Roblox Specter: All Ghost Types List and Evidence Guide

Here’re all of the ghost types that you can encounter in Roblox Specter, as well as the evidence needed to identify them.

In the ghost-hunting Roblox sensation Specter, you’re tasked with searching for evidence to attempt to guess the ghost haunting your location correctly.

So, one of the first things that you’ll need to know is what ghost types inhabit Specter and the evidence that they leave for you to identify them by.

On this page, we profile all of the ghost types in Specter and detail the evidence needed to identify each one. For more information, consult our guide on how to identify ghosts in Specter.

How many ghost types are in Specter?

There are 12 ghost types in Specter, with each one offering three different types of evidence to identify. The three pieces of evidence available for each Roblox Specter ghost type comes from a pool of six possible forms of evidence, but some also offer other subtle clues to help the identification process.


Official Description: The Banshee is a dangerous ghost that will hunt it’s prey one at a time. Banshees are said to mourn the death of a family member, and some say they can be heard weeping.

Banshees are among the easiest to identify in Roblox Specter as a beginner, particularly because you have all of the equipment needed to identify them readily available. If there’s a Banshee around, it’ll cause Freezing Temperatures – which can be seen through a Thermometer or cold breath – and leave Fingerprints on windows or near light switches. Also, when it’s causing paranormal activity, the Banshee also has a chance to show an EMF-5 Reading.


Official Description: Demons are a violent ghost. They are known to attack sporadically.

The scariest part of Specter is hearing the hunt begin when the lights have stopped working, with the Demon being a particularly aggressive a violent ghost type to enhance the scare factor. If there’s a Demon around, you’ll record Freezing Temperatures on the Thermometer or see cold breath, and it can communicate with you. By knowing how to use the Spirit Box in Specter and by laying out a Book for it to write in, you could identify the ghost as a Demon.


Official Description: Jinns are fast, territorial ghosts that are known to become threatened easily, resulting in attacks.

Drawing from the spiritual entity in Arabic mythology of the same name, the Jinn in Specter are said to be territorial ghosts. To see if your ghost is a Jinn, you can try to record an EMF-5 Reading when it’s active, spot Ghost Orbs with Ghost Goggles, and use the Spirit Box to talk to the entity.


Official Description: A Mare becomes stronger in the dark, and are more likely to hunt when lights are turned off.

When the lights go out, the Mare will seek to hunt down those intruding in its territory in Roblox Specter. So, you’ll want to know where the light switches are and how to turn the power back on if you suspect a Mare. To identify the ghost as a Mare, you’ll need to gather Freezing Temperatures, Spirit Box communications, and Ghost Orbs as evidence.


Official Description: Onis are similar to Demons, and are extremely strong ghosts. They will become stronger when prey is nearby.

Hailing from Japanese folklore, the Oni is a monstrous and demonic entity in myth, and a very strong ghost to deal with in Specter. The ghost type can be identified by having a Book, EMF Reader, and Spirit Box to hand. If your ghost is an Oni, it’ll write in the Book, record an EMF-5 Reading, and will communicate via the Spirit Box.


Official Description: Phantoms are one of the ghosts able to possess the living. It induces fear in those unlucky enough to encounter it.

Said to have the ability to possess those who it encounters, the Phantom can be quite easy to identify should you have a team member watching the EMF Reader at all times. You can spot its telltale Ghost Orbs and Freezing Temperatures in the Ghost Room via the Ghost Goggles and Thermometer. After that, if it’s a Phantom, you’ll need to spot an EMF-5 Reading when the entity partakes in paranormal activities.


Official Description: Poltergeists are a “loud ghost.” They can manipulate multiple objects to cause fear.

The ghost type known as the Poltergeist is one of the most popularly cited throughout history to explain paranormal activity, and in Specter, it’s also said to throw items around to induce fear. The Poltergeist requires two non-starter tools, the Ghost Goggles and Spirit Box, to identify. With them, you can spot its Ghost Orbs and communicate via the Spirit Box. Along with those clues, you’ll also want to look for Fingerprints on windows and near light switches.


Official Description: Revenants are violent ghosts. They will speed up when their targets are further away and when it can see its prey.

The Revenant ghost type in Roblox Specter is detailed as an active hunter, seeking to kill any intruder within its grounds. To confirm that the ghost haunting you is a Revenant, you’ll need to acquire an EMF-5 Reader, Fingerprints, and writing in a Book as evidence.


Official Description: Shades are a shy ghost. In fact, they may not cause any paranormal activity if there are multiple people nearby.

Given the description of the Shade compared to other Specter ghost types, it might be wise to approach the ghost hunt with the team more dispersed than usual. Said to be a shy ghost that might not cause any paranormal activity if multiple people are nearby, to secure the EMF-5 Reading as evidence, the team may need to split up. Along with this as a clue, to identify the Shade, you’ll also need to use the Ghost Goggles to spot Ghost Orbs, and put a Book out for the Shade to write in.


Official Description: Spirits are the most common type of ghost you will encounter. They roam the location they died in.

Spirits are the ghostly leftovers of the person who died in the location that you’re exploring. Recorded in the Specter Journal as being the most common of the ghost types, you’ll need to communicate via a Spirit Box, spot Fingerprints, and see it write in a Book to be certain of the ghost being a Spirit.


Official Description: Wraiths have the unique ability to not touch the ground, and go directly through doors.

In Roblox Specter, the Wraith is detailed as being able to pass through doors directly, and it doesn’t even touch the ground. This hovering ghost type can be identified by its Fingerprints near the switches and on the windows, as well as cold breath indicating Freezing Temperatures. The last piece of evidence that you need to identify a Wraith is to have it communicate with you through the Spirit Box.


Official Description: Yurei are ghosts filled with hatred, often looking for revenge in the physical world. They drain sanity slightly faster than other ghosts.

Another of Specter’s ghost types derived from an entity of Japanese folklore, the Yūrei in Roblox drains your team’s sanity faster than the other ghost types. Along with this hard-to-spot clue, you can identify the Specter Yurei by witnessing Freezing Temperatures through a Thermometer, Ghost Orbs through Ghost Goggles, and its writing in a placed Book.

All Specter ghost types list

In the table below, you can see the full list of all of the ghost types in Specter, as well as the evidence needed to identify them and what tools you need to acquire the evidence.

Specter Ghost Type Evidence Tools Needed
Banshee EMF-5, Fingerprints, Freezing EMF Reader, Thermometer, Torch
Demon Communication, Freezing, Writing Spirit Box, Thermometer, Book
Jinn Communication, EMF-5, Orbs Spirit Box, EMF Reader, Ghost Goggles
Mare Communication, Freezing, Orbs Spirit Box, Thermometer, Ghost Goggles
Oni Communication, EMF-5, Writing Spirit Box, EMF Reader, Book
Phantom EMF-5, Freezing, Orbs EMF Reader, Thermometer, Ghost Goggles
Poltergeist Communication, Fingerprints, Orbs Spirit Box, Torch, Ghost Goggles
Revenant EMF-5, Fingerprints, Writing EMF Reader, Torch, Book
Shade EMF-5, Orbs, Writing EMF Reader, Ghost Goggles, Book
Spirit Communication, Fingerprints, Writing Spirit Box, Torch, Book
Wraith Communication, Fingerprints, Freezing Spirit Box, Torch, Thermometer
Yurei Freezing, Orbs, Writing Thermometer, Ghost Goggles, Book

Now that you know all of the Specter ghost types, you can go about trying to correctly identify the entities haunting your location in the Roblox creation.

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