Roblox Specter: How to Use the Spirit Box Guide

Trying to work out if your ghost will give you Spirit Box evidence in Specter? Find out how to use the Spirit Box tool right here.

In Roblox’s ghost-hunting creation Specter, there are several different ways to acquire evidence, from seeing fingerprints on the windows to recording five-point EMF readings.

Of the many ways to identify a ghost in Specter, using the Spirit Box to talk to the ghost can prove to be the most elusive form of evidence.

There are some hidden requirements to using the Spirit Box in Specter, so here, we’re running through how to use the tool and the ghost types that the tool can communicate with in the Roblox game.

How to get a Spirit Box in Specter

The Spirit Box isn’t one of the core ghost-hunting tools of Specter. So, you’re required to purchase and equip the item before embarking on a solo hunt. In a group, you may be lucky enough to have a teammate offer you the tool.

To get a Spirit Box in Specter, you’ll need to select ‘Play,’ enter a lobby of your choosing, press ‘Buy’ to purchase a Spirit Box for $75, and then use the ‘Add’ button from the lobby screen to take it on your hunt.

How to equip a Spirit Box in Specter

After starting a game, you can find the Spirit Box at the back of the truck, just under the missions list and board of players’ sanity.

Pick it up (F key) to add it to your tools bar, equip it to your hand (1/2/3 key), and then turn on the Spirit Box (Q key). You’ll know that the Spirit Box is on when its screen lights up blue.

How to use a Spirit Box

With the Spirit Box equipped and turned on, the first thing that you’ll need to do is venture into a room that’s dark, and make sure that there aren’t any lights on you. Next, bring up the chat (/key) and get ready to ask it one of four questions.

All Spirit Box questions in Roblox Specter

Once you’ve opened the chat (/ key), type in one of the four questions that you can ask, per the Journal, which are:

  • Anyone Here?
  • Where Are You?
  • How Old Are You?
  • Are You Here?
  • Can You Turn On The Lights?
  • Show Us A Sign?
  • Are You A Girl?
  • Are You A Boy?

Ask the ghost one question at a time and wait a short while before asking another. Usually, if the ghost is able to communicate via this method, it will do so promptly. That said, keep in mind that not all ghosts will respond to the Spirit Box in Specter.

However, it has also been found that when you use the Spirit Box can influence if you’ll get feedback. So, be sure to try it near the beginning and later into your hunt if you suspect that Spirit Box evidence can be acquired for the ghost at hand.

Which ghosts types can be identified with Spirit Box evidence?

Seven of the 12 ghost types in Specter can be partially identified by acquiring Spirit Box communication evidence. Those entities are:

  • Demon: Also causes Freezing Temperatures and will Write in a Book
  • Jinn: Also causes an EMF-5 Reading and Ghost Orbs
  • Mare: Also causes Freezing Temperatures and Ghost Orbs
  • Oni: Also causes an EMF-5 Reading and will Write in a Book
  • Poltergeist: Also leaves Fingerprints and causes Ghost Orbs
  • Spirit: Also leaves Fingerprints and will Write in a Book
  • Wraith: Also leaves Fingerprints and causes Freezing Temperatures

Now that you know how to get and how to use the Spirit Box in Specter, you can attempt to communicate with the entities that haunt each location.

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