States jointly built a space station to imprison an alien race called Typhon. It was transformed into a research lab years later to study Typhon and create new technologies based on their race.

Luckily, Prey is free in the Epic Games Store until May 19th. You will play as Morgan Yu. The game gives you the option of choosing a male or female character.  

There are three modes to choose from in Prey. You can play through the story normally or add a survival mode enhancement which includes weapon degradation, additional trauma statuses, and oxygen loss when the suit is damaged. Keep in mind that this makes it more difficult to play. Prey: Mooncrash was added after launch as downloadable content, but is included in the Epic Games release. It is the same game except the enemies and hazards are randomized with each play.  

Below you will find the complete Prey controls for PC and Mouse as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. 

Prey PC controls

  • Dodge: Space 
  • Move Forward:
  • Move Backward:
  • Move Left:
  • Move right:
  • Use & Carry:
  • Attack: Left Click 
  • Examine & Toggle Psychoscope:
  • Jump: Space 
  • Sneak:
  • Psi Ability & Menu Close: Right Click  
  • Enter Focus Mode: Middle Mouse Button 
  • Sprint: Shift 
  • Lean Left:
  • Lean Right:
  • Reload:
  • Equip Last Weapon: Tab 
  • Flashlight:
  • Play Audio Log:
  • Scanner Lock-On:
  • Toggle Inventory:
  • Toggle Objectives:
  • Toggle Abilities:
  • Toggle Map: Up Arrow 
  • Toggle Data:
  • Toggle Status:
  • Special Use: Esc 
  • Quickloot Up: Up Key 
  • Quickloot Down: Down Key 
  • Quickloot Left: Left Key 
  • Quickloot Right: Right Key 
  • Quick Select: NumPad 0-9 
  • Keypad: NumPad 0-9 

Prey Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S controls

  • Movement: L
  • Sprint: L3
  • Psi Ability: LT 
  • Lean & Roll: RB & LB 
  • Flashlight: D-Pad Up  
  • Quick Select: D-Pad Down, D-Pad Left, and D-Pad Right 
  • Transcribe: Window Button 
  • Pause: Menu Button 
  • Use Weapon: RT
  • Swap Weapon & Favorites Wheel: Y (hold for Swap)
  • Interact & Reload:
  • Jump & Ascend: A
  • Aim: R
  • Scope: R3 

Note that the left and right analog sticks are denoted as L and R, respectively. Pressing each is indicated with L3 and R3.

Gameplay Tips for Beginners

Below, you will find some tips for playing Prey, particularly if you’re a beginner to the game.

1. Don’t start fights you can’t win

Pick your battles very wisely in Prey. The enemies in this game are strong from the beginning. However, they will become less problematic as you obtain new weapons and upgrades. Consider alternate routes and take advantage of the stealth aspect of the game. There is some trial and error to this, but after the first few hours, you will have a better feel and also a stronger character.  

Mimics are the first enemies that show up and aren’t much of a problem. If you have the right equipment in your inventory you can take care of them with minor damage. The enemies you should be wary of are the Phantoms. The first weapon they give you find is a wrench and it won’t cut it against them.   

2. Get the most from the Leverage modification

The Leverage upgrade gives you the ability to pick up and throw heavy objects. Throw items at enemies to inflict damage. Leverage maxes out at level three. Levels two and three objects will require Neuromods to upgrade. 

Objects display the required upgrade level that is needed to lift or throw. There are rooms and paths blocked off by heavy items, but you can still sometimes access them before reaching the higher levels. Throw Leverage I objects at Leverage II and III objects. This can knock them over or push them out of the way to access new areas without the upgrade.  

3. Manage health and inventory

Prey is a survival, horror, and first-person shooter game all in one. Managing supplies and inventory are of the utmost importance. Player health does not regenerate. Even after death, you will start off with the health you had at your last save. You can heal yourself with medkits, food, and drinks, but these items aren’t exactly plentiful. 

Inventory space is limited in Prey. You start off with around 30 slots and can upgrade to 96 as part of your character’s suit upgrades. Some items take up more than one slot so the number of slots you have available will vary based on the item size. There are also junk recyclers spread across the map which are helpful to free up inventory space and provide you with crafting materials in return.  

4. Find Hidden Weapons

The first weapon that you get in the game is a wrench. It’s almost impossible to defeat a Phantom if it is the only weapon you have equipped. Once you escape your apartment follow the signs to the Simulation Debriefing Room. There is a tall tape drive in the room that you can climb on top of. Open the briefcase and collect the Disruptor Stun Gun. The Disruptor Stun Gun is non-lethal, but it can give you extra time to run away and also gives you the chance to attack an enemy while it is in a defenseless position.  

You will find a GLOO Cannon pretty early on in the game, but it is non-lethal just like the stun gun as it only immobilizes enemies. However, there is a shotgun in the first-floor lobby. When you access the lobby, head to the back wall until you find the security office. There is a door there that requires a key card. Instead of searching for the key card jump on the yellow pipes until they lead you into a small passage. You are now directly over the security office and there is a hole in the ceiling. Jump down and collect the shotgun and shotgun shells. 

Prey pulls no punches from the very beginning of the game. Follow the four tips provided and study the controls to avoid any possible frustration during the first few hours of the game.  

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