UFC 4: Best Combinations Guide, Tips and Tricks for Combos

Find out everything you need to know about combinations, including the best combos to use in UFC 4.

UFC 4: Best Combinations Guide, Tips and Tricks for Combos guide

The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived, as UFC 4 is officially here!

To mark this occasion, we’re providing you with a stack of UFC 4 guides, intending to ease and improve your journey within the newest edition of the mixed martial arts games franchise.

In this article, we will be bringing you a guide to combinations in UFC 4, along with various tips and tricks.

What are combinations in UFC 4?

A combination is the joining of different moves to form a string of attacks, and in combat sports, this regularly takes place in the striking department. An example of combinations while striking would be to throw a jab followed by a cross.

Combinations, when timed and used correctly, have the potential to cause massive amounts of harm to opponents in scenarios where one single strike simply won’t.

Some athletes use combinations vastly better than others; take Dustin Poirier, who excels at unloading and landing combos while deep in the pocket.

Why use combinations in UFC 4?

To put it lightly, throwing one strike at a time will get you absolutely nowhere in UFC 4. The game favors players who throw combos, particularly three strikes in succession.

It is impossible to defend each area of your face and body when in a fight. Therefore, throwing combinations will almost always score damage on your opponent.

Staying at range while letting three-strike combos loose should help you along your journey of octagon dominance.

What are the best combos in UFC 4?

The best combinations in UFC 4 don’t have to be overly complicated, but throwing moves in succession is the key to dominating in the octagon.

Here are UFC 4’s best combos that you should add to your fighting repertoire.

Combo PS4 Xbox One
One-Two (jab, cross) Square, triangle X, Y
Jab, Leg-kick Square, circle X, B
Jab, Jab, Cross Square, square, triangle X, X, Y
Jab, Uppercut, Lead Hook Square, triangle + circle, L1+square X, Y+B, LB+X
Inside Leg-Kick, Cross  X, triangle  A, Y
Jab, Cross, Lead Uppercut Square, triangle, X+square X, Y, X+A
Jab, Overhand Square, L1+triangle X, LB+Y
Cross, Lead Uppercut, Cross Triangle, X+square, triangle Y, X+A, Y
Lead Body Hook, Body Hook, Lead Hook L2+L1+square, L2+L1+triangle, L1+square LT+LB+X, LT+LB+Y, LB+X
Jab, Jab, Uppercut, Lead Hook, Leg-Kick Square, square, triangle + circle, L1+square, circle X, X, Y+B, LB+X, B

If you fancy finishing any of these top combos of UFC 4 with a bit of flair to show your foe who’s boss, consider pulling of an advance striking attack at the end of the combination.

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Who are the best combination strikers in UFC 4?

UFC 4 Fighter Weight Division
Joanna Jedrzejczyk Strawweight
Valentina Shevchenko Women’s Flyweight
Amanda Nunes/Germaine De Randamie Women’s Bantamweight
Demetrious Johnson Flyweight
Henry Cejudo/Petr Yan Bantamweight
Max Holloway Featherweight
Conor McGregor/Dustin Poirier Lightweight
Georges St Pierre/Jorge Masvidal Welterweight
Israel Adesanya Middleweight
Jon Jones/Dominick Reyes Light Heavyweight
Stipe Miocic Heavyweight

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UFC 4 combinations tips and tricks

Combinations remain one of the more underappreciated tools in the game by players, meaning that, if you master the timing and precision of them, you can quite literally reap the benefits in UFC 4. Here is a batch of tips and tricks to help improve your combinations.

Finish with leg kicks

There is an endless number of combinations that can be thrown in UFC 4, but whittling them down to the most efficient won’t be a stiff task; some really are just better than others.

Finishing combos with leg kicks is a good way to nearly always land some sort of offense as players regularly leave their bodies and legs exposed in favor of the head.

A double jab (square, square for PS4, X, X for Xbox One) followed by an outside low kick (O for PS4, B for Xbox One) is a simple yet effective combo that can be used to tear apart the opposition’s leg health and movement.

Three-strike combos for the win

In what is perhaps the best tip on the list, throwing three-strike combinations is absolutely vital for repeated success in UFC 4.

Whether online or offline, fighters regularly block for only one or two strikes, which means that you will find yourself landing the third consistently.

This comes in handy during slugfests, where both characters are wobbly and mere shots away from hitting the canvas; if you are able to sneak one clean punch through, you’ll earn the knockdown.

A strong combination that exemplifies this is a jab (square for PS4, X for Xbox One), and a rear uppercut (O + triangle for PS4, Y + B for Xbox One), rounded off by a lead hook (L1 + square for PS4, LB + X for Xbox One).

  • PS4: Square, O+Triangle, L1+Square
  • Xbox One: X, Y+B, LB+X

As previously stated, the third strike (the lead hook) will more often than not deal colossal damage.

Watch your stamina

As is the case with most things in the game, having a decent bar of stamina is critical when you’re trying to throw combinations.

If you even attempt to throw a multitude of strikes when on a low bar of stamina, you will leave your fighter greatly exposed to counter attacks.

Get the edge in UFC 4 by making the most of three-move combinations as well as a deft leg kick while battling in the octagon.

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