Roblox Specter: How to Identify Ghosts

Here’s everything that you need to know to identify ghosts on Specter, including how to find the ghost room, collect evidence, and the evidence needed for each entity.

Of the millions of games created for the players of Roblox, Specter stands out as one of the best horror titles available.

Having made it into our list of the most fun games to play on Roblox, we’ve decided to delve deeper into Specter to show you how to identify ghosts – which is the aim of each round of the game.

The goals of Roblox Specter align with how to play Phasmophobia: anyone familiar with the PC sensation will feel at home in this Lithium Labs creation.

So, here’s everything that you need to know about identifying ghosts in Specter, from finding the ghost room to collecting evidence and sealing your guess.

How to find the ghost room on Specter

To find the ghost room on Roblox Specter, you’ll need to use one of two items: the EMF Reader or the Thermometer.

To equip either, you’ll need to pick them up in the van (F key), and then put them in your hand (1/2/3 key, depending on the slot it occupies), and then turn them on (Q key).

Next, you’ll need to go room to room. Stepping through the doorway to see the room name change at the top of the screen is as far as you need to go to identify if it’s the ghost room in Roblox Specter.

Using the EMF Reader, you’ll see the second light (yellow light) turn on when you’re in the ghost room. With the Thermometer to hand, the temperature will drop below 9oC when you enter the ghost room.

Once you’ve found the ghost room in Specter, it’s time to find evidence of what type of ghost is haunting the residence.

How to find the types of evidence for ghosts on Specter

There are six types of evidence that you can find, with you needing three pieces of evidence to identify ghosts in Specter. To find these pieces of evidence, you’ll need to use the tools available.

Here are the six types of evidence in Specter and how you can find them:

How to find EMF-5 evidence

To find EMF-5 evidence, you’ll to have your EMF Reader in your hand and switched on (Q key). When the ghost interacts with items, it could spark all five lights on the EMF Reader. So, if the ghost is particularly active, keep the EMF Reader in hand and switched on, just in case it causes an EMF-5 reading.

EMF-5 evidence is one clue towards identifying a Banshee, Jinn, Oni, Phantom, Revenant, or Shade ghost in Specter.

How to find Fingerprints evidence

You don’t need any tools to find Fingerprints unless the lights have been disabled, in which case, you can use your torch. Go up to windows and light switches in the ghost room to see if you can spot a single thumbprint, as shown in the image above.

Fingerprints evidence is one clue towards identifying a Banshee, Poltergeist, Revenant, Spirit, or Wraith ghost in Specter.

How to find Freezing Temperatures evidence

Freezing Temperatures can be identified in two ways. The clearest way is to walk into the ghost room with the Thermometer out and switched on (Q key) and see if it reads a temperature below 0oC (a negative value). You can also spot this piece of evidence if you can see your breath, which takes the form of a small puff of grey smoke, and can be spotted in your torch’s light in the dark.

Freezing Temperatures evidence is one clue towards identifying a Banshee, Demon, Mare, Phantom, Wraith, or Yurei ghost in Specter.

How to find Ghost Orbs evidence

If present, Ghost Orbs can be seen floating around the ghost room when you wear the Ghost Goggles. You don’t need to turn on Ghost Goggles when you equip them via the tools bar, and the Ghost Orbs will appear as small, blue, floating balls.

Ghost Orbs evidence is one clue towards identifying a Jinn, Mare, Phantom, Poltergeist, Shade, or Yurei ghost in Specter.

How to find Spirit Box evidence

As you’d assume, you need to equip and turn on (Q key) the Spirit Box tool to find Spirit Box evidence. With the Spirit Box equipped, you’ll need to go into a dark room without any lights on around you. Next, open the chat (press / key to open the chat), and then type in one of the four possible questions:

  • Where Are You?
  • Are You Here?
  • Show Us A Sign?
  • How Old Are You?

If the ghost responds in the chat, you’ll be able to count it as evidence for your Ghost Report. What the ghost responds with doesn’t really matter when you’re looking into how to identify ghosts in Specter.

Spirit Box evidence is one clue towards identifying a Demon, Jinn, Mare, Oni, Poltergeist, Spirit, or Wraith ghost in Specter.

How to find Writing evidence

To find Writing evidence to identify a ghost in Specter, you’ll need to equip the Book tool and go to the ghost room, look to the ground to see where to place it, and then set it down (Q key). It might not happen right away, but if the ghost can provide this form of clue, it will eventually write in the book.

Writing evidence is one clue towards identifying a Demon, Oni, Revenant, Shade, Spirit, or Yurei ghost in Specter.

How to identify the ghosts on Specter

Once you’ve seen the evidence, you’ll need to go into your Journal (J) and input the evidence onto the Ghost Report page to keep a note.

Use the arrows on either side of each evidence input option to record the evidence that you’ve seen to try to identify a ghost in Specter.

As you put in evidence, the final option on the Ghost Report will change according to which ghost you could be identifying. You don’t have to be certain about all of the evidence that you put in, but collecting all three pieces will give you a definite answer to guarantee a win – if you survive.

Just in case your character suffers an untimely death, at the start of a Specter game, put three pieces of evidence into your Ghost Report so that you have a chance of identifying the ghost even if you lose.

Specter ghost evidence list

Here are the three pieces of evidence that you need to find if you’re wondering how to identify ghosts in Specter beyond all doubt.

GhostEvidence 1Evidence 2Evidence 3
BansheeEMF-5 ReadingFreezing TemperaturesFingerprints
DemonFreezing TemperaturesSpirit Box CommunicationWriting in a Book
JinnEMF-5 ReadingSee Orbs via Ghost GogglesSpirit Box Communications
MareFreezing TemperaturesSee Orbs via Ghost GogglesSpirit Box Communications
OniEMF-5 ReadingSpirit Box CommunicationWriting in a Book
PhantomEMF-5 ReadingFreezing TemperaturesSee Orbs via Ghost Goggles
PoltergeistSpirit Box CommunicationsFingerprintsSee Orbs via Ghost Goggles
RevenantEMF-5 ReadingWriting in a BookFingerprints
ShadeEMF-5 ReadingWriting in a BookSee Orbs via Ghost Goggles
SpiritSpirit Box CommunicationsWriting in a BookFingerprints
WraithFreezing TemperaturesFingerprintsSpirit Box Communications
YureiFreezing TemperaturesSee Orbs via Ghost GogglesWriting in a Book

How to secure your ghost identification

Once you’ve been able to identify a ghost in Specter, you’ll want to escape the residence, run back to the van, and then flick the switch towards the back of the vehicle. This will end the game and secure your ghost identification guess input into the Ghost Report.

If you’re correct, the following screen will show that you’ve won and will give you your rewards. However, even if you guess the ghost or pieces of evidence incorrectly, you’ll still be rewarded for what you did get right.

So, now you know how to identify ghosts in Specter, just make sure that you don’t go insane or get killed by the entity before you can lock-in your guess!

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