Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: How to Farm Bolts and Fastest Ways to Get Bolts

Here’s how to make sure that you get as many bolts as possible in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, as well as a way to farm the game’s money.

Bolts are the main currency of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, with you needing thousands of them to buy new weapons from the Vendor. So, players want to know the fastest way to get bolts and how to farm bolts.

Achieving this is more a case of being efficient to get as many bolts as the game allows at each stage. Still, some slight tweaks to how you operate can see you stacking up thousands of bolts just in time to grab the latest piece of weaponry.

Prioritise the Pocket Dimensions, especially the bolt farm

You’ll find Pocket Dimensions pop-up all over the place in Rift Apart, and while the Armour Pods are meant to be the main draw, they’re usually stuffed with bolts, too.

There’s at least one Pocket Dimension in each of the game’s maps, so be sure to seek them out, complete the mini platformer routes, and destroy everything on the way through.

As was discovered by Litmcgee on YouTube, there is a way to farm bolts in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart by visiting one of these Pocket Dimensions.

The bolt farming location is found in Pocket Dimension 729-2110-01, on Sargasso, and you can farm bolts here by shooting the continually respawning explosive platforms.

We’ve tested this method and can confirm that it works a treat for bolt farming. Found by the entrance to Rivet’s hideout on Sargasso, you earn around 96 bolts every time you explode the final two platforms of the course.

So, each Burst Pistol round becomes worth 48 bolts, and it taking just a few seconds for the platforms to reappear. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have thousands of bolts farmed from this location, with the only limit being your ammunition capacity.

Take on the side objectives before the story objectives

Side objectives are notoriously loaded with enemies and crates, taking you to the more hidden areas of the map: all of this means more bolts to collect before the Vendor tops up its stock with more weapons.

Provided that you explore each area as you work your way towards completing the side objectives, you’ll find them to be incredibly profitable bolts-wise.

Destroy every inanimate object and enemy in sight

As the Vendor’s weapon stock updates as you progress, getting bolts fast is a case of efficiently getting every bolt available before each Vendor encounter. To achieve this, you’ll need to smash every inanimate object and enemy around.

While crates are very much a constant throughout the game, you’ll find that the most abundant breakable objects change in appearance on each planet. Furthermore, you’d be surprised at just how much of the scenery can be destroyed to harvest more bolts in Rift Apart.

So, use your melee attack to swing at everything, work out what you need to look for on each map to yield more bolts, and break every single one as you make your way around.

Chase down defeated enemies

When you defeat an enemy, it will explode with bolts, but unless you’re nearby, they’ll stay on the ground. So, whenever an enemy explodes, chase it down to mop up all of the loose bolts, and walk around the surrounding area for the more far-flung bolts.

For this reason, you’ll also want to try to avoid defeating an enemy by knocking them off of your level, whenever you have the choice, that is. Should you defeat an enemy by knocking them off of your level, hang around near the edge and wait for bolts to be drawn up to you.

Hunt down the Raritanium

Raritanium is a very useful resource to hunt down as it is, so using your map to grab as much Raritanium as possible is as important as getting bolts fast.

However, the two coincide here as Raritanium points are often flanked by bolt crates. If the Raritanium is trapped behind a blue screen door, there are almost always more bolt crates to smash.

Loop back around after each smash or combat situation

There are many situations in which you’ll be riding some sort of creature around. While it’ll look like you’re getting loads of bolts when you smash crates, there’ll often be many left behind.

You won’t always be able to loop back around to mop up the bolts that weren’t drawn to you, but when you can, it’s always worth going back to pick up the rest.

This is also true of each combat situation. Once you’ve defeated all of the enemies, sweep the area for loose bolts and attack all of the inanimate objects to get bolts as fast as the game allows.

Using these methods, especially the bolt farming in the Pocket Dimension, you can make sure that you’re grabbing as many bolts as the game will allow at each stage, which is the fastest way to do so.

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